Monster Paradise
695 Sorcerer Goddess Tower
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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695 Sorcerer Goddess Tower

Bai Gu and Lin Huang's chat went on until noon. Besides the tribe's past, Bai Gu also told him many interesting stories about the people. As a courtesy, Lin Huang did not interrupt him and listened patiently. The conversation only came to an end when Bai Gu noticed the time.

"I'm sorry. You know old people are talkative and get easily carried away. Sorry to take so much of your time."

"It's alright. Lots of what you shared with me are what I wanted to know." Lin Huang smiled.

"Let me get you some food. We've been talking for half a day. I forgot that you need to eat." Bai Gu and the rest did not have to eat, so he had gotten used to that. He suddenly recalled that Lin Huang was a human who needed to eat.

"There's no need for that. I've got food in my storage space ring," Lin Huang rejected and savored the moment of silence before breaking the shocking news.

"Sir, we've actually found out that the second level of Abyss Brink experienced the cracks that you were talking about more than a month ago. Many demigods who investigated it have concluded that monsters will emerge from the cracks in five years' time."

Bai Gu was horrified to hear that.

"What? The Abyss Brink is cracking again?"

Lin Huang nodded in all seriousness and projected the picture that Bloody had taken earlier via his Emperor's Heart Ring. In the image, purplish-black fissures covered half of the wall like vines. Black mist was curling out of the cracks like tentacles and reaching towards the sky.

Bai Gu trembled when he saw the picture.

"That's really the abyss crack…"

"Sir, since you've gone through the same thing, do you know if there's anything that we can do to stop the cracks from getting bigger?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"Someone suggested that a True God can seal the cracks that happen within a year. The cracks might come back in the future, but it would take much longer since it's difficult to break through." Bai Gu became slightly optimistic when he mentioned that.

"From the picture, the cracks have just happened. You can get a True God to seal it as soon as possible. The next crack would then take tens to hundreds of years to reappear."

"Erm, we don't have any True Gods in the era now…" Lin Huang looked helpless.

"No True God?" Bai Gu did not expect to hear that. "Then, you can get tens of Virtual Gods to do it, but I'm not sure if they can seal it completely."

"We only have one Virtual God…" Lin Huang looked even more destitute now.

"Only one Virtual God?!" Bai Gu's eyeballs would have dropped out by now if he had any. "How weak is this era that you're living in now?"

"There are only 20 to 30 demigods and 2,000 imperial-levels that we know of." Lin Huang gave a rough number. "There should be more, but we'd be lucky enough if there're a third more than the figure that I've just told you."

"I forgot that your era has only existed for 800 years, so that sort of development is considered not too bad." Bai Gu felt powerless too. "There's nothing else that you can do besides sealing the cracks. All you can do is to watch them get bigger day by day, just like what we did at that time. There aren't many people in your era, so I think the monster will only take a day to kill all of you."

Lin Huang was not sure if he should cry or laugh about the looming truth that Bai Gu concluded with at the end.

"There's really nothing else that we can do?"

"Perhaps there is, but we don't know what that is. We only came up with that one solution then," Bai Gu said.

Lin Huang went into silence again. There was no reason for Bai Gu to lie to him. According to what he said, the catastrophe that was going to happen in five years would end the new era entirely.

"Kid, looking at your current combat level, I don't think you should join the battle in five years. Why not find ways to hide your body energy within these years and live with us before the catastrophe comes?" Bai Gu suggested fervently.

"Thank you, Sir." Lin Huang nodded with a smile. He knew that Bai Gu meant well, but what he wanted was a solution that did not involve running away.

"Don't dwell on this. Let the others worry about it. What you should think about now is how to increase your ability so that you can survive the catastrophe." Bai Gu patted Lin Huang's shoulder assuredly.

"You can stay here these few days. Training at the Sorcerer Goddess Tower is beneficial for you. Just let us know when you're leaving. What you told me about the Abyss Brink isn't something trivial. I'll need to inform the rest so that they're prepared for it."

"Alright." Lin Huang planned to stay there temporarily so that he could get more information about the ruins.

After Bai Gu left, the huge face that was previously on the tower appeared.

"Kid, Sir told me that you're allowed to get into the Sorcerer Goddess Tower as and when you wish. Let me tell you more about the tower. There're a total of nine levels. The one that you're on is the first level. The spirit energy on the first level is twice as thick as the spirit energy in the air outside. It's four times more on the second level, eight times more on the third level, and so on. It's 512 times more on the ninth level."

Lin Huang had heard about the spirit energy from Mr. Fu before. It was an energy that wandered in the air and could be absorbed through a couple of ways to transform it into life energy. Before the new era, no matter which cultivation one was training, the only way to obtain life energy was by absorbing spirit energy. Just like the Army Attack Tactics, there was a technique to do so.

However, the spirit energy was called differently in each cultivation. Some called it 'spirit power' while some called it 'vitality power'. At the end of the day, it was energy particles that wandered in the air.

"Can I get to other levels of the Sorcerer Goddess Tower?" Lin Huang knew that the higher he went, the better it was for his training in the Army Attack Tactics.

"Yes, you can, but I can't let you pass through the levels. You'll have to break through them yourself." The gigantic face grinned.

"There'll be a stone tablet on each level. As long as you've completed the mission, you'll be able to go to the next level. You'll enter the ninth level as you wish after you've completed the first to eighth levels."

"Is there a stone tablet on the ninth level as well?" Lin Huang asked.

"There is."

"What will I get if I complete the ninth level?" There were only nine levels on the Sorcerer Goddess Tower, after all, so Lin Huang figured that there might be something for him if he managed to break through.

"If anyone can break through the ninth level, the Sorcerer Goddess Shrine will be activated. Once you've broken through the Sorcerer Goddess Shrine's test, you'll inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory." The large face revealed a sardonic smile as he did not think that Lin Huang would manage to pass the test.

"Inherit the Sorcerer Goddess's memory?!" Lin Huang was moved because he knew that the Sorcerer Goddess that the huge face mentioned was a real god.

"Even if you don't pass the test, as long as you manage to activate the Sorcerer Goddess Shrine, the Sorcerer Goddess will reward you. It's possible to get god relics and even the Sorcerer Goddess's blood," the gigantic face added.

Lin Huang's eyes lit up when he heard that.

"Where's the stone tablet?!"

"The stone tablet on the first level is located at the courtyard in the middle of the tower."


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