Monster Paradise
693 The Forgotten Tribe of the Middle Ages
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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693 The Forgotten Tribe of the Middle Ages

Duo Er was enthusiastic as she led the way after Lin Huang agreed to see her tribe. Duo Er flew out of the toy store immediately and shouted at him from the broken window, "Keep up with me!"

Lin Huang nodded and followed her after recalling his telekinetic daggers.

As they left the toy store, Lin Huang trailed behind Duo Er. The direction she was flying towards was the city center that the Treasure Card's arrow had been pointing at. Lin Huang was guessing that Duo Er was bringing him to the tower that Bloody had discovered earlier. In a couple of minutes, she started slowing down when a rock tower appeared not far from them. The rock tower was quite short at only 20 meters tall. However, it occupied thousands of square meters of the place.

Before Lin Huang could get closer, an angry roar was heard.

"Human, why are you bullying our people? Are you digging your own grave?!"

Lin Huang was shocked to hear that as he looked towards the source of the voice. There was a gigantic human face that appeared on the tower.

"Uncle Rock, you've misunderstood him. He didn't bully me!" Duo Er shouted immediately.

"It was I who brought him here!"

"Duo Er, don't be deceived by him. He's a human that comes from the outside world," the rock face said to Duo Er.

"He didn't deceive me. He's a nice person. That's why I brought him here," Duo Er defended Lin Huang.

"Sir, I really didn't deceive Duo Er. I've told her that I'm a human from the beginning." Lin Huang landed on the ground slowly, but he did not get any closer to the tower.

"Really? Since you're being honest, why do you have to disguise your real face?" What the rock face said stunned Lin Huang. An imperial-level person could easily reveal his disguise without a Disguise Card. He had forgotten entirely about that.

Since he was exposed, Lin Huang removed his disguise and revealed his real appearance.

"I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose. I've offended some top organizations in the human world, so to avoid getting myself into trouble, I've been in disguise for the past two months. I know that I'm not good at this and imperial-levels will see through me easily. If I really wanted to deceive you, I wouldn't have to disguise myself at all as it would lower your trust in me if I were to be exposed. I came into this ruins in disguise and forgot to remove it when I followed Duo Er."

"That's just an excuse." Even though Lin Huang's explanation made sense, the rock face did not believe him.

"Alright, Rock, this kid is telling the truth." Another voice was heard, and it sounded older this time.

A hunched human skeleton walked out of a museum nearby the tower. There were monster samples and bones following behind him. It was the human skeleton who had spoken.

The human skeleton seemed almost three meters tall. Suddenly, a black robe appeared on him, covering everything besides his head. A red walking stick that was nearly two meters long appeared in his hand. As he took a step, he appeared less than three meters away from Lin Huang while the monster samples, bones, and dolls surrounded him.

"Sir." Lin Huang bowed to the human skeleton.

"Kid, do you know where you are right now?" The human skeleton supported his body with the walking stick as he looked down on Lin Huang.

"I know. Duo Er told me that this is where your people live." Lin Huang nodded.

"And how dare you come here?" The human skeleton asked.

"I didn't do anything wrong. Why wouldn't I dare to come?" Lin Huang looked right into the hollow skeleton's eyes and asked.

What Lin Huang said made all the discussion stopped. The human skeleton was speechless for a moment before he started guffawing loudly.

"Oh, wow, you surprise me! Yes, you didn't do anything wrong at all. Because of that, you're now our guest."

"Follow me." The human skeleton turned around and walked towards the tower. Just when he took a few steps ahead, he turned around and looked at Duo Er.

"Duo Er, come with us too."

Duo Er was sitting on the shoulder of a sample of an Iceberg Bear and talking to it. Noticing that the human skeleton was calling her, she responded immediately and dashed towards his shoulder. She then turned around and pulled a funny face at Lin Huang. Lin Huang followed the human skeleton and walked towards the tower. As they arrived at the tower, the face on the town appeared again.

Lin Huang frowned as he thought the face was going to attack him, but he did not expect the face to speak to him again.

"I'm sorry, I was rude to you because I thought you were chasing Duo Er."

"Don't worry about it. It really looked like that, so it's normal that you misunderstood." Lin Huang accepted the face's apology.

After they walked into the tower, the door shut immediately. The human skeleton brought Lin Huang into a quiet room.

"Take a seat. It's been years since we last had a guest. Please forgive me if we're not welcoming." The human skeleton sat on the couch.

Lin Huang sat across the human skeleton. He had many questions, but he did not know how to start the conversation.

"My name's Bai Gu. What's yours?" The human skeleton introduced himself.

"His name's Lin Xie," Duo Er replied on behalf of Lin Huang.

"It's actually Lin Huang. Lin Xie's the name I use for my fake identity." Lin Huang smiled in embarrassment.

"Liar!" Duo Er stared at Lin Huang angrily.

"Duo Er." Bai Gu patted Duo Er's head. Duo Er then stopped staring at Lin Huang and turned her head away.

"It's understandable that you're using a fake identity because you don't want to be exposed by your enemies." Bai Gu returned a smile.

"Thanks for understanding, sir. I'm forced to do that." Lin Huang fidgeted awkwardly.

"Kid, since you're from the outside world, can you tell me more about what's happening out there?" Bai Gu seemed to be curious about the outside world.

Lin Huang thought about it and decided to tell the story of 800 years ago.

"800 years ago, a person who called himself God came and summoned many monsters into the world… We have 12 safe zones now, and one of them is called the No. 0 safe zone which is also named the Land of Origin."

"So many things have happened in 800 years?"Bai Gu was shocked, and Duo Er's jaw dropped.

"When did this piece of landed detach from the ground?" Lin Huang asked.

"Should be 30,000 years ago when that era was coming to an end," Bai Gu explained.

"30,000 years ago. That's the middle ages. The era ended after the war 800 years ago. The one we're living in now is called the new era." Lin Huang did not expect the piece of land to have existed so long ago.

"So, what exactly happened during the middle ages that caused the entire era to end?" Lin Huang was curious as there was no accurate documentation since the related information had become lost in between time. What he heard was just speculation from the later generation.

"The abyss broke, and countless powerful monsters poured out of it. The least powerful one was similar to a demigod, and there were even True Gods…" Bai Gu was shaking as he recalled what had happened many years ago. The trauma lingered like a shadow for the past 30,000 years.

Lin Huang's heart skipped a beat when he heard that.

"The Abyss Brink?!"


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