Monster Paradise
690 Overnight at the Monster Lair
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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690 Overnight at the Monster Lair

The giant ape leaped in mid-air. Each time it jumped, it would cover a huge distance. Although it could not fly, its running speed in mid-air was on par with Lin Huang who had activated his double acceleration.

As soon as his double acceleration had been activated, Lin Huang only managed to stay about 1,200 meters away from it at the beginning. The giant ape then sped up and did not give up chasing him. He had no way of getting rid of the giant ape.

However, Lin Huang did not panic. He was in a direction where nobody would travel, and he managed to make the Heaven Alliance members stay a distance away from the giant ape.

The giant ape had been chasing him for 20 minutes. It was now thousands of kilometers away from its own territory, but Lin Huang was almost close at hand, and it did not want to give up chasing after him.

After pursuing him for a long time, it let out a furious roar. It even activated its Life Power to attack him in bursts.

Since it was within the area that Lin Huang's territory could cover, Lin Huang managed to dodge its attack with ease. Also, each time it attacked, Lin Huang was able to increase the distance between them. After several attempts, it gave up the thought of attacking him.

Although the giant ape was strong, it was not the strongest enemy that Lin Huang had ever met. Lin Huang recalled his encounter with the king sea monster that was on demigod-level and the humanoid monster that had transformed from the Virtual God's arm. The rest might feel nervous as they encountered the giant ape. However, Lin Huang did not feel anxious at all. The reason why he took the initiative to lure the giant ape away was that he was capable of escaping from it.

Ten minutes had passed. The chase had lasted for more than half an hour, and Lin Huang felt that it was almost time. He then asked Bloody, "Half an hour has passed. Shen Tao and the rest must be far away from us now, aren't they?"

"They're now thousands of kilometers away from us. The giant ape will take half an hour to go back. It definitely won't be able to chase them." Bloody had been monitoring their movements.

"That's great. The giant ape has wandered around for a while. It's time to leave." Lin Huang looked back, and the giant ape was still staring at him furiously. As he turned his head back, it grinned and roared.

Lin Huang smirked. "Monkey King, let's stop here. I'm going somewhere else, and I'll have fun with you another day."

The giant ape was stunned as it could not understand what Lin Huang meant. Soon, it realized that he was teasing it and it got even angrier.

Lin Huang then summoned Thunder and rode on its back as he waved at the giant ape. "Bye, Monkey King!"

The giant ape then spat Life Power out as it wanted to attack Lin Huang. However, Thunder flapped its wings, and they were surrounded by its electric glow, which transformed into a purple glow and they fled at a tremendously fast speed.

Seeing that they were getting farther away, the giant ape immediately spat a column of Life Power to maim them. However, Thunder managed to dodge it with ease. The giant ape continued spitting columns of Life Power. Yet, it could not hit its target.

After ten seconds, Thunder completely disappeared from the ape's vision.

The giant ape was dumbstruck as it found it unbelievable. It continued ahead for a certain distance, but still, it found no trace of Lin Huang. It then confirmed that Lin Huang had indeed fled away. It then stopped in mid-air and slapped its chest hard, letting out a furious growl in the direction where Lin Huang and Thunder had disappeared to.

However, Lin Huang could no longer hear the growl as Thunder's speed exceeded six times that of the sonic speed.

Lin Huang, who was riding on Thunder, finally managed to get rid of the giant ape. After some careful thought, he decided not to return to the Heaven Alliance team.

Despite feeling quite contented being with them, he was already used to being alone. Also, he could not reveal some of the secrets to the Heaven Alliance members.

Encountering the giant ape was an accident. Hence he took the opportunity to leave the team so that he could fight on his own.

Aside from the Union Government, most of the organizations did not have a proper understanding of the ruins. Exploring the ruins blindly was definitely a waste of time.

With Bloody's guidance and the Treasure Card he had on hand, acting alone would definitely be more efficient than working in a group. If he were to join the Heaven Alliance, he could not reveal the existence of Bloody and the Treasure Card. He could only follow the majority. If he found out about something, he could only hint at Shen Tao and the rest, but he could not say much. He would have more freedom exploring the ruins on his own.

"Bloody, did you discover any places with treasure?" When he could confirm with Bloody that the giant ape was no longer chasing them and had returned to its lair, Lin Huang immediately got down to business. His primary purpose of going to the ruins was to look for a variety of treasure.

"Nothing has been discovered so far." Bloody twisted around Lin Huang's left arm, shaking its head. "All the areas that I covered are smothered with ice and snow. Similar to the natural safe zones, not a single human building can be found. I supposed that it's because the area that the Leech Pods can cover isn't big enough. The ruins might be the same as the human world. Most of the areas are occupied by monsters and only a small part of the ruins is the human foothold."

"Although the ruins are located above the Peaceful Ocean, it's unlikely that nobody has ever discovered this before us. Even if it wasn't discovered during the new epoch, people must've been here during the old epoch. It's strange that no traces of humans have been found." Lin Huang agreed with Bloody. Most likely, the treasure would be kept in the human buildings. However, no human buildings were found possibly because the area covered by Bloody's detection was not wide enough.

"Perhaps we'll have to wait until 11 p.m. or 12 a.m. so that my Leech Pods can cover the entire ruins," Bloody said. "If we can really find any of the places with the hidden treasures, we'll depart tomorrow."

"It's about 4 p.m. now. Perhaps the sky will turn dark in less than two hours. Let's look for a place to rest." Lin Huang had entered the ruins for more than four hours. However, he had never stopped throughout his journey. Since Bloody's Leech Pods had picked nothing up in the ruins, he was going to look for a place to rest so that he was well prepared for the next day's journey.

Guided by Bloody, Lin Huang soon arrived at a monster lair on top of the snow mountain. After killing all the ursine monsters, Lin Huang then occupied its lair.

There was a rock wall that jutted out at the entrance of the cave and blocked the wind, making it warm inside.

After dinner, Lin Huang started training his sword skills.

At about 10 o'clock at night, he summoned Lancelot to keep watch. He then set up his tent and set a monster skin as his mat. He then snoozed in his sleeping bag comfortably.


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