Monster Paradise
686 Lin Huang“s Plan
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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686 Lin Huang“s Plan

The Frost Helminth was a parasite and their combat strength was on immortal-level rank-1 to rank-3.

They were diminutive in size and were usually the stature of an ant. However, they could disguise themselves as snowflakes, penetrating the bodies of living beings when they touched the host's body. Isolating Life Power had a weak effect on them and they could easily penetrate through one's body as long as it was not covered by any relics.

This type of monster would not immediately inflict damage. However, after completing its parasitizing, they would absorb the heat energy from the host's body, causing the host to lose its body temperature rapidly.

The parasite was life-threatening to anyone who was below immortal-level. However, for those who were on the immortal-level or higher, only a large number of parasites could threaten them.

The Divine Alliance members had been attacked because there were too many Frost Helminths underground.

One or two Frost Helminths would not affect immortal-levels rank-7 to rank-9. However, being parasitized by tens or hundreds of Frost Helminth, even an immortal-level rank-9 would not be able to bear it.

The parasite was an ice element creature. Apart from being susceptible to some unique flames with extremely high temperature, it could not be killed.

Their reaction was within Lin Huang's expectations as Bloody had informed him earlier that there was a huge number of Frost Helminths beneath the ground.

Seeing Gu Li and the Divine Alliance members escape from the hole clumsily, Lin Huang did not feel at ease though.

30 Divine Alliance members had gone down, but only 28 of them managed to get out of the hole. Two of them did not return and they could not be saved.

They had only entered the ruins for more than half an hour and two people had already died. The ruins were indeed dangerous.

Gu Li gave Lin Huang a deadly stare as soon as he got out of the hole. He did not say anything and immediately instructed the members with fire element Life Power to help those who were severely injured to get rid of the Frost Helminth.

Gu Li and the rest had set a serious example to them. They no longer wanted to walk through the underground passage anymore. They counted their lucky stars that it had not been their team that had gone into the underground hole. Otherwise, the injuries that they might have suffered would have been more severe.

"Let's make a detour. Although it might take more time, it's better than wasting our time here," Shen Tao was about to leave as he told Lin Huang and the rest.

Most of them nodded in agreement.

Lin Huang was the only one who remained silent.

"Lin Xie, please feel free to express your opinion about this." Shen Tao realized that Lin Huang did not agree to the detour.

"Let's wait for a while." Many people were startled when they heard what Lin Huang said.

"Why do we have to wait?" Shen Tao immediately asked as he wanted to know Lin Huang's intention.

"Let's wait for a chance to hunt." Lin Huang gazed at the hills from afar.

"A chance to hunt?" Shen Tao could not understand.

"The Glacial Phoenix will hunt for the Yeti Maniac every afternoon. They'll usually start hunting from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The hunting hours of the monster groups vary accordingly." Lin Huang then suggested, "We can make our way through the Yeti Maniac's territory during their hunting hours since the Glacial Phoenix will hunt for the Yeti Maniac. As long as we don't attack them, they won't be interested to fight us. As for the Yeti Maniac, they won't put extra effort to fight us when they're being hunted. Even if the Yeti Maniac attacks us, there'll be only a small number of them."

"It's already 12.30 p.m. Could the hunting hours have passed?" Shen Tao found that the plan was workable if, and only if, the Glacial Phoenix had not started hunting the Yeti Maniac.

"Yes. Therefore, we'll know if the plan works after waiting for more than half an hour here. If the hunting doesn't start at 1 p.m, we'll have to take a detour," Lin Huang said. In fact, he knew that the Glacial Phoenix had not started hunting the Yeti Maniac yet.

If they already did start doing so, the Yeti Maniac's gathering place must have looked like a battleground. However, according to Bloody's investigation, the Yeti Maniac was prepared for a fight. Obviously, the war had not begun yet.

"What do you think? Wait for another half an hour, or leave now?" Shen Tao turned his body around and asked the rest of them for their opinion.

"Let's wait for another half an hour. We've no idea how long we'd have to wait if we were to make a detour."

"I'm worried that it'll be even troublesome if we encounter monsters that block our way when we make a detour. Let's wait for another half an hour."

"I personally think that Lin Xie's plan is workable and it's less risky."

In the end, most of them agreed to wait for another half an hour.

Lin Huang did not hide his suggestion from the rest of the organizations. The more people agreed to the plan, the more the Yeti Maniac would be afraid of them, and the safer they would be.

If he were to invite the rest to join them, they would assume that he had bad intentions. Therefore, Lin Huang announced it publicly.

Those who wanted to join were welcomed to do so. Lin Huang would not force those who were reluctant to join either.

Many of the organizations were secretly discussing if Lin Huang's plan was feasible.

Many of them asked the other two the Imperial Censors.

"Are the hunting hours that Lin Xie mentioned true?"

"Aren't we going to be attacked by the Yeti Maniac if we were to make our way through their territory when they're being attacked?"

The final reply that they received confirmed that Lin Xie's suggestion was highly feasible.

Aside from the Divine Alliance, the leader of the other three organizations looked for Shen Tao and Lin Huang as they wanted to join them.

Of course, Lin Huang and Shen Tao agreed with them.

The people from the Divine Alliance were unwilling to bow their heads to the Heaven Alliance. However, they were reluctant to take a detour as well, so they struggled to make a decision.

After more than ten minutes, they managed to get rid of the Frost Helminth that parasitized the Divine Alliance members' bodies. Their combat strength had recovered in that short amount of time. Gu Li did not look for Shen Tao and Lin Huang to discuss this, but he did not leave with the members.

"I guess that they're going to follow us shamelessly," Shen Tao told Lin Huang grumpily.

"If they're going to follow us, just let them be." Since Lin Huang had just fooled them and two of their members had been killed, Lin Huang was not going to make a fuss over it. Furthermore, he did not have a real grudge against them.

At about 12.50 p.m, the people were disappointed as the hunting hours were about to pass. Gu Li and the rest even sneered at them.

The sounds of birds chirping echoed from the snow-covered mountain. Soon after, a flock of white birds swarmed out of the mountain, resembling clouds. They headed towards the Yeti Maniac's territory. Lin Huang could hear the birds flapping their wings from afar.

"The Glacial Phoenix has started their hunt!" Shen Tao did not expect things to turn out as Lin Huang hoped.

"Stop daydreaming. Let's move!" Lin Huang yelled and rushed towards the Yeti Maniac's territory.


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