Monster Paradise
685 Frost Helminth
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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685 Frost Helminth

"Because we've discovered that it's the monster's gathering point, only then did we realize that the Union Government has gotten rid of us. The Union Government must've cleared all the monsters if they were heading towards this direction," the member of a small organization said.

"Do you know what monster it is?" Shen Tao asked.

"I don't know. We've sent two immortal-levels there, but they've not returned yet. I guess that they aren't coming back anymore."

"I know what monster it is." Lin Huang walked out of the crowd. "If I'm not mistaken, it must be the place where the Yeti Maniac gathered."

"The Yeti Maniac?"

It was apparent that all of them had seen the monster before in the monster guide. Their faces turned grave.

It was one of the most troublesome elemental monsters. It spelled bigger havoc than the undying species. The majority of them were reluctant to bump into such a creature.

"Lin Xie, do you have any evidence?" Gu Li from the Divine Alliance asked.

"My vision is slightly stronger than the rest. I can see that about 3,000 kilometers away, there are two ice sculptures made by the Yeti Maniac," Lin Huang explained.

"I thought you saw the Yeti Maniac. Even if you saw the ice sculptures, that doesn't mean that it's the Yeti Maniac that made them, does it? The sculptures might be created by the other monsters, or they might be the remnants from the past," Gu Li teased.

"If they were the remains of the past, do you think that according to the speed of the snow falling, a two- to three-meter tall ice sculpture could maintain its shape for several days without collapsing? Lin Huang asked. "Also, stop bullshitting if you don't even have a solid understanding of the monster's lifestyle. I'm an Imperial Censor, and I can understand the monsters better than you. Among the known monster types, the Yeti Maniac is the only one that's adept at creating ice sculptures. There won't be any monsters that can do so. Of course, we can't exclude the possibility that it might be some other unknown monster. However, I think it's most likely the Yeti Maniac."

"Lin Xie is right. Other than the Yeti Maniac, there are indeed no other monsters that make ice sculptures." Another Imperial Censor from a small organization agreed with Lin Huang.

Most of the Imperial Censors had memorized the whole monster guide. Of course, they knew for a fact that Lin Huang had spoken the truth. Even the rest of them, who had never memorized the monster guide, were willing to believe Lin Huang as well.

Knowing that he was in the wrong, Gu Li did not refute. He stared at Lin Huang and kept quiet.

"If it really is the Yeti Maniac, we're in trouble." Shen Tao frowned, looking at Lin Huang. "Although the Yeti Maniac is only an immortal-level rank-4 to rank-6, this type of monster usually lives in a group. Even an immortal-level rank-9 wouldn't want to offend it."

Shen Tao lifted his head and gazed at the sky. "If we can't defeat them, let's enter from the top although we might encounter a flock of birds."

"We'll definitely encounter them," Lin Huang confirmed, "When there is a Yeti Maniac, the Glacial Phoenix will definitely be there."

"The Glacial Phoenix?" Reminded by Lin Huang, Shen Tao then recalled that the monster was the enemy of the Yeti Maniac. They would appear whenever the Yeti Maniac was around.

The Glacial Phoenix's body possessed the blood of the frost phoenix. However, the concentration of its blood was on par with the dragon's blood in a dragonkin's body. Although it was not a phoenix blood species, it was incredibly strong. Their combat strength was on immortal-level rank-7 to rank-9, and they would typically appear in a group. Their species belonged to the overlord-rank monster in the sky.

This type of monster usually hunted other ice element monsters as food and the Yeti Maniac was their favorite.

"We're now maintaining a low-level flight. Our existence doesn't matter to the Glacial Phoenix. However, when we fly to a certain height, they'll feel that their territory is under threat and they'll definitely swarm out," Lin Huang warned clearly. "There are cliffs everywhere here. It's not strange if the Glacial Phoenix are hiding over there."

"So, do you mean that we have to take a detour?" Shen Tao asked.

"That's one way," Lin Huang said, gazing at the rest of the organizations. "Let's have a brainstorming session and discuss if there's any other better way."

More than 140 of them started discussing.

"What's happening? We've just come in for half an hour, and the monsters are already blocking our way."

"If we can't move forward and we can't fly higher in the sky, taking a detour is the only way."

"If we were to make a detour, we might possibly meet the people from the underworld organization."

"If it doesn't work, let's dig an underground hole and walk through an underground passage," a young man suggested, catching many people's attention.

"It seems like it's not a shabby idea to walk through an underground passage." Shen Tao shifted his gaze to Lin Huang.

"Theoretically, it works. However, we can't confirm if there are any Frost Helminth or any other monsters." Lin Huang did not reject the suggestion. However, he voiced out some of the issues that had to be taken into consideration.

"Lin Xie, you're saying that everywhere is dangerous. Let's stay here for a month until the exploration ends." Gu Li could no longer stand it as each time they gave a suggestion, Lin Huang would shoot it down.

"What I'm actually trying to say is that it doesn't matter if the Frost Helminth gets into our body. As long as we're not seriously infected, we won't die. There won't be any side effects if the Frost Helminth is forced out of the body using the fire element Life Power. Therefore, most likely it'll work if we were to walk via the underground passage," Lin Huang explained while shooting Gu Li a sidelong glance.

The reason why he had said so was to tease Gu Li. Bloody had informed him that there was a large number of Frost Helminth in the snow.

"So, we're…" Shen Tao was about to act immediately as his Life Power possessed the fire element. He was not afraid of the Frost Helminth getting into his body.

"Don't worry. Boss Gu is excited to try. Let him and the Divine Alliance take the lead." Lin Huang smirked, looking at Gu Li.

"There's no need to goad me since we'll be the first to go underground. We won't die if the Frost Helminth gets into our body. Stay here until the exploration ends if you're so afraid of the Frost Helminth," Gu Li insulted Lin Huang and Shen Tao. He then shouted at the Divine Alliance members, "Please put on your defensive relics and cover your body with Life Power. Let's start digging!"

After he finished his words, a group of people then landed on the ground. They then picked up their relics and started digging an underground passage.

The Heaven Alliance members and the rest remained at their original positions, patiently waiting to see if digging an underground hole would work. They would know after half an hour.

After a short while, Gu Li and the people from the Divine Alliance had dug a large hole in the ground. Since the snow had accumulated for a long time, the snow got thicker and denser as the hole went deeper. However, the thickness meant nothing to a supreme relic or an ancient relic. Soon, the Divine Alliance members managed to dig a hole with a depth of ten meters.

Lin Huang and the rest were floating above the hole, peering down it.

After about two to three minutes, the people in the hole suddenly shouted.

"Damn, there's really Frost Helminth!"

"I'm doomed. I'm being parasitized by the Frost Helminth!"

"Stop screaming! You won't die!" It was Gu Li's voice.

The people from the Divine Alliance kept quiet after listening to what Gu Li said.

Soon after, the people in the hole shouted, "There are too many of them!"

"Many of them have gotten into my left leg. They've frozen it! Whoever who has fire element Life Power, please help me to defrost it!"

"I'm going to die. One of the Frost Helminth has gotten into my brain. Please help me unfreeze it!"

The Divine Alliance members sounded tragic.

"Don't go any deeper! Quickly leave!" Sensing that it was impossible to accomplish the task, Gu Li finally instructed the members to leave.


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