Monster Paradise
684 Entering the Floating Land for the First Time
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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684 Entering the Floating Land for the First Time

With the elder demigod there, nobody got them into trouble throughout the voyage.

Although they encountered an imperial-level king sea monster, it was smacked by the elder demigod and fell into the sea. Nobody knew if it was alive or dead. Soon after, no monsters appeared to trouble them.

After two hours into the voyage, when it was reaching noon, the ship started moving towards the sky.

The Emperor's Ship flew from its initial position which was 10,000 meters above sea level to 15,000 meters, 20,000 meters and finally, it was more than 30,000 meters above sea level. It penetrated through the cloud layers, and the crowd could then see the infinitely large floating land above them.

The land was shrouded in a dense fog. A layer of transparent film isolated it. Not even its shadow could be seen on the surface of the sea. If one did not go up to more than 30,000 meters in the sky, nobody would ever be able to discover the ruins that were being enveloped by the dense fog.

Lin Huang guessed that the person who had discovered the ruins might have almost been killed by the king sea monster, which was the reason why he or she would fly to this height. Usually, spaceships and people would fly to a height of about 10,000 meters to 12,000 meters. It was less likely for them to continue flying upwards because the higher they went, the thinner the air. It would be a huge burden to the human body.

"Alright, we're here." The voice of the elder demigod was soon heard.

"After entering the ruins, please remember to save the coordinates through the dimensional relic first. If you can't stay there any longer, you're allowed to travel to the border of the ruins. As long as you manage to get out of the protective layer, you'll be sent back to the safe zone immediately." The imperial-level man in the military uniform then continued, "The Union Government armed forces are going to take over the ruins a month later which will be on the 7th of August. All of you are given three days to leave. It means that you can only stay in the ruins until the 10th of August. You have to bear the consequences if you're still here after the specified date."

They had no comment on what the Union Government had just announced as it was something common in Division 3. Due to the unpredictable nature of the danger in the ruins and the Union Government being afraid of suffering great losses, they had assigned two small teams and people from other organizations to explore the ruins. After the preliminary exploration had been done and the evaluation had been carried out, a big group of people would be assigned to be stationed at the ruins. Large-scale exploitation of the ruins would then begin.

Lin Huang and the rest were the first batches of people to enter. They were the vanguard. How much they could earn would solely depend on one's ability. The Union Government would not bother about it as they were only given a month to stay there. The area of the land was tremendously significant. Even if more than 2,000 people were thrown into it, not a splash of water could be seen.

After the man in the military uniform finished his words, the people then gradually floated into the sky and flew towards the land.

Lin Huang and the rest of the Heaven Alliance members entered the ruins. As they penetrated the transparent protective layer, Lin Huang did not feel hindered by it. He felt like he was passing through a layer of water and the chill ran all the way through his skin.

Upon entering the ruins, the people saw the world behind the protective layer and were shocked.

Outside the layer, what they saw was a thick forest. As soon as they went through, a world of ice and snow appeared before them.

Looking towards the land far away, the world became a vast expanse of whiteness and snow continuously fell from the sky.

The people from the Union Government and the Hunter Association seemed to expect this to happen. It took them a few seconds to get their team in order and soon, they flew far away.

A few of the teams from the underworld organizations left, following their own direction.

The people from the rest of the organizations followed the people from the Union Government and the Hunter Association as a safety measure.

Shen Tao glanced at Lin Huang and the rest and asked, "Which team are we going to follow?"

"Any teams will do as long as we're not following the Dynasty, the Saint, and the few other teams." As the rest of them did not voice out their opinions, Lin Huang answered with a smile.

"Let's follow the Union Government. Regardless of how brave the people from Dynasty are, I supposed they wouldn't fight the army," Shen Tao decided, seeing that the rest had no comment on this.

The Heaven Alliance members left, following one of the army teams.

Lin Huang was at the end of the line. He secretly summoned Bloody so that it could release its invisible Leech Pods to investigate the condition of the ruins.

The people flew for about 20 minutes. They did not encounter any monsters when they were on their way. However, traces of a fight that were left not long ago were discovered.

Observing the traces of the battle, Lin Huang felt that something was amiss. However, he could not figure out what was wrong in such a short period of time, so he did not say anything about it.

They proceeded and flew for another ten minutes. Lin Huang and the rest then saw that few of the teams had stopped at a place not far away from them, one of which was the Divine Alliance team.

"What happened? Where are the people from the Union Government?" Shen Tao asked.

The other teams knew that Lin Huang and the others were members of the Heaven Alliance. Listening to what Shen Tao said, the people explained, "The Union Government has cheated us. The remains of this battle have been fabricated! They actually headed towards another direction."

Lin Huang then realized what was wrong with the battleground. The battleground seemed orchestrated, and it was not messy at all. As he thought of it carefully, only a battlefield that was deliberately fabricated would look like this.

"The people from the Union Government must've explored the ruins a few days ago and discovered something. That's why they are trying to get rid of us," Gu Li from the Divine Alliance grumbled.

"Regardless of what they've discovered, it has nothing to do with me." Shen Tao took a glance at Gu Li. If the people from the Union Government had gone to the ruins a few days ago and discovered something, they must've saved the coordinates in their dimensional relic. The people from the Union Government might be thousands of kilometers away now."

Shen Tao turned back and flew back to the Heaven Alliance camp. He was not going to waste his time there, so he said, "Let's go."

Listening to what Shen Tao said, a particular person obviously wanted to remind him about something. However, Gu Li stared at him, then kept quiet.

Lin Huang watched what had just happened and called out, "Please wait!"

"Lin Xie, what happened?" Shen Tao was startled.

"Bro, can you please tell me why you guys are here? Why aren't you guys proceeding forward?" Lin Huang slowly flew in front of the person who wanted to talk earlier.

The person then looked at Gu Li helplessly. Shen Tao noticed that Gu Li seemed to want to trick them. "Just tell us what you know. If anyone attempts to get you into trouble because of this, I'll settle it."

"The detection relic picked up a group of monsters blocking our way ahead. We've sent two people on immortal-level rank-7 to see what's going on. However, there's been no news from them even after five to six minutes."

After listening to what he said, Lin Huang and the rest shifted their gaze towards Gu Li.

Lin Huang contacted Bloody through his mind. He asked Bloody to help to check what was happening in front of them.

In just a short while, he received the information from Bloody.

"The area in front of them is the territory of the Yeti Maniacs. It'd be rather far if they were to make a detour."

When Lin Huang heard that, he frowned.

The Yeti Maniac came from the Abyss Brink, and it was an ice elemental. It was born to be violent and insane.

According to the monster guide, the monster was less than a meter tall. They preferred living in groups, and they looked like ugly snowmen.

Despite the fact that their combat strength was quite low, most of them were on immortal-level rank-4 to rank-6. They liked to bug people. Since they possessed the characteristics of an elemental monster which had the undying characteristic, as long as the place had sufficient ice energy, if damaged, their bodies would be recreated endlessly.

Aside from that, the monster was skilled at throwing snowballs at their enemies. The snowballs would not only threaten one's body, but it could also freeze one's Life Power to a certain extent as well. Even for those who were on immortal-level rank-8 or rank-9, once about 20 snowballs struck them, their Life Power would be frozen.

After confirming that the Yeti Maniac's territory was in front of them, Lin Huang predicted that two of the immortal-levels that had gone to check out the situation had become ice sculptures.


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