Monster Paradise
682 The Floating Land?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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682 The Floating Land?

Anyone intended to enter the No. A1 to the No. A10 footholds in Division 3 had to be inspected. Lin Huang had attached the Union Government's invitation letter when he purchased the ticket. With the invitation letter, the purchase inspection was completed in less than ten seconds, and the pre-booking was completed.

Lin Huang arrived at the No. 3A1 foothold in Magical Sky City a day before. He checked into a hotel next to the Magical Sky Plaza.

After checking in, his Emperor's Heart Ring received two messages.

The first notification was from an anonymous number. There was only one sentence in the message: "The Heaven Alliance members who are going to the ruins, please join the chat group so that it'll be more convenient for us to communicate with each other."

The second message was a chat group invitation link from the unknown number.

Lin Huang then clicked on the link. Since the group chat could be muted, it would not affect him much.

Upon joining the group chat, there were more than ten people there, and the number of people was increasing.

Some of them took the initiative to greet him. Since they had just joined the group, they were excited. Lin Huang and a minority of them chose to keep quiet.

In just a short while, there were already 30 of them. Obviously, all those who were going to the ruins had been added to the group chat.

At that moment, the admin of the group chat was online.

He mentioned every one of them in the message.

"Welcome to the group chat. I'm Shen Tao, from the Heaven Alliance headquarters in Division 1. The purpose of gathering everyone here is to talk about our plan for tomorrow. Since many of them are going to the ruins and only 30 members of the Heaven Alliance are allowed to go, the number of people is incomparable to that of the native organization in Division 3. Therefore, it'll be best for you guys to work together. At 8.30 a.m, I'll wait for all of you at an outdoor café situated in the east of the Magical Sky Plaza. I hope that every one of you can attend." Shen Tao sent a photo of himself after his text.

As Lin Huang finished reading the message, he muted the group chat.

Although he had many secrets to hide, he had no comment on meeting up with the rest. Before he thoroughly familiarized himself with the ruins, it would be more convenient to work with the rest of them. He might be able to gleam unknown information from the others.

Nevertheless, after entering the ruins, he could leave the team if there was the need to do so.

The next morning, Lin Huang took out a Disguise Card. As he crushed the card and activated it, he set his look to the current Lin Xie's look. The main reason for using a Disguise Card was to avoid the demigod from finding out that he was wearing a disguise. If that happened, he would not be allowed to enter the ruins.

After putting on a disguise, Lin Huang then left the hotel room and headed towards the café that Shen Tao had shared with them yesterday.

His hotel was situated in the northeast of the Magical Sky Plaza. The straight line distance between them was less than a kilometer. When he arrived at the café, it was not even 8 a.m. yet.

He ordered a set of breakfast and a cup of coffee, and leisurely enjoyed his breakfast under the umbrella.

After having his breakfast, Shen Tao appeared not far away from him.

He was tall at more than 1.9 meters tall. He was not muscular but was rather skinny. He was wearing a black shirt and a pair of grey pants. In a pair of sunglasses, he looked like he was dressed somewhat formally. However, he did not seem serious.

Lin Huang was hesitating if he should greet him first since the both of them were not close to each other. Right at this moment, Shen Tao saw him and walked towards him.

"Are you Lin Xie?" As he approached Lin Huang, Shen Tao stopped, taking off his sunglasses.

Lin Xie was the most famous person in the Genius Union previously. He was still ranked first on the leaderboard, and his photo had been posted on the leaderboard. Of course, Shen Tao could recognize him.

"Nice to meet you." Lin Huang nodded with a smile.

After shaking hands, Shen Tao sat in front of Lin Huang. He then ordered a cup of coffee and started chatting with Lin Huang.

"Lin Xie, you haven't logged into the Genius Union for more than a month."


"Are you busy?"

"Yes, I'm busy with my training."

Shen Tao then noticed that Lin Huang had already leveled up to purple flame-level. "Your abilities are indeed restricted by your combat strength. I hope that you can achieve immortal-level really soon and appear on the 63rd checkpoint of the Stairway Tree."

Even though Shen Tao was an immortal-level rank-9, he was modest, and Lin Huang felt that it was strange.

Everybody in the Genius Union was a genius. Aside from some of them who were envious of the supreme geniuses, most of them did not like each other. However, many of them had to agree that Lin Xie was pretty outstanding as he had managed to climb to the 55th checkpoint at the Stairway Tree as a blue flame-level.

The Stairway Tree evaluated their overall abilities instead of just their combat strength. All of them knew very well that when they had still been a blue flame-level, even if they owned a demigod relic that had no restriction on the number of usages, they would not have been able to get to the 55th checkpoint. However, Lin Xie had achieved it! This proved that Lin Xie was stronger than the rest.

Although Lin Huang's combat level was low, Shen Tao was pleased with him because he knew that if Lin Huang did not die, his ability would definitely surpass him and might be on par with the five kings.

After chatting for a while, the rest of the members arrived one after another.

Since Shen Tao had posted his photo in the group, the people could recognize him at first glance. They then saw Lin Huang who was sitting in front of him.

It seemed like most of the Genius Union members could recognize Lin Xie, let alone the people in the Heaven Alliance.

They immediately sat down and surrounded the both of them.

Most of their topics revolved around Lin Xie and they rarely talked about matters related to the ruins.

Lin Huang attempted to change the topic several times and tried to talk about the ruins.

"About the ruins, do you guys have any information about it?"

"I'm unsure of this since I just came from Division 1 yesterday." Shen Tao shook his head. "Do the natives in Division 3 know anything about it?"

"I've got some information from them." An immortal-level rank-9 native girl from Division 3 shared, "It's said that the ruins are 400,000 kilometers away from Division 3. It's located in the sky above the Peaceful Ocean. It's a land lingering in mid-air. The area of the land is a few times larger than the Magical Sky City."

Although it was just a brief description, Lin Huang and the rest were stunned.

400,000 kilometers was the distance between the Earth and the Moon. What made Lin Huang feel incredulous was the statement about the land existing in mid-air. The area of the Magical Sky City was more than 32 million square kilometers, equivalent to the area of Africa. However, the floating land was a few times larger than the Magical Sky City. Could it be hundreds of millions of square kilometers large?!

The first thought that flashed through his mind was that it must be false information.

The topic had attracted their attention, and they started buzzing about it. They no longer had their focus on Lin Huang.

About 8.50 a.m, 30 of the members had arrived.

The Union Government that was in military uniform had almost completed the decoration in the plaza, and various organizations started entering.

The attire of the Genius Union members was rather casual. However, the people from the formal organizations were in uniform, including those from the Union Government. They were divided into two teams, and there were 300 of them. Next, the people from the various underworld organizations entered. Lin Huang saw that there were people with a cross on their face, the Saint members in white robes, the Purple Crow members in black coats, the Dynasty members in golden armor, and the heretics that were wearing colorful attire with three crosses tattooed on their neck…

Aside from the Union Government, most of them were from the Hunter Association, the Adventurer Paradise, and Dynasty. There were 200 of them in total. The Saint, the Purple Crow, the heretics, and the rest of the organizations had 100 members respectively. The rest of them were native organizations in Division 3. Aside from the Overlord Alliance that was given 50 quotas, the rest of them were the same as the organizations in Divisions 1 and two whereby only 30 quotas were assigned to them.

"It seems like we can only earn a bit from that." Shen Tao laughed, shaking his head.

"It depends on how big the ruins are." Lin Huang was positive.

"Even if we're lucky enough to hunt some relics, the rest of the organizations will definitely grab the relics from us," a girl said softly.

"Grab it from us? Let's see if they're capable of doing so." Lin Huang had no fear at all.

The people from the Heaven Alliance caught a glimpse of him. Facing so many of them who were stronger than him, Lin Huang still had the courage to say so. No wonder he could do things that others could not.

Aside from the Heaven Alliance, the members from the other organizations were chatting about him as well.

Many of them in the Genius Union could recognize Lin Xie, and they shifted their focus to the people from the Heaven Alliance.

At 9 a.m. sharp, a demigod with white hair and a mustache from the Union Government floated in mid-air. As he waved his hand, he muted all the noises in the plaza and started speaking, "Please keep quiet. I'll talk about the condition of the ruins."

As the elder demigod talked, everybody remained quiet and shifted their attention to him.

"The ruins were discovered during our exploration. The ruins are located on the east coast of the Peaceful Ocean. It's about 400,000 kilometers away from the Division 3 safe zone. The ruins are a land floating in mid-air above the Peaceful Ocean. The area of the land is expected to exceed 100 million square kilometers."

Lin Huang was bewildered as he listened to the information from the demigod. He never expected it to be true.

"Since the ruins only allow holy fire-levels and immortal-levels to enter, we've invited people from different organizations to join the exploration. Everything that you obtain in the ruins belongs to you. The Division 3 Union Government will not impose any charges on the items. Therefore, don't worry…"

After giving a brief introduction regarding the rules, the elder demigod left, and a middle-aged imperial-level in a military uniform took over. He started making arrangements for the trip to the ruins.

"Please remain in your original position according to the organizations. The staff will activate the Dimensional Portal later. Since the Peaceful Ocean is a perilous place, the Dimensional Portal will only send you to an island near the ruins. Please stay there when you reach, and we'll make the arrangements to send you to the actual destination by the Emperor's Ship."


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