Monster Paradise
681 Sword Soul“s First Ability
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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681 Sword Soul“s First Ability

Despite possessing the Sword Soul, Lin Huang did not sense any improvement in his ability. In the next two days, he did not obtain more card pieces after training his sword skills.

However, every day after his training, he would immerse his body in his consciousness, communicating with the Sword Soul.

His primary goal was to teach the Sword Soul to talk and to play with it.

After finished practicing sword his skill, again, Lin Huang immersed his body in his consciousness before he slept. He saw that the Sword Soul was climbing the sword mountain.

It was a game invented by the Sword Soul itself. It had to climb the sword mountain and do a freefall jump.

Lin Huang was initially worried that it would get injured if it indulged in such play. In fact, it would not. Not only was it born to fly, but its body could also penetrate through the ground between the Life Wheels and could even penetrate right through the sword mountain.

Sometimes, Lin Huang would compete climbing with it.

Seeing that the Sword Soul was halfway up the hill, he joined it.

Realizing that Lin Huang was climbing up the hill and was getting nearer to it, Sword Soul immediately sped up. Both of them soon got to the top of the mountain one after another.

The Sword Soul was slightly ahead of Lin Huang and won the climbing competition. It could not stop laughing.

"It's such an innocent kid." Seeing the Sword Soul achieve happiness so easily, Lin Huang sighed emotionally. A thought suddenly flashed through his mind – he should teach the Sword Soul something new today.

He had been teaching it to speak in the past two days. Despite trying hard to learn, it was not satisfied. After thinking about it carefully, Lin Huang decided to teach it a set of sword skills. Since it was born because of the sword, it might like it.

"Xiao Dao, I'm going to teach you something new today." Xiao Dao was the new name that Lin Huang had christened it. Though ordinary, the Sword Soul was quite happy with the name.  

"I'm going to teach you a set of sword skills today. I'll show it to you once, and you'll follow after me when I do it the second time." After finishing his words, an inky combat sword appeared in his hand and he started demonstrating the sword skill.

It was the simplified version of the Great Sword Scripture. Despite the fact that it was not considered tough, it was not easy either. Even the students from the Martial Hunter College would need at least half a month to 20 days to master it.

Lin Huang practiced the sword at a speed that was three times slower. He noticed that while he was practicing the sword skill, Xiao Dao fixed its gaze on his movement. He then knew that he was interested in this set of sword skills.

After practicing it for the first time, Xiao Dao shook its head and said, "Slow."

"Do you need me to do it slower?" Lin Huang was stunned as he guessed that was what Xiao Dao was trying to say. "Or do you mean that I've been doing it too slow and you want me to speed it up?"

"Speed up!" Xiao Dao immediately nodded.

"Alright, I'll do it the second time." Lin Huang performed the sword skill at a reasonable speed again.

After practicing it, he walked towards Xiao Dao and asked, "Do you know how to do it?"

Xiao Dao nodded. It extended its hand into the air and soon, a sword appeared. It looked exactly the same as Lin Huang's inky sword. Even the details were exactly the same, and the only difference was it had been reduced to a size that was much smaller.

As it grabbed its small sword, Xiao Dao did not wait for Lin Huang to demonstrate again. It immediately performed the sword skill in front of him.

Lin Huang was stunned at what he just saw. Xiao Dao had only watched him practicing the sword skill twice. It managed to learn the sword skill despite being its first time practicing the skill. Not only could it master all the movements, but it had also wholly mastered the essence of the sword skill as well.

"It doesn't blindly follow what I did. Instead, it grasps the essence of the sword skill itself through my movements." After watching Xiao Dao practice the sword skill, Lin Huang felt that he had a better understanding of the sword skill compared to the past.

Xiao Dao had learned the sword skill in an instant, and Lin Huang wanted to increase the difficulty of the skill. He showed Xiao Dao the first part of the Great Sword Scripture.

After showing Xiao Dao the skill once, it picked up the sword skill easily once more.

Lin Huang then practiced the complete version of the Great Sword Scripture. Despite it being the Illumination sword skill, Xiao Dao could still master it with ease.

Lin Huang continued increasing the difficulty and practiced the Oblivion sword skill.

As usual, Xiao Dao mastered the skill after watching it once.

Lin Huang then thought to himself and wondered if it was possible that Xiao Dao actually knew all the sword skills that he had learned. Therefore, it could quickly master it after he demonstrated the sword skill once.

Therefore, Lin Huang practiced the set of sword skills that he just learned that day. It was the Oblivion sword skill which Skill Card had yet to be formed.

After showing it once, there was a serious expression on Xiao Dao's face. It said to Lin Huang, "It isn't right."

It then revised Lin Huang's sword skill and performed it. Lin Huang was dumbstruck as it was a skill that he had not finished learning. However, Xiao Dao had managed to master the sword skill through the movements that he did once.

"Xiao Dao, I haven't finished learning this skill. Please teach me." Lin Huang then looked at Xiao Dao in awe. He was delighted as he had finally discovered Xiao Dao's ability.

"Sure!" Xiao Dao answered happily. It wished that Lin Huang could have more time for it every day.

Lin Huang did not expect the Sword Soul to have the ability to master sword skills in an instant. Regardless of how well the sword skill was shown in the tutorial, it would not be as effective as having somebody teach him in person. The Sword Soul could definitely be his tutor and assist him with his sword training.

Lin Huang did not sleep as he spent the whole night practicing sword skill in the world inside his body.

As guided by the Sword Soul, he managed to learn 1.5 sets of the sword skill in one night, which was only about nine hours. His efficiency was much higher than before. As the barrier of communication had been reduced, the efficiency of Lin Huang's sword skill training would improve.

The next morning, after discovering the Sword Soul's incredible ability, Lin Huang was very excited, and he did not feel like sleeping at all. He knew very well that it would not be the Sword Soul's only ability. There must be some abilities that he had not discovered yet. However, its current ability was already of great assistance to him.

After having his breakfast, Lin Huang was about to continue practicing sword skills in the world inside his body when his Emperor's Heart Ring vibrated abruptly.

Lin Huang tapped opened the communication page and received a message.

It was a message from an anonymous number. However, it was sent by the Union Government in Division 3. Lin Huang immediately opened the message.

"Hello, Mr. Lin Xie. You've been selected by the Heaven Alliance as one of the explorers to go into the new ruins. Please prepare yourself before departing. On the 7th of July, please gather at the Magical Sky Plaza in Division 3 No. 3A1 foothold with the rest of the explorers at 9 a.m. sharp. If you don't come on time, you'll be considered as having given up as an explorer. Please take note of this."

"Is it the day after tomorrow?" Lin Huang did not realize that time had passed so quickly. He did not feel nervous at all. Instead, he laughed to himself and said, "It seems like I have to go to bed early tomorrow night."


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