Monster Paradise
678 Leveling-Up to Purple Flame-Level!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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678 Leveling-Up to Purple Flame-Level!

After killing the Supreme Whitesword, Lin Huang did not obtain a complete Monster Card, but he got a card piece instead. He kept the Supreme Whitesword's carcass and summoned Kylie. He then extracted the tinder after entering Kylie's mini world. Since Lin Huang was a sword cultivator, the tinder matched him perfectly and it only took around an hour and a half to complete the tinder integration.

"Congratulations, you've obtained Sword Heart."

Lin Huang then looked at his body and saw a white sword shadow in his first Life Wheel. The sword was pointing downwards and was floating. The shadow was only the size of his thumb and it looked weak and of the virtual world.

Lin Huang then inserted sword cultivation into it and it started to solidify. At first, he was just inserting level-1 Sword Dao, making the white sword shadow solidify from its thumb-size to a meter long. It looked like a short sword that was carved from ice. As soon as it was formed, the Sword Heart started to rejected the level-1 Sword Dao insertion.

Lin Huang then inserted level-2 Sword Dao. The short sword then turned green and continued growing. It peaked at ten meters long and became emerald green. The Sword Heart looked like a gigantic jade that was inherited from someone's grandmother. Soon, Lin Huang then started inserted level-3 Sword Dao. The Sword Heart then turned blue and eventually, it became a blue iceberg that was hundreds of meters long.

Later on, Lin Huang inserted level-4 Sword Dao. The blue Sword Heart then turned purple and stopped growing when it was 1,000 meters long. It now looked like a mountain that was made of purple crystal floating in the Life Wheel. Just when Lin Huang was ready to come back to reality, purple light shot out of the Sword Heart. The glow filled the entire Life Wheel and spread across the second, the third, all the way until the tenth Life Wheel. Each and every corner of Lin Huang's body was covered in the purple glow.

Before the purple glow faded, all of the sword skill cards that Lin Huang had flown out accordingly as they entered the purple sword mountain in bluish-purple glows. Lin Huang's heart skipped a beat when he saw that. He took a look at his exclusive card immediately. Fortunately, all of his Skill Cards were still there.

Lin Huang had learned more than 1,000 of sword skills and all of them, including Stardome, had been absorbed into the sword mountain. Soon, various swords appeared on top of the mountain. There were more than 1,000 of them. Lin Huang then realized that the swords were not real; they were the projection of his sword skills. As soon as the swords were formed on top of the sword mountain, the One Page Sword Scripture that was deep in his body just like Xiao Hei appeared on top of the sword mountain.

The One Page Sword Scripture that was only the size of a palm started to grow on top of the sword mountain and soon it covered the entire peak. Just when Lin Huang was trying to figure out what was happening, a golden glow shot out of the One Page Sword Scripture and engulfed the entire sword mountain. The purple crystal sword mountain started to shake vigorously and crack under the golden glow.

Lin Huang was shocked at first, but an epiphany came to his mind. It felt like a layer of film had been broken through whereby everything became clear in his head. The 1,000 sword skills were like 1,000 split screens arranged in front of him and every one of them was playing the scene of him practicing the respective sword skills. However, it was not messy to him at all. On the contrary, he was seeing each of them clearly…

Soon, the sword mountain started to break and collapse. Lin Huang did not notice the change in the sword mountain as he was focusing on the 1,000 screens in front of him. The mountain peak revealed its silver inner layer as it cracked. Following the growth, more and more purple crystals were falling. The purple crystals disappeared as they fell from the sword mountain and the silver inside was revealing more and more. It looked like silver patterns at first, but it became completely silver as the purple crystals were completely shed. It only stopped growing when it was 1,500 meters tall.

Just when Lin Huang was done watching the last screen, he noticed that the sword mountain was now completely silver. He was now on level-5 of Sword Dao, which was called the Void Breaker. He knew that he had been at the peak of level-4 and would have a breakthrough anytime, but he did not expect it to come so soon. As soon as the One Page Sword Scripture completed its transformation, it shrunk to its original palm-size and went back to where it had been like nothing had happened.

"Thanks!" The One Page Sword Scripture shouted at Lin Huang before leaving and did not bother if he would hear it or not. Coming back to reality, Lin Huang took a proper look at his body. His physical body and spirit had been strengthened. The fourth Life Fire in his ten Life Wheels appeared. The four Life Fires had changed from blue to purple. Even his Life Power was now purple. He was officially a purple flame-level now. All of his summoning monsters' combat level had also increased from immortal-level rank-2 to immortal-level rank-3 automatically.

When Lin Huang came back to reality, he realized that it was already the next morning. It had taken him almost a day to complete the transformation and he did not know that time had passed. It was past 8 a.m. when he left Kylie's mini world and came back to the unknown island. The sun was just rising. Instead of leaving the deserted island, Lin Huang summoned Bai, Tyrant, and the rest to start a killing spree on the island.

On the third morning, a day of recharging his Life Power fueled the fourth Life Fire in his body to burn at 50 meters. He had also completed ten cross-ranking kills. By using the Double Reward Cards, he had obtained 600 card rewards. The trip had finally came to an end. Lin Huang summoned his dimensional portal after recalling all of his monsters.


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