Monster Paradise
675 I’ll Definitely Kill You Next Time
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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675 I’ll Definitely Kill You Next Time

"All human should die!"

The monster released a loud, brain-piercing ultrasonic cry which made Lin Huang dizzy. Thunder was affected as well as it fell downward. The monster took the advantage as it attempted to catch Thunder and Lin Huang with its tentacle.

"Thunder!" Thunder snapped back to its senses when Lin Huang shouted its name. It then flapped its wings to fly but it was too late. A tentacle had caught its tail.

Lin Huang took out six God Crashers without thinking twice. Controlling two God Crashers with his telekinesis, he shot at the tentacles tentacle. The God Crashers that he had were the most powerful third-generation ones. However, the attacks did not manage to pierce through the tentacle that was less than 10 meters away. There were two bleeding wounds that went meters deep.

The monster was so powerful that Lin Huang became concerned. If the God Crashers could do nothing to it, the monster would almost be like a demigod. Fortunately, the God Crasher did something as the monster released them from its tentacle as it cringed from pain, and seemed like it was being electrocuted. When this happened, the monster wore an even more ferocious look and let out another ultrasonic song.

"Human, you must die!"

"Thunder, close off your ears!" Lin Huang said to Thunder.

"I can attack two to three more times at most, and we'll have to leave by then!"

The God Crasher needed time to recharge. Since Lin Huang had used two God Crashers, he was only left with four of them. He had figured that using one was not going to be enough so he used two at once. Now, he only had two or three more openings to take a shot at the monster.

Thunder knew that Lin Huang and it would become monster chow if they did not make their escape this time around. It flapped its wing rapidly and accelerated to a speed of 7,000 kilometers an hour as purple bolts of lightning surrounded its body. Then, it shot up high like a bolt of lightning as it flew away from the tentacles. The monster was enraged that it was attacked and missed its opportunity to capture them. In its final salvo, it shot its 11 tentacles in every direction in an attempt to grab Thunder.

Meanwhile, Thunder was flying up high as its dual wind and thunder attributes allowed it to fly so fast that nothing could touch it. To top it all off, it could also control the airflow to adjust its flight with ease. Since it had already shut off its ears, it was unaffected by the monster's ultrasonic cry any longer, allowing it to fly freely. The tentacles that were coming to them were brushed off by the air controlled by Thunder.

There were several times when Lin Huang was about to use the God Crashers to fire at the approaching tentacles but Thunder managed to avoid them by changing the arc of its flight.

There was even once where a tentacle almost caught hold of Thunder's wings as it was only less than three meters away. Thunder's performance impressed Lin Huang because it was using flying techniques that were rather advanced. He had to admit that Thunder's talent in flying was better than most since they would not be able to learn these techniques within a short period of time. However, Thunder seemed to naturally be endowed with them.

Fighting the monster, Lin Huang felt the seconds turn to hours. Although Thunder managed to avoid the monster, it was still within reach of the monster's tentacles. The monster became smarter after several failed attempts. It blocked Thunder's way with a couple of tentacles. Thunder attempted to break through them but it failed. When Lin Huang finally noticed, the monster was already restricting the airspace available to Thunder little by little.

"This is not going to work any longer. It's shrinking our airspace, the small it gets, the higher chance we'd get attacked." Lin Huang said to Thunder.

"We can't go back anymore. Pick a direction, and dash toward it."

Thunder nodded and dashed in one direction. The moment it began dashing, a tentacle appeared and blocked the way forward.

"Don't avoid it, just fly across it!" Lin Huang said as he fired a God Crasher in front of him. A red glow appeared at the cannon and flew ahead toward the tentacle in their path.

The monster shook from the pain as the shot made huge gaping wounds in its tentacles.

"Go through it!"

Seeing the gaps in its tentacles, Thunder accelerated and flew out of one of the gaps like a purple bolt of lightning.

The monster noticed it and used another tentacle to block them again. However, before it managed to do that, Lin Huang shot another God Crasher at it.

A red glow landed on the tentacle after it was shot. Once again, the monster shook from pain, and in less than a second, Thunder managed to fly through its tentacle. Seeing Thunder escape its tentacles twice infuriated the monster. It was then that it decided to go all-out and use all twelve tentacles to go after Thunder. However, this did not concern Thunder since it was attempting to escape them by flying to a height that they could not reach. Regardless of how much the monster tried to reach them, it could only helplessly look at Lin Huang and Thunder escape.

Lin Huang was finally relieved as they managed to escape the monster. He then turned around and shouted at the monster that was roaring at him and Thunder.

"Hey ugly! I, Lin Huang, will remember what you did to us today. I'll definitely kill you the next time I come to the coast." He accidentally revealed his real name.

The monster heard what he said and roared even louder at them, vigorously waving its twelve tentacles. However, it was useless. Lin Huang smirked as he watched the helplessly infuriated monster. In less than a few seconds, the gigantic monster had become the size of an ant and completely disappeared from his field of vision as Thunder flew at full speed.


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