Monster Paradise
674 All Human Should Die!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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674 All Human Should Die!

Thunder completed its transformation overnight. The three Advanced Cards did not merely make it a triple mutated monster; they even activated the double bloodline of the Thunder Lord and the Storm Phoenix. The Thunder Lord was a powerful monster with an ancient bloodline. It looked like a falcon surrounded by purple lightning. With an extremely powerful physique, it was great at close-ranged combat. As a leading ferocious beast in the ancient times, it was as powerful as a real phoenix.

Meanwhile, the Storm Phoenix stemmed from a divisions of the phoenix blood monsters. It had wind attributes that enabled it to glide through the air. Thunder's appearance experienced a significant change after its third mutation. It now had charcoal grey feathers with golden patterns woven among them, and its eyes were dark blue. It was much more muscular and taller than before, which made it look elegant without compromising its masculinity.

Lin Huang's eyes lit up when he saw Thunder that was reborn in Kylie's mini world the next morning.

"How are you feeling, Thunder?"

"I feel amazing! Like I have boundless energy in me." Thunder sounded like a titillating, mature man as it flapped its wings in excitement. Light purple lightning bolts appeared as it beat them.

"That's great. Follow me." Lin Huang then patted its wings and recalled it back to its card form.

He then recalled Kylie after exiting her mini world. Lin Huang checked out of the hotel and summoned Thunder again when he was at the Far East Island beach. He rode on Thunder's back after showing it their destination on the projected map. As Thunder flapped its wings, purple lightning bolts crackled around it. However, the lightning did not harm Lin Huang at all. On the contrary, it was like a defensive layer that protected him.

Thunder then turned into a charcoal grey lightning bolt and flew far away. It accelerated along the way from four thousand kilometers per hour in the beginning to five, then six. It peaked when it reached seven thousand kilometers per hour, which brought back the thrill that Lin Huang had not felt for a long time. To prevent unforeseen accidents, he got it to fly at six thousand kilometers instead. At that speed, it took them only two and a half hours to get to the unknown island that was fifteen thousand kilometers away.

Thunder was like a thunderbolt that traveled faster than the speed of light as it shot fifteen thousand meters above the Peaceful Ocean. Since the ship that Lin Huang was traveling in had been attacked at twelve thousand meters above the water surface, he thought it was still dangerous to fly at that height. Therefore, he got Thunder to fly three thousand meters higher. An hour had passed, and the journey was a smooth-sailing one. They encountered birds twice in between, but Thunder managed to get rid of them just by flying past them. The birds chased after them in the beginning but gave up eventually as Thunder was flying too fast.

Soon, two hours had passed, and they would be arriving on the unknown island in less than half an hour. Lin Huang was relieved that they were lucky enough not to have encountered any sea kings. As long as they arrived safely and killed the Supreme Whitesword, they would not have to cross the Peaceful Ocean anymore as they could use the dimensional portal instead.

Not long after Lin Huang was counting his lucky stars, he saw a massive flock of birds fleeing for their lives ahead. It was a group of Giant Teratorns. Each and every one of them was flailing their wings hopelessly. Lin Huang looked closer and noticed that each of them was above immortal-level rank-6. What would giant birds with a wingspan of hundreds of meters be running from?

Just when Lin Huang was pondering to himself, he finally saw a couple of gigantic tentacles grabbing the Giant Teratorns from behind. Each time the tentacles waved, they would get up to tens of Giant Teratorns, and sent them hurtling into the jaws of a gigantic monster that looked like an island on the surface of the ocean.

Lin Huang finally saw how the monster looked like. It had a human face without hair on its head. Its body below the head was covered in a thick layer of fat. It looked like an extremely obese human, whose wrinkly skin looked like a dead body that had been soaking in water for an extended period of time. However, it did not have limbs. The gross layer of fat covered everything all the way to its abdomen, and it no longer had a human's body from below. Instead, it possessed twelve octopus-like red tentacles.

"Up, Thunder!"

Lin Huang instructed Thunder to pull up as soon as he noticed the monster. Thunder saw the sea king as well. Under normal circumstances, when encountering such a monster, it would definitely turn and flee in the first place since trespassing its territory would count as an offense. However, since Lin Huang had ordered it to do so, it could only obey. It then flew up from fifteen thousand meters to sixteen and then seventeen… Soon, it was flying more than twenty thousand meters above the ocean, exceeding the height that the tentacles could reach.

As Lin Huang observed the monster below, he was high-strung. He recognized that it was the monster that had attacked the ship yesterday. There was a scorch mark from the God Crasher on one of its tentacles. Even without the burn mark, it was not difficult to tell that it was the same monster like the one from yesterday. It was impossible for two imperial-level sea kings to coexist within a distance smaller than tens of thousands of kilometers. Most of such monsters were parthenogenetic and lived solo, whereby they would fight each other to the death if they ever encountered each other. Such aggression was because they had a big appetite, so food was scarce even for them, let alone with another appearance of the same monster within their territory.

The monster soon noticed Thunder. Lin Huang, who was riding on it, sensed that the monster was checking him out.

"Leave as fast as you can," Lin Huang urged Thunder as he sensed that something was wrong.

Suddenly, the monster's features crumpled into a ferocious expression, and it then floated into the sky. It gave up hunting the Giant Teratorns as its twelve tentacles begun zooming towards Thunder.

"All humans should die!


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