Monster Paradise
673 Thunder’s Upgrade
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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673 Thunder’s Upgrade

The Emperor's Ship departed when it was 11 a.m.. Many people returned to the deck to enjoy the view. Lin Huang was reading the news as he was bored. His roommate Zhu Jiu proceeded to work on his book as he typed slowly on his virtual keyboard with an upset expression. The buffet lunch announcement was heard when it was 11:30 a.m..

"Bro Jiu, let's eat." Lin Huang stood up and said to Zhu Jiu.

"You go, I'm not eating." Zhu Jiu frowned as he was deep in his thought without even looking up.

"How about I bring you food, what would you like eat?"

"That's great, bring barbecue if there's any. If they don't have that, just bring me whatever that you think is good." Zhu Jiu looked at Lin Huang and said.


The restaurant on the first floor was crowded, there was no vacant seats at all. More than half of the 3,000 passengers on the spaceship were in the restaurant. Since there were too many people, Lin Huang ordered two sets of barbecued meat and returned to his room. After lunch, Lin Huang proceeded to read news, scrolling on social media sites while Zhu Jiu proceeded to write while looking constipated.

An intense shake came from the spaceship when it was past 2 p.m.. Lin Huang looked out in doubt, there were a bunch of bird monsters outside of the spaceship's defence layer.

"What happened?" Zhu Jiu could not write anymore as the room was shaking like there was an earthquake.

"Nothing, we've been attacked by birds." Lin Huang was calm.

An announcement came was then heard.

"Dear passengers, please do not be afraid. We've encountered birds so there'll be a slight turbulence. Our staff is working on it."

Soon, there were purple lightnings flashed outside of the spaceship's defence layer. All of the bird monsters were burnt into ashes. The crises was solved easily.

"Oh wow this Emperor's Ship is really something!" Lin Huang exclaimed as he watched by the window. There were tens of thousands of birds earlier. Although they were only immortal-level rank-1 to rank-3, if Lin Huang was not in the Emperor's Ship, he would have a tough time killing all of the monsters.

The spaceship went through a peaceful hour since the attack and there was another intense turbulence when it was 3:30 p.m.. The entire spaceship felt heavier at an instant, many people at the deck screamed out of dear. Lin Huang looked out of the window in shock and saw a gigantic tentacle wrapping around the spaceship, the defence layer of the spaceship was now slightly distorted. That was the reason why the people on the deck were screaming as the defence looked like it was going to break anytime soon.

"Sea king?" Lin Huang observed the tentacle curiously. They were flying 12,000 meters above the sky, the monster must be massive to be able to reach that high. Lin Huang had seen a sea king monster before when he was in Division7. However, it was only thousands of meters long, which was only slightly bigger than a giant of the same combat level. Mr. Fu told him that the sea king monster that they encountered was just a baby, Lin Huang did not believe him that time. He believed what Mr. Fu said now that he was looking at the tentacle. He could not imagine how massive the monster was since its tentacle was already tens of thousands of meters long.

"Dear passengers, we've been attacked by an imperial-level sea king monster. For safety purpose, please return to your rooms and stay away from the deck…"

"We've been attacked by sea king monster?" Zhu Jiu looked out of the window immediately. He started recording with his Emperor's Heart Ring when he saw the gigantic tentacle. He was oddly excited.

"I didn't expect to see such amazing thing. I must write this down so that I have material for my book…"

"Being attacked by a sea king monster is a … good thing?" Lin Huang could not understand Zhu Jiu's mindset but he was unwilling to encounter such massive monster during his trip. The advantage of a sea king monster was that they were born massive and full of strength. Their body was of high defence, they would be invincible if they had Enhanced Regeneration. It was the kind of monster that Lin Huang did not want to encounter during this trip. Fortunately he was on the Emperor's Ship and did not have to fight the monster himself.

It was obvious that it was not the first time for the staff on the spaceship to encounter this as they did not panic at all. They reacted within seconds when they were attacked. A few God Crasher on top of the spaceship locked onto the tentacle and fired at the tentacle as a few white flashes were shot. The tentacle did not break from the attack but a burnt patch appeared on it. The monster released the defence layer accidentally from the pain and the spaceship took the advantage as it flew higher immediately. The spaceship had reached new high that the tentacle could reach and proceeded with its journey as usual.

Lin Huang was relieved that the crisis was over.

"Too bad we didn't get to see how the monster looks like." Zhu Jiu was disappointed.

There were too many sea king monsters in the Peaceful Ocean that did not make it into the monster encyclopedia so Lin Huang could not tell which monster was that. Since the incident, the journey was a smooth sailing besides encountering another bunch of bird monsters before arriving at the Fareast Island past 7 p.m..

The sky was completely dark when the spaceship landed at the Fareast Island. After bidding farewell with Zhu Jiu, Lin Huang headed to the hotel that he booked earlier. The Peaceful Ocean was dangerous enough during the day so Lin Huang did not want to risk his life by proceeding with his journey at night. He wanted to take a good rest at the hotel before heading to the unknown island where the Whitesword Supreme was.

The Fareast Island was not big where it was less than 30 square kilometers. It used to be an deserted island until someone found a mineral mountain on the island 100 years ago. The Union Government then bought the mineral mountain and got people to mine it later on. After the job was done 10 years later, many of the workers lived on the island and became the first generation on the island.

Since the island was developed, there were more than 300 population on the island. Including the outsiders who were running their businesses, there were almost 500 people on the island. The hotel that Lin Huang was staying located near the harbor was run by a local aunty, it had good mouth-of-word. As it was not peak season yet, the rooms were not fully booked. He got himself a sea view room with a big balcony that was facing the Peaceful Ocean. After checking into the room, he was satisfied after looking around.

Lin Huang then summoned Kylie when he returned to the living room.

"I need to use your mini world."

Kylie opened the door to her mini world without saying a word while Lin Huang walked into it. He then summoned Thunder as soon as he entered.

"Buddy, it's about time for you to level-up."

Thunder nodded immediately as it was excited to be triple mutated. After redeeming three Advanced Cards from his 30 card rewards, Lin Huang held the three cards in his hand.

"Xiao Hei, use the Advanced Cards on Thunder."

As soon as the three Advanced Cards in his hard disappeared, a white glow shot from the sky and covered Thunder entirely…


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