Monster Paradise
671 F*ck, I Forgot to Save My Draft!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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671 F*ck, I Forgot to Save My Draft!

The Peaceful Ocean was the third most dangerous forbidden land in the entire world. It ranked just right behind the virtual zone and the Abyss Brink. It was the largest ocean in the world, connecting 8 of the 12 safe zones. Before leaving Division 7, the ocean that Mr. Fu had brought him to train at was a small portion of the Peaceful Ocean in Division 7. Division 3 was connected to the east coast of the Peaceful Ocean.

The Peaceful Ocean was much more perilous than the second layer of the Abyss Brink. Besides king sea monsters that were even more humongous than giants, there were many imperial and even demigod-level monsters around. There were four harbors that one could enter the Peaceful Ocean through. The Victoria Harbor was the nearest island to the harbor where the Whitesword Supreme was. It was 16,000 nautical miles (almost 30,000 kilometers) away.

From the south point that Lin Huang trained at, he would have to get to Victoria Harbor and take the Demonic Crystal Spaceship to the Far East Island. The Far East Island was the closest island that the Demonic Crystal Spaceship could reach and was the nearest to the Supreme Whitesword. Even so, it was more than 8,000 nautical miles away from the unknown island where the Supreme Whitesword was, so Lin Huang would still have to fly there on his own.

After plotting the route in the middle of the night, Lin Huang bought the tickets to Victoria City and the Far East Island when it was past 1 a.m. In the morning, Lin Huang packed his bag and checked out of the room after his breakfast downstairs. He had stayed more than a month in Sweep City, and he hardly got out of his hotel room because he was training. Now that it was the end of June, most sections of Division 3 were experiencing summer, and everyone in Sweep City was wearing short-sleeved clothing.

Lin Huang dressed casually in a white t-shirt with a blue Furry Beast printed on it and a pair of jeans. In such a handsome disguise, the two ladies at the reception ogled him as they were assisting him to check out of his room. After he left, the two ladies excitedly discussed between themselves about whether he was the most handsome guest that they ever had this year.

After leaving the hotel, Lin Huang summoned Thunder and headed to the dimensional portal of the Peaceful Ocean. The portal to Victoria City would open only once a day at 9 a.m. daily. There were only six people including Lin Huang when he arrived at the dimensional portal. Since Victoria City was a large harbor, many tourists were visiting the beach during the summer. There were very few people at the dimensional portal as it was the end of June and the summer holidays had yet to start.

When it was 9 a.m. sharp, the dimensional portal opened. Lin Huang scanned his ticket together with the other five, then stepped into the portal. Soon, they stepped out of the portal and arrived at Victoria City. It was a sunny, cloudless day. Lin Huang then took out his dimensional portal to pin the coordinates. After confirming the location of Victoria Harbor on the Emperor's Heart Ring's map, he summoned Thunder again and headed there.

Twenty minutes later, Thunder brought Lin Huang to the Victoria Harbor. There was only one ship that headed to the Far East Island from that harbor once a week and coincidentally, it was that very day. The ship would depart at 11 a.m., which was the reason why Lin Huang went there early in the morning. If he had not made it to the ship today, he would have to wait for another week.

He had bought the ticket in the middle of the night and found it expensive at 3,000 Life Crystals per ticket, which was the price of a grade-2 or grade-3 relic. It only covered a standard cabin with two people to a room. A private cabin would cost 20,000 Life Crystals per ticket, which was the price of a grade-5 relic. Besides being a private room for one, it came with an en-suite bathroom with a bathtub. Although Lin Huang had the money, the tickets for the private cabin were sold out. Of course, there was the economy cabin that was cheaper than the standard cabin at only 500 Life Crystals per ticket. There would be eight people in a room without a bathroom. Even so, the tickets were sold out since the beginning.

As soon as he arrived at the harbor, Lin Huang soon saw the gigantic Demonic Crystal Spaceship floating in mid-air. It was even bigger than any of the ships that Lin Huang had ever seen. It was almost like a battleship. He knew that such a ship was called the Emperor's Ship and it was a supreme relic that was made of the bones of an imperial-level king sea monster. Although it was only a supreme relic, its defense was much more powerful than most of the ancient relic armors. Besides that, there were God Crashers and other weapons on the ship that could be used to chase away sea monsters.

The ship was like a demigod relic. If it were to be sold at auctions, it would be more expensive than a demigod relic. After Lin Huang was done admiring the ship, he searched for a place to wait for the ship to depart. He looked far away to see tourists wandering around the stores in the harbor. Although it was not the summer holidays yet, there were already many tourists.

The Far East Island was the most eastern island that the Division 3 Demonic Crystal Spaceship could get to. The island itself was beautiful, and you could catch the earliest sunset in Division 3 there, hence the flocking tourists. Lin Huang observed around and soon noticed an al fresco cafe. However, it was almost entirely occupied with only one vacant seat under an umbrella.

There was a man with a messy mustache sitting across the vacant seat. He wore sunglasses, a white t-shirt, a pair of sky blue beach shorts, and flip-flops. He was tapping on a virtual keyboard on his Emperor's Heart Ring.

"Uncle, is there anyone sitting here?" Lin Huang asked.

The man in the sunglasses peered at him over the Emperor's Heart Ring projection and said in all seriousness, "You should call me 'brother' at your age. If you're below 16, it's okay for you to call me 'uncle', but it's obvious that you're over 20 and I'm only 31. I think you shouldn't call me that."

"Oh… Alright then. Brother, is anyone sitting here?" Lin Huang corrected himself.

"No, please sit." The man turned back to the projection in front of him.

Lin Huang ordered a cup of coffee while waiting for the ship to depart patiently. The man across him occasionally frowned, scratching his head and sometimes biting his nails. He seemed to be in a dilemma as he typed slowly on his virtual keyboard. Although Lin Huang was curious about what the man was doing, recalling the conversation they had earlier, he gave up asking to save himself any possible embarrassment.

When it was 10.30 a.m., the checking of the tickets started. Seeing that many people had stood up to queue, Lin Huang ordered himself another cup of coffee. The man sitting across him did not look like he was standing up either as he continued typing on the virtual keyboard slowly. Ten minutes later, Lin Huang stood up after noticing that there were not many people left in the queue.

Just when he was leaving, he decided to remind the man because he noticed that the man did not seem to be leaving.

"Brother, the ship is leaving. Don't you want to make a move?"

"The ship is leaving!" The man switched off the projection frantically and let out a groan out of nowhere as he shot up to his feet with his bag.

"F*ck, I forgot to save my draft!"

Lin Huang ignored the man and boarded the ship.


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