Monster Paradise
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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The three challengers from the Divine Alliance panicked.

After watching Lin Huang's previous battle, they knew that they had no chance of winning. Not only would they be sent back to the first checkpoint, even the points that they got from the rest of the Divine Alliance members would also have to be surrendered to Lin Huang.

Because the battle was being streamed live, it would be embarrassing to admit defeat now. However, they would feel ashamed as well if they were killed and had to give their points to him. The three of them discussed secretly and soon, they made up their minds.

"Lin Xie, it's our fault as we attempted to steal your points. We admit that we're weak," a skinny, young man said, "Since you've killed Zhou Huai and obtained more than four million points, please stop here. If you can act as if nothing has happened, we guarantee that we won't trouble you any longer. We can still be friends when we meet in the future."

"What do you mean?" Lin Huang frowned. "You've already signed the agreement, but now you're telling me now to act as if nothing has happened. Are you trying to break the contract? Why didn't you consider the consequences before robbing me? You can't fight me now, so you say that you're weak. If I'm the one who loses the fight, do I deserve to give you all the points? Do I deserve to get bullied just because I'm weaker than you guys?!"

What he said struck the trio dumb.

"You signed the agreement along with your fingerprints at your own will. Nobody forced you to do so. Everyone here and the people who are watching the live stream video witnessed this. Rules are rules. If you were to break the contract, I suppose that the audience won't agree to it, let alone me. You only have two choices if you want to leave. The first choice is to admit defeat and give half of your points to me whereas the second choice is to let me send you back to the first checkpoint of the Stairway Tree!"

Apparently, Lin Huang was not going to accept the three of them merely admitting that they were weak.

"Lin Xie, don't be so mean to us," whined the skinny young man gloomily.

"Don't lecture me." Lin Huang knew that he sounded intimidating. "Also, if you were to get me into trouble in the future, just come to me. Even if you're an immortal-level rank-9, I'll still send you back to the first checkpoint of the Stairway Tree."

The audience's eyes flew open wide, and comments could be seen flooding the screen.

"I hope that the chief of the Heaven Alliance can keep me with him. I know how to do household chores."

"When I was still a blue flame-level, I froze to death for many times on the second checkpoint of the Stairway Tree. Look at the blue flame-levels nowadays. Tsk, tsk, why's there such a huge difference?"

"If I have more than ten God Crashers, I can also… Alright, I'll stop bullshitting. I can't even afford to use the God Crasher…"

"Fight or admit defeat? Make your choice." Lin Huang did not give them a third choice.

Since it had already come so far, the three challengers knew that they had no way out.

As they thought of the live video that was capturing them and the fact that their boss would probably be watching them, the three of them had no choice but to fight.

They did not have any hope left in the next three battles.

Although the three of them also had dimensional relics, Lin Huang managed to capture their movements with his Territory skill. His God Crashers killed them after a few teleport attempts. None of them managed to survive his attacks for more than two seconds.

After killing Zhou Huai and the rest, Lin Huang's points exceeded 24 million and were double that of Chan Dou's, who was previously ranked first. He now topped the chart.

Many of them were eyeing his points. However, whoever watched the live video basically had no means of grabbing his points at all. Six God Crashers were no joke, and nobody knew how many he had in total.

After the four battles ended, it was about 6.40p.m. As the sky turned dark, he followed Wang Zhong and returned to the Heaven Alliance subdivision.

"Little brat, you make me feel relieved. Fortunately, you won the fight and didn't embarrass the Heaven Alliance." Wang Zhong was impressed.

"If we try to avoid them all the time, they'll ask for more. What they say to me will get harsher every time we meet." Lin Huang decided to fight them only after careful consideration. He did not act rashly. "Even if they're here in the future, I guess they'll be humble. As for the rest who saw the God Crashers, I guess they won't want to fight me anymore."

"Although the third generation God Crasher is powerful, the number of usages is restricted. It's helpful in emergencies. Try not to use it so often in the future." Wang Zhong could identify that it was a third generation God Crasher.

"I know. I wouldn't have used the God Crasher if there weren't so many points for me to grab. I have an additional 16 million now, which I can exchange for many amazing items." Lin Huang grinned.

"One Stairway point equals to 1,000 Life Crystals. 24 million points equal to 24 billion Life Crystals. It's enough to buy two demigod relics!" Wang Zhong exclaimed. "However, I'd suggest you not to buy the demigod relic. Try to buy whatever you can use now or in the near future. What you should do now is to enhance your ability as the God Crasher is just an external support."

"Got it. Don't worry." Lin Huang already knew how he was going to use the points.

After saying goodbye to Wang Zhong, Lin Huang logged out of the Genius Union. At the hotel, he visited the Genius Union Stairway Mall in browsing mode.

The first item he checked out was the telekinetic throwing daggers.

Under normal circumstances, ancient relics could only be activated when Lin Huang achieved immortal-level. Nevertheless, he bought it now because he could use it when he used the Transformation Card. Moreover, he was now on blue flame-level. As soon as he found a suitable Life Fire monster, he could get on gold flame-level in two to three months, at the most. Perhaps it would take him about half a year to level up to immortal-level. Therefore, it was not too early to prepare.

Six types of telekinetic throwing daggers were found in the Stairway Mall. Lin Huang was interested in the strongest weapon at first glance. The name of the Life Power throwing dagger was the Ink Feather. A triple mutated Dark Angel had dropped the item. Despite the fact that the combat strength of the Dark Angels being on purple gold-rank, their abilities were comparable to a demigod's. Killing those rare creatures was tough.

There were only three sets of Ink Feathers in the Stairway Mall. 3,600 dark jade-like throwing daggers formed each set and were being sold at a price of 1.8 million points, which could be converted to 1.8 billion Life Crystals.

"It's expensive, but it's worth it! It's on par with a demigod relic, and it's the best telekinetic weapon." Lin Huang then ordered the daggers without hesitation.

Each set would cost him 1.8 million points, so three sets would cost 5.4 million points. The members of the Heaven Alliance enjoyed a discount of 30%. Therefore, the price ended up to be 3.78 million.

"The 30% discount is awesome! I can save more than 1.6 million points then." He paid without hesitating and soon, he started looking for sword skills.

His Sword Dao was stuck at level-4 as he only had a few transcendent sword skills.

The transcendent sword skills ranked from Illumination, Oblivion, and Void Breaker. They were on level-3, level-4, and level-5 Sword Dao respectively.

According to Xiao Hei, the epic-level sword skills incorporated two levels, which were Illumination and Oblivion. The corresponding level of the legendary-level sword skills would be the Void Breaker.

When he was at the Martial Hunter College, he had learned almost all the sword skills below transcendent level in Divison 7. However, the transcendent sword skills were possessed by different organizations and were not publicly available.

He had learned less than ten types of epic-level sword skills, including the two skills he had picked up at the Martial Hunter College and a few that he had already learned on his own. As for the legendary-level sword skills, the only one he had discovered was the Star Dome.

In the Stairway Mall, there was a variety of Illumination skills; there was a total of 1,300 of them. The skills were relatively cheap as he could buy them at a price of just about 10 points. The most expensive skill cost about 80 points, and none of them cost more than 100 points.

Lin Huang then spent more than 40,000 points to download more than 1,300 types of Illumination sword skills.

He then started checking on the Oblivion and Void Breaker sword skills.

The Oblivion sword skill was rather expensive as it cost at least 300 points per skill. Some of them even required 5,000 to 6,000 points. There were 700 of them. Lin Huang spent 1.2 million points to buy all of them.

As for the Void Breaker sword skill, each of them was sold at a price of more than 10,000 points. Many of them cost about 100,000 points. Also, the price of seven of the sword skills cost more than a million. However, there were only about 80 types of Void Breaker sword skills.

All in all, Lin Huang had spent about 18 million points to buy seven of the most expensive sword skills and the remaining 78 sword skills.

After purchasing all the items, Lin Huang had almost used up all the 24 million points he initially had.


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