Monster Paradise
664 Betting
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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664 Betting

Wang Zhong was a muscular man, and he was at least 1.95 meters tall. There was a green shadow on his face after shaving, and he had a serious look on his face. His combat strength was on immortal-level rank-7, and he was the person in charge of the 46th checkpoint of the Heaven Alliance subdivision.

"Most of the Heaven Alliance members are at the foothold of the 55th checkpoint. Only a small number of us are on the 46th checkpoint. Including you and I, there're a total of 28 people." Wang Zhong pretty much explained why the area was so quiet.

"Considering that you might stay at the 46th checkpoint for a long period of time, I'll bring you around so that you can familiarize yourself with the environment." Wang Zhong did not despise Lin Huang though. He was just straightforward as he felt that it was less likely that Lin Huang could make a breakthrough to the 55th checkpoint in a short span of time.

Lin Huang knew himself very well. With his current ability, getting to the 50th checkpoint was a challenge to him, let alone reaching the 55th checkpoint. As for any levels below the 55th checkpoint, the nearest gathering point for the humans was the 46th checkpoint.

Despite Lin Huang not being able to understand his facial expressions, he was somehow a responsible man. He spent the entire morning bringing him around so that he could familiarize himself with the environment. He answered all of Lin Huang's questions when they were on their way, and he explained everything in detail. It seemed like he had nothing to hide.

"On the 46th checkpoint, the strongest alliance is the Hong Alliance, followed by the Tang Alliance. Our overall ability is on par with the Divine Alliance. We are ranked third, and it's a fierce fight."

While they were having their lunch, Wang Zhong roughly told him the situation of their competitors.

"Under normal circumstances, the majority of them in the checkpoints below the 55th checkpoint won't get the Heaven Alliance members into trouble. However, there's an exclusion. Also, your condition is rather special. The people from the Hong Alliance and Tang Alliance might probably challenge you and make use of you to achieve their goals. The Divine Alliance members are more evil as they'll deliberately trigger you so that you'll bet on a fight. They can then get points from you. Don't get cheated if this happens to you. Just contact me in the first place. I'll get it done."

"I know that you're a supreme genius and you aren't weak. However, everyone on the Stairway Tree is geniuses. Those who are on immortal-level rank-6 are on par with immortal-level rank-9s. Moreover, there are quite a number of immortal-level rank-6s at the 46th checkpoint." Wang Zhong looked at Lin Huang with a serious expression and advised, "I'd suggest using the points as soon as possible. Otherwise, wherever you go, you'll look like a tasty lamb on the grilling rack releasing the fragrance of meat. A majority of them won't be able to obtain more than four million points in a year at that checkpoint. If I weren't a member of the Heaven Alliance, I might've attacked you. If you can't think of anything to buy, you can choose to buy some ancient relics or convert the points to Life Crystals."

"I'll use it within a day or two." Lin Huang nodded. He knew that the number of points he had would definitely get him into trouble. Therefore, he had to spend some time listing out the items that he needed and use up whatever points he had.

One thing that Lin Huang was not aware of because he was on the 46th checkpoint the whole morning was that almost everyone in the Genius Union knew that he had joined the Heaven Alliance.

It was because somebody had taken a video of Chan Dao killing the four robbers this morning and posted it in the Genius Union forum. Many of the passersby became Chan Dou's fans after he said, "Never insult the Heaven Alliance!"

"He's so powerful! Chan Dou is my idol from today onwards!"

"Idol, I want a baby with you!"

"Damn, why doesn't the chief of the Hong Alliance have such an ability to show off in public?"

"Bro Chan V587, I want a baby with you too. @Chan Dou." The person who sent this message was the chief of Hong Alliance, Zhu Hong. Aside from posting a comment, she even mentioned Chan Dou in her comment and attracted many people's attention.

"The goddess is here. Let's switch our focus to our goddess!"

In just a short while, Chan Dou replied: "Sis Hong, are you serious? (Drooling)"

His message had caught many people's attention as well, stirring up the crowd.

"It's a gone case. Love is blind!"

"Are the Heaven Alliance and the Hong Alliance going to consolidate?!"

However, Zhu Hong's reply soon threw cold water on the hot topic: "I'm just kidding. (Face with stuck-out tongue)"

Chan Dou replied promptly, and there were no words in the message. There was only an emoji: "(Frown)".

Interrupted by Chan Dou and Zhu Hong, the people had no further concern about Lin Huang's issue. However, from the video, everybody knew that 'Lin Xie' had joined the Heaven Alliance.

Following this bold statement, aside from few of the top alliances, the rest of the alliances no longer attempted to steal his points. Chan Dou's stance was evident as he welcomed Lin Xie at the 46th checkpoint. He indicated that Lin Xie was important to him.

Since Chan Dou had shown up to attack them, even some of the influential members had no guts to assault him with a sneak attack. They only dared to fight him face to face because even if the sneak attack were successful, the extra four million points would earn them a higher ranking on the leaderboard. Then, Chan Dou could easily find out who had attacked, and nobody dared to offend him.

However, if they were to fight him face to face, as long as Lin Xie accepted the battle, he would lose all the points to them in public. Chan Dou could then not do anything to them.

After lunch, Wang Zhong intentionally reminded him, "Don't accept any challenges." Lin Huang then left the Heaven Alliance territory and headed towards the Stairway Tree to prepare to continue climbing the Stairway Tree.

On the tree branches, no one attempted to attack Lin Huang as when they had first met him. Apparently, Chan Dou's attack intimidated many people.

Many of them purposely avoided Lin Huang. Although four million points meant a lot to them, they did not want Chan Dou to send them to the first checkpoint.

However, as expected by Wang Zhong, not all of them were afraid of Chan Dou.

A slovenly immortal-level rank-6 soon blocked Lin Huang's way. He knew nothing about aesthetics as he was dressed like a gangster. He seemed older than 40 years old (although he was actually below 40). Not only was he wearing earrings, but he also had nose rings as well. Nobody knew if there were other rings beneath his clothes.

"Aren't you the well-known Lin Xie who ranks second on the leaderboard?" The man cackled evilly.

"What's wrong? Please get out of the way." Lin Huang knew that trouble was here.

"I'd like to play a game with you…"

Lin Huang did not wait for him to continue and interrupted, "I'm sorry. I'm not interested in men. Please look for someone else."

"I mean let's make a bet!" The man with the piercings got angry and immediately revealed his actual intention.

"Oh, you want to make a bet. Can't you say it clearly? You said that you want to play a game with me. How the f*ck would I know what game you want to play?" Lin Huang acted like he was shocked.

"Do you have the guts to accept?!"

"No, I'm not interested," Lin Huang rejected.

Seeing he was about to swear at him again, he said, "I have more than 8.3 million points now. If you want to place a bet, collect eight million points first. I don't count odd points. Once you've collected enough points, I'll give you a chance to have a life-and-death fight with me. Anyone who loses the fight will have to start again from the first checkpoint and surrender half of their total points. If you don't have enough points, I'll give you the time to collect them. At 6 p.m., I'll accept your challenge here. If you fail to collect the points by 6 p.m., there's no need for you to come here. Otherwise, I'd have to look for our chief to get the remaining points from you."

"Lin Xie, I've just recorded what you said. Please keep your promise. Otherwise, you're not the only one who'll feel embarrassed, but the entire Heaven Alliance will be humiliated," the man with the piercings said with a wry smile.

"Don't worry. I'll be here at 6 p.m. sharp. After this, don't ever attempt to challenge me because I'll use up all the points tonight. Collect the points if you want to challenge me!"


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