Monster Paradise
657 Lin Xie Cheated?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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657 Lin Xie Cheated?

Looking at the monsters coming their way, Lin Huang used his ultimate move by summoning Bai, Charcoal and the rest. He summoned a total of ten of them. It was the first time in history that he was summoning the maximum number of monsters that he was allowed to. Tyrant was now in his original giant form as he dashed towards the monsters like a gigantic tank. Even though he was only an immortal-level rank-2, the immortal-level rank-3 and rank-4 bugs could not do anything to break through his defense. All he had to do was to wave his hands, and the bugs were slaughtered.

Bai, who was not far away, transformed the 12 bloody wings at his back into blades and sometimes into sharp thorns. The monsters that passed through were slashed into halves, or their heads were pierced through. None of them managed to escape. Bloody appeared as a cloud of purple haze in the battle as it extended its hundreds of purple tentacles everywhere. While its tentacles pierced the monsters, they were cast with parasites at the same time. If Bloody were not restricted to only cast parasites on monsters that were on immortal-level rank-2 or below, the number of monsters that were available there might not satisfy Bloody.

Meanwhile, Charcoal returned to its body length that was thousands of meters long among the monsters. Although a part of its ability was restricted since flying was prohibited on the Stairway Tree, its Dragon Flame was as powerful as ever. The black Dragon Flame burnt the monsters into ashes. Its efficiency was just as mighty as Tyrant that was killing like a human tank.

Kylie, who was decked in black armor, flapped the dozen black wings on her back and dashed out like a bolt of black lightning. There was an army of 300 in silver armor who were on the same combat level as her following behind. They transformed into silver lightning bolts as they rushed forward. Even Kylie and her army were affected by the restriction. Although they looked like they were flying, all they did was move at the speed of light. The paths were destroyed as they made strips of holes among the monsters.

In his dark red armor, Lancelot led his nine sword servants as they marched into the monster horde. To increase the efficiency of killing them, he used the Sword Dominator's Sword Manipulation as hundreds of Life Power swords came out of his body and pierced through the monsters' bodies. Among the monsters, the Clown was the most independent one as he danced around the monsters while singing. All of the monsters became frantic and started killing each other. None of the monsters managed to escape his Deception Magic. He would occasionally control the monsters with his hands like a kid playing with puppets. The battle turned into his playground while the monsters were his toys.

The Sanguine Overlord and the two fiends joined the battle too. They were performing well. The Malachian Fiend's defense was just slightly weaker than Tyrant's. It was also charging among the monsters like a tank while the Hellion Imp summoned a meteorite to hit the ground, creating a wide range of damage while the Sanguine Overlord took the monsters' Life Power away with his Punishment Chains and burned them into ashes.

As soon as the ten summoning monsters appeared, Lin Huang was on the winning end of the battle. Although all of the monsters were infuriated and more powerful than before, they were helpless under the siege of Lin Huang's triple mutated monsters with advanced bloodlines. The battle lasted for more than three hours. When it was almost 4 a.m., all of the monsters on the branches were killed and had disappeared.

After the fourth monster horde ended, Lin Huang recalled all ten of his summoning monsters. He did not care if there was a fifth monster horde or not as he did not plan to fight anymore. The sky was getting bright, and the people who logged in might see him if he proceeded to fight. He then looked at his accumulated points. The entire killing spree had given him a boost in his points, totaling over eight million. What made him speechless was that he was now ranked No. 2 on the leaderboard.

"No. 2: Lin Xie"

"Organization: Sweep Alliance"

"Points: 8,211,586

"Current Checkpoint: 21"

"Oh, I've now become high profile again…" Lin Huang did not expect to be getting such recognition. All he wanted was to collect points to redeem resources when nobody was around, but he clinched the No. 2 spot on the leaderboard. He was only less than 300,000 points behind the person who ranked No. 1 and more than a million points ahead of No.3.

He was just surprised at the results, but he did not dwell on it. Lin Huang then logged out of the virtual world so that he could get some rest to continue climbing tomorrow. As he logged out, he took a shower and fell asleep when it was around 4.30 a.m. After sleeping for two hours, he was woken up by the vibration of his Emperor's Heart Ring before 7 a.m. He glanced at it with his bleary eyes and realized that it was Yao Lan who was calling. Figuring that there might be an emergency, he picked up the video call.

"Hey, Lin Xin, did you cheat yesterday?" Yao Lan asked directly.

"What? Cheat?" He asked her back while yawning. Lin Huang thought what she was accusing him of was ridiculous.

"Your points… How did you manage to get more than eight million points without cheating?" Yao Lan asked as though what she was asking was not wrong.

"You sure have got balls! You're now ranked No. 2. The Genius Union is now in chaos since morning. All of the people who logged in are talking about you especially those from Divisions 1 and 2. I've heard that many people have reported you. I guess you might be disqualified from the Genius Union today…"

"Tsk, tsk, look at you. Why can't you be more low profile since you're cheating? Nobody might notice if you cheated by 100,000 to 200,000 points, but you cheated all the way to No. 2 on the leaderboard. Karma is here for you now," Yao Lan lowered her voice.

"Since you'll be removed from the organization soon anyway, why not you tell me how you cheated so that I can get myself some points to rank higher on the leaderboard?"

"Who told you that I cheated?" Lin Huang raised an eyebrow.

"Nobody told me, but everyone in the Genius Union knows that. Do you think we're idiots to believe that you managed to get eight million points within a night?" Yao Lan rolled her eyes.

"I got those points from killing monsters last night," Lin Huang told the truth.

"You're too much! To be able to get eight million points, you'd have to kill 100,000 immortal-level rank-4 monsters worth 80 points each on the 21st checkpoint. Even an infuriated immortal-level rank-4 monster is worth only 160 points, which means you'd have to kill more than 50,000 of them. Since you're only a blue flame-level, I believe you can kill one or two immortal-level rank-4 monsters, but tens of thousands of them?! I don't believe you!"

"It's your problem that you don't believe me. What I told you is the truth." Lin Huang did not bother to explain further.

"Alright, I'll go back to sleep. I'm going to climb the tree again after lunch." He covered himself in his blanket and fell asleep after hanging up.


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