Monster Paradise
641 Seamless
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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641 Seamless

The Yao family heard about the news as soon as Lin Huang left the Abyss Brink. Instead of informing Yao Huanhuan, her parents contacted their elder daughter, Yao Lan, who was busy working.

"Lan Er, did you meet that Lin Xie kid at the Abyss Brink?" The mother asked during the call in the reading room.

"Yes, I did."

"What do you think about him?" The father asked directly.

"He's very powerful. I can't fight him even if we were on the same level," Yao Lan commented.

"It can't be. You're a supreme genius as well. How could you guys be so different ability wise?" The father frowned.

"It's not only his battle ability. He's much more powerful than normal holy fire-levels overall as well as being skilled in a variety of techniques… He's overall ability would top all supreme geniuses. Perhaps not more than five people of the same level could fight him in Division 3," Yao Lan gave an honorable comment.

"Did you fight him?" The father was surprised to hear her.

"No, I imitated what Huanhuan would say and do while I spent a day with him." Yao Lan smirked.

The parents were concerned. They did not expect their elder daughter to be this mischievous.

"His ability is indeed out of my expectations. He's a crimson flame-level who hunts for immortal-level rank-6 triple mutated Life Fire monsters. He even escaped from an imperial-level triple mutated monster. I think I wouldn't have been able to do it if I didn't use my ultimate move with my current abilities," Yao Lan shared what she observed after spending a day with Lin Huang.

Her parents, who were on imperial-level, were in disbelief about how powerful Lin Huang was after listening to what Yao Lan said.

"But the good news is that he's really not interested in Huanhuan." The parents were relieved by Yao Lan's conclusion.

"But the kid is back in Sweep City now for God-knows-what reason. We haven't told Huanhuan yet, but she's been bugging us to get the kid's whereabouts," the father said helplessly.

"This Lin Xie isn't a bad person, but it's better not to let Huanhuan get close to him. I couldn't get anything from his identity besides what's on the surface. Judging from his ability, he could be a Holy Son candidate trained by a top underground organization. We shouldn't offend the organization behind him."

"But Huanhuan…" The mother looked troubled.

"You guys have spoiled her. Why don't I talk to Huanhuan after I'm done with my stuff here a few days later?" Yao Lan told her parents.

"Stop investigating Lin Xie. It's better than we don't have anything to do with him. Don't say anything even if somebody asks us about him."

After hanging up, from a hotel room in the foothold near the second layer of the Abyss Brink, Yao Lan projected a gold list from her Emperor's Heart Ring. If somebody else had been there with her, they would have recognized that more than ten names on the list were famous supreme geniuses in Division 3. Yao Lan smirked while she moved her graceful fingers, adding 'Lin Xie' at the bottom of the list in gold ink.

Besides visiting the black market, Lin Huang had been staying in his hotel room ever since he returned to Sweep City. He had been getting used to the telekinesis ability before obtaining the telekinesis weapon. After spending two days practicing the Devil's Psykid's telekinesis, he had mastered 80% of it. The inheritance of monster tinder was different from the legacy of the human memory as the former was more than just a memory whereby the human could obtain the skill directly. Take an ordinary person obtaining the ability to make dual-vector foil out of nowhere for instance. He did not have to learn and understand the theory of making it. Gaining such an ability became part of his body; he could create a dual-vector foil by himself as long as he had enough materials. The only thing that he had to go through was to get used to the process of creation.

The inheritance of the human's memory allowed one to obtain the memory but not the ability. It was like obtaining all of the information on how to make a dual-vector foil, but you would have to learn and understand the information before creating the dual-vector foil itself. If one could not understand the theory of making it, he could not make the dual-vector foil even the information was in his brain and the materials were sufficient.

That was the main reason why Lin Huang had picked the Devil's Psykid as his Life Fire monster after listening to Bloody's explanation. Obtaining the Devil's Psykid's telekinesis would save him at least two years of training time. It was calculated based on Lin Huang's supreme genius standard. For others, it would take tens of years - even up to 100 years - to master the ability. Ever since he received the ability, he had mastered it from kindergarten-level to a highschooler's level within two days. Besides some detailed and complicated techniques that required more training, he had basically mastered it.

With his current mastery of Divine Telekinesis, he could easily kill an immortal-level rank-3 monster without using any telekinesis weapons.

"There are still some difficulties in mastering the details. I'll need at least a week to practice and familiarize the Devil's Psykid's telekinesis." Lin Huang was aware of his own progress. Although he had mastered 80% of the Devil's Psykid's ability, the remaining 20% required more time as it was complicated.

Besides possessing Divine Telekinesis himself, Lin Huang chose the ability to hide his identity as he also inherited memory of the demigod Qi Muxiong. Qi Muxiong was a master in telekinesis, so it was a no-brainer that his telekinesis power was mighty since he was young. Besides discovering many telekinesis techniques throughout his life, he had also come up with a telekinesis cultivation called Seamless. The cultivation would allow a person to channel telekinetic power into countless threads which could then be controlled from far away.

Qi Muxiong could divide his telekinetic power into 18,000 threads as well as controlling the threads to attack at will within the range of 30,000 kilometers. If he was on Earth, he could stand on his balcony and control the threads to pierce through any creature's head that was located in any corner on Earth. The level-1 of Seamless was to use telekinetic power to divide 300 threads. After two days of training and mastering the basics, Lin Huang finally proceeded to learn Seamless


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