Monster Paradise
640 Returning to Sweep City
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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640 Returning to Sweep City

After Yao Lan left, in the following days, Lin Huang started clearing the immortal-level monsters on the first layer of the Abyss Brink according to the map provided by the black market.

Lancelot attacked the monsters, and the battle was basically a one-sided slaughter. He was continually collecting monster carcasses. The third tinder in Lin Huang's body had grown to a maximum height of 50 meters in less than two days due to the massive amount of Life Power having been inserted into his body.

At first, one of the leaves was taller than the other. Now, he had finally managed to make the three leaves evolve into one tall leaf and two short leaves. Lin Huang felt pleased just looking at it.

Bloody led him to spend another two days killing ten immortal-level rank-7 monsters on his own. Due to the effects of the Double Reward Card, he obtained 600 reward cards.

Over the past four days, almost two-thirds of the immortal-level monsters on the first layer of the Abyss Brink were killed by Lin Huang. The weakest monster was an immortal-level rank-1, and the strongest monster was an immortal-level rank-7. There were three triple mutated monsters. Lin Huang had stored the carcasses so that they could be used as Bloody's puppets.

When he got out of the Abyss Brink, he returned to Sweep City immediately.

Since he had come to an agreement to work with Sweep City, he would comply with what they agreed on and sell the carcasses to them.

After checking in to Sweep City, he returned to the black market right away.

The woman from the black market was called Hu Lu, and she welcomed him back.

"Mr. Lin, you've been staying at the Abyss Brink for many days. It seems like you've gained a lot over there." Hu Lu observed that Lin Huang's combat strength had upgraded to blue flame-level at first glance.

"I've indeed gained a lot over there. However, I was almost fooled by the information that you gave to me." Lin Huang raised his eyebrow.

"How could that be? I've provided you a list of the triple mutated monsters. I've checked it, and there isn't any problem." Hu Lu felt that it was strange. "Mr. Lin, which Life Fire monster did you choose?"

"It's fine. Let's don't mention it." Lin Huang did not want to reveal his actual abilities, so he just grumbled and changed the topic. "If there's any information regarding triple mutated monsters in the future, I hope that you will inform me in the first place."

"That's for sure. We're working together." A smile immediately stretched across Hu Lu's face. She was an intelligent lady and knew that Lin Huang would not spread lies to ruin the reputation of her business. She could also guess the reason why Lin Huang was reluctant to tell her what the Life Fire monster he had chosen was. Since Lin Huang did not look into it, it was to her advantage.

Lowering her head and taking a sip of her tea, Hu Lu smirked and looked at Lin Huang as if she was not nervous at all.

"Oh yeah, I need you to buy an item for me," Lin Huang then said as the lady remained calm.

"What do you want, Mr. Lin?" Hu Lu was not really interested in a single item order. However, she did not reveal her impatience, and she still sounded laid-back.

"It's a psychic weapon that has to be at least a supreme relic. Of course, it'd be best if you could get me an original relic," Lin Huang requested.

When Hu Lu heard that, a trace of shock flashed in her eyes. Based on the previous information, she could not tell if Lin Huang was a psychic, but she quickly erased any tell-tale signs from her expression.

"Mr. Lin, the psychic weapon is much more expensive than the ordinary weapon and armor. The cheapest supreme relic costs more than 150,000 Life Crystals. Exclusively made relics or supreme relics with a special request can possibly cost up to millions of Life Crystals. However, as for the psychic weapon, any of the supreme relics will cost more than five million Life Crystals, and they'll possibly cost more than 10 million Life Crystals. If the original psychic weapon is sold at any of the auctions in Division 3, they'll be the best item to be sold off on the last day of the auction. One won't be qualified to place the bid without hundreds of millions of Life Crystals."

"If there really is an original psychic relic, I want it regardless of the price." Lin Huang was not surprised by the extremely high price.

Before leaving Division 7, Lin Huang along with Yi Yeyu and the rest had gone to the grade-5 ruins. They had earned a total of more than eight billion Life Crystals. After deducting 10% from the total Life Crystals they had as payment for Mr. Fu's contact to unlock the Emperor's Heart Ring, each of them received 1.5 billion Life Crystals. Their wealth was comparable to a poor demigod's. They were indeed rich people.

Although Hu Lu knew that Lin Huang did not lack money, she did not expect him to be that rich. He did not care despite the item costing billions of Life Crystals and firmly said, "I want it regardless of the price."

Of course, Hu Lu did not think that Lin Huang owned that many Life Crystals. She felt that it was the organization backing up him that provided the financial support to train him. However, she was unsure which organization Lin Huang was from.

"Alright, let's now talk about something serious." Lin Huang sized up the surroundings and said, "Where shall I put the monster carcasses? This place can't store that many of them."

"We have an underground warehouse." Hu Lu then stood up and said, "I'll bring you there. The staff over there will manage the inventory."

Hu Lu brought him to the underground warehouse. The underground space was made of the shell of the Idler Snail. Its capacity was thousands of times bigger than the actual area of the warehouse.

The Idler Snail was an imperial-level monster with dimensional abilities. Not only could it perform dimensional travel, but the shell on its back was also capable of compressing the dimension. It was only tens of meters tall. As a matter of fact, it could actually occupy an entire mountain.

An immortal-level rank-9 elder guarded the warehouse. Lin Huang was shocked to see that he was an immortal-level rank-9. The organization that supported Hu Lu was much stronger than he expected. However, since they were partners, it benefitted him.

Guided by the guard, Lin Huang took out all the monster carcasses in an open space. He stacked up thousands of monster carcasses like a few small mountains.

The warehouse guard did not waste much of his time. He scanned it with his mind and soon, he retrieved the statistics.

"233 immortal-level rank-1 carcasses, 197 immortal-level rank-2 carcasses, 161 immortal-level rank-3 carcasses… 27 immortal-level rank-6 carcasses. All the carcasses are well stored. Most of them were killed in one blow, and none of them are damaged…"

The data was accurate. Lin Huang had not taken out the ten immortal-level rank-7 carcasses that he had killed. He wanted to avoid the others from noticing that he majored in swordsmanship.

"Send me the details of the data. I'll leave with the client," Hu Lu said and led Lin Huang to her office.

"Mr. Lin, you surprise me. I thought that you'd only be able to provide me immortal-level rank-2 or rank-3 monster carcasses. It seems like I've underestimated you. Regardless of the number or the quality of the monster carcasses, they're beyond my expectations."

"I've told you that we'll make purchases at the market price. An immortal-level rank-1 carcass costs 10,000 Life Crystals, an immortal-level rank-2 carcass costs 20,000 Life Crystals, an immortal-level rank-3 carcass costs 40,000 Life Crystals, an immortal-level rank-4 carcass costs 80,000 Life Crystals, an immortal-level rank-5 carcass costs 160,000 Life Crystals, and an immortal-level rank-6 carcass costs 320,000 Life Crystals. As for the unique monster carcasses, you'll be paid a premium price," Hu Lu told him the price list.

After a few moments, Hu Lu projected a figure on the calculating sheet of paper in front of Lin Huang.

"Is the figure correct?" Hu Lu knew that Lin Huang must have gauged the number.

"Yes, it is." Lin Huang smiled, nodding his head.

Approved by Lin Huang, Hu Lu transferred the amount of money into his account without hesitation.

Before Lin Huang left, she suddenly asked, "Mr. Lin, are you sure that you want us to buy the psychic weapon for you? You aren't going to stand us up, are you?"

"Don't worry. I'm not that bored. If there's an original relic, I want both the original and the supreme relic," Lin Huang said before he left.


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