Monster Paradise
639 Getting Chewing Gum Stuck to the Sole of His Shoe
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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639 Getting Chewing Gum Stuck to the Sole of His Shoe

Yao Lan followed after Lin Huang, asking various questions. She was like a sticky candy that he could not get rid of. After confirming her relationship with Yao Huanhuan, Lin Huang could not chase her away. He had no choice but to let her follow after him.

"What's the imperial-level monster that wanted to attack you?"

"The Rakshasa Mother."

"The Rakshasa Mother is a legend. Does it really exist?!" Yao Lan was shocked and stared at Lin Huang with a strange expression on her face. "You're kind of brave. How dare you offend an imperial-level monster that has gone through its third mutation? Don't you know that you're only on crimson flame-level?"

"I didn't provoke it. It's because the Life Fire monster that I've chosen had been adopted by it. I only knew after entering the second layer of the Abyss Brink," Lin Huang said helplessly. Although he had quite a number of trump cards, he wanted to keep them for an emergency. He undoubtedly would not have intentionally provoked an imperial-level monster. If the Rakshasa Mother had not adopted the Devil's Psykid, he would have avoided the imperial-level monster. Since those cards were consumables, he would have a card less whenever he used one. Even the God Crasher could only be used once. Moreover, he was not a person that would simply offend others.

"What's the Life Fire monster that you've chosen?" Yao Lan was curious.

"The Devil's Psykid." Lin Huang knew that he could not hide this from her. Even if he were not going to tell her now, she would definitely steal a glance later as Yao Huanhuan, and she had the same behavior which was being over-friendly.

"The Devil's Psykid. That's good. It's a triple mutated immortal-level monster. Its tinder inherits its Telekinesis." Yao Lan acted as if she was a senior and commented, "Such tinder can indeed improve minor skills. However, I'd suggest you consider attack-based tinder as strengthening your abilities is essential. Telekinesis is just a minor skill…"

"The demigod Qi Muxiong, demigod Coulaux, demigod Cyclone… Didn't you inherit their Telekinesis?" Lin Huang reeled off a few names. They were demigods with extremely powerful Telekinesis that existed in the battle that had happened more than 800 years ago. Each of them had abilities that were almost on par with the Virtual God.

Yao Lan then realized that she had been boasting and quickly retorted, "They are different… You obtained the Telekinesis from the monsters. It can't be compared to those who are born with Telekinesis."

Lin Huang did not want to talk about that with Yao Lan anymore. He had chosen the Devil's Psykid as his Life Fire monster not because he wanted to obtain its Telekinesis. Instead, it was because of the experience it had in developing and using its Telekinesis.

Ten minutes later, under the guidance of Bloody, Lin Huang found a monster lair.

After killing the resident monster, Lin Huang made it the site for his tinder extraction.

Yao Lan then guarded the outside of the cave and did not follow after him.

Despite confirming that Yao Lan would not attack him, still, Lin Huang had to be careful. He summoned Bai and Lancelot to protect him.

The extraction of tinder was completed in an instant as Xiao Hei turned it into a card. The training went smoothly after that.

After inserting the new tinder into his body, Lin Huang could feel that his body had gained immense strength. The two-leaved Life Fire flame he initially had in his body had now become a three-leaved Life Fire flame. However, the third leaf was as small as a sesame seed compared to the other two leaves.

After about three hours, Lin Huang had finally leveled up from crimson flame-level to blue flame-level. The Life Fire and Life Power in his body had turned from flaming red color to a deep blue color.

Not only did the Telekinesis inherited by the tinder further improve Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis, but the experience that the Devil's Psykid had in the development of Telekinesis had also instantly been integrated into his body.

Although he would still need some time to completely master it, Lin Huang could obviously sense that the control he had over his Telekinesis had been upgraded. If his skill was equated to being on kindergarten level previously, he was now at least on high school level now. It would not be a problem for him at all achieve university level after practicing for a specified period of time.

After leveling up, Lin Huang immediately recalled Bai that had leveled up to immortal-level rank-2 and Lancelot into their card forms. He then walked out of the cave.

"You've completed it in less than three hours. That's fast enough." Seeing Lin Huang walk out of the cave, Yao Lan, who was sitting in a rocking chair, glanced at the time and got up from the chair. She could sense that Lin Huang's aura had been upgraded to blue flame-level.

Under normal circumstances, the higher the level of the tinder, the higher the difficulty level of extraction. Therefore, the time taken to train it would be longer. Normally, a double mutated rank-2 tinder would require one to two hours for the extraction and the training of tinder. As for a triple mutated monster, one would need more than five hours to do the same for a rank-3 tinder. The faster he managed to extract and train the tinder, the higher the compatibility between them. He could also master the inheritance of the tinder more quickly.

Lin Huang had completed the process of extraction and training in three hours. Other than Xiao Hei saving him some time during the extraction of the tinder, his training speed was indeed faster than an average person's.

"You've leveled up to blue flame-level. What's your plan? Going home to absorb Life Crystal to strengthen your combat strength?" Yao Lan asked.

"I'm going to stay in the Abyss Brink for a period. I've accepted an order for monster carcasses before I came. I'll only leave after my Emperor's Heart Ring has been fully loaded. I can then focus on my training as well." Lin Huang gave an excuse to stay. In fact, he wanted to train his third Fire Flame to its maximum height by killing monsters.

"I'll stay here and assist you then. Since I have nothing to do and my mission has failed, I have to vent my frustration."

"Sis, are you in need of sex?" When he heard that Yao Lan wanted to vent her frustration, Lin Huang thought to himself. Of course, he dared not say that out loud. "Since you've failed your mission, you should go back and report to them so that others can take over. Staying here isn't a solution."

"That's your fault. Perhaps I'd have successfully completed the investigation without you!" Yao Lan fumed as she recalled this. "I've never failed any mission in the past."

"What was your mission anyway?" Lin Huang hesitated for a while before asking. He actually did not want to care so much. However, as he thought about it carefully, if he could help her complete the mission so that she could leave the Abyss Brink earlier, he could stop her from bugging him.

"An unusual energy wave appeared on the second layer of the Abyss Brink. I wanted to investigate what caused this to happen." Yao Lan did not hide what her mission was about. "In the past few months, many people have accepted the mission, but none of them managed to figure out the reason behind this. A few days ago, I had something to do at the Abyss Brink, which was why I accepted the mission."

Yao Lan did not tell him what she wanted to do was actually to see who Lin Xie was as her sister had often praised him.

However, Lin Huang did not bother much about that. He frowned and asked, "Can't unusual energy waves be easily detected by an energy detection shell? Although the second layer Abyss Brink isn't that small an area, how is it possible that it can't be detected even after a few days?"

"Don't you think the others never thought of this before? I've no idea how many times have people searched through the Abyss Brink over the past few months." Yao Lan rolled her eyes at Lin Huang. "However, before encountering you today, I did actually get a strange alarm from my detection shell. It's somewhere near the area where you were. However, can't understand it. I was at the area two days ago, but my detection shell picked up nothing…"

After listening to what Yao Lan said, Lin Huang suddenly thought of the Abyssal Mist.

"I roughly know what triggered your detection shell."

Lin Huang then told her about the Devil's Psykid immersing itself in the Abyssal Mist at the cave.

The truth dawned on Yao Lan when she heard his explanation. "No wonder so many of them can't figure out where the unusual energy wave came from. It's possibly due to this reason that the Abyssal Mist remained hidden as it had been sealed by the Devil's Psykid. That's why the unusual energy appeared only once a month, and each time it'd only appear for several hours. No wonder everybody couldn't find it!"

"It seems like I didn't fail my mission. Do you have any photos as evidence? I'll have to inform Adventurer's Paradise regarding this." Yao Lan was excited. However, she suddenly thought of the fact that it was Lin Huang who had discovered it. "Don't worry, the credits will be given to you. I'll only ask for the reward points from Adventurer's Paradise."

"There's no need to do so. Take a photo of this and report to them earlier." Lin Huang projected the image taken by Bloody. The communication function of the Emperor's Heart Ring could not be used where they were, so Yao Lan could only snap a photo of it.

After taking the picture, Yao Lan then patted Lin Huang on the shoulder happily. "I owe you a favor again! I'll have to leave first and treat you to a meal later."

"As you like."

Lin Huang nodded with a smile. He recalled the food that Yao Huanhuan had treated him to at the Sweep Gourmet tasting sumptuous, so he did not reject her offer. Of course, the main reason was that he knew that if he were to refuse Yao Huanhuan, the consequences would be... It would feel like there was a wad of chewing gum stuck to the sole of his shoe…


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