Monster Paradise
637 Attacked by an Imperial-Level
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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637 Attacked by an Imperial-Level

"What's that?!"

Lin Huang frowned at what just happened in the cave. It was strange.

"If I'm not mistaken, it must be the Abyssal Mist. However, I've no idea why it is being released from the wall," Bloody answered cluelessly.

Right at that moment, a strand of mist that looked like a long whip came out of the wall, heading for Bloody's monitoring Leech Pods.

Bloody was caught unprepared, and soon, its Leech Pods were covered by the mist.

A few moments later, Bloody screamed in shock. Soon after, there was a blackout on the monitoring screen.

"Bloody, what happened?" Lin Huang immediately asked.

"The Abyssal Mist is kind of evil. It's capable of capturing the aura of any living beings. By touching my Leech Pods, it can contaminate my body…" Bloody murmured in shock. "Fortunately, I managed to destroy my Leech Pods in time."

Lin Huang knew that the Abyssal Mist was capable of contaminating bodies with a soul to demonize them.

To most humans and non-fiends, the Abyssal Mist was the source of contamination. However, it was a supplement to the fiends and demons. The Abyssal Mist was a holistic medicine to most of the monsters in the Abyss Brink. That was the reason why the Devil's Psykid hid it there. The wall that released the Abyssal Mist could be intimidating to the imperial-level Rakshasa Mother.

Of course, there were grades for the contamination power of the Abyssal Mist. The demonizing effect of the grade-1 Abyssal Mist could only work on ordinary people or monsters with no Life Power in their bodies. The grade-2 Abyssal Mist could contaminate any humans or monsters of any levels lower than transcendent. The grade-3 Abyssal Mist could complete the demonizing process swiftly on those of a level lower than transcendent. It could also affect holy fire-levels and immortal-levels. The grade-4 Abyssal Mist could slowly contaminate those on imperial-level. As for the grade-5 Abyssal Mist, even demigods would avoid it if they happened to encounter it.

Lin Huang and Bloody had never heard of an Abyssal Mist that seemed to possess self-consciousness before. Both of them were shocked by the scene they saw when the Abyssal Mist attack Bloody's Leech Pods.

"Since you're an immortal-level and it has an effect on you through your Leech Pods, the Abyssal Mist being released from the wall must be at least on grade-4. It shouldn't exist on the second layer of the Abyss Brink," Lin Huang analyzed in a deep voice.

"The monitoring screen has been destroyed. I'll release another Leech Pods so that we can monitor at a further distance," Bloody suggested.

"There's no need to do so. Let's just wait here." Lin Huang shook his head. "Since it's here to inhale the Abyssal Mist, it'll definitely get out of its lair after it's done with that. We'll kill it by then."

Bloody did not refute him. It was still filled with intense fear due to the demonizing power coming from its Leech Pods.

The reason why Lin Huang no longer needed to monitor the situation inside the lair was that with his Territory, he could roughly investigate the situation inside the cave. Although it looked like an infrared image at night, he could still clearly see everything that happened inside the cave. He would not have to worry about the Devil's Psykid running away.

Outside the cave, time passed. Lin Huang and Bloody waited patiently for the Devil's Psykid to finish inhaling the Abyssal Mist.

After about two hours, Lin Huang could finally detect that the Devil's Psykid had stopped inhaling the Abyssal Mist with his Territory skill. It spent another half an hour digesting the Abyssal Mist in its body. Soon after, the Devil's Psykid pressed the wall again. Controlled by its mind, the surrounding stone chips quickly turned into a layer of a wall, returning to its original state where the cracks on the wall were completely sealed.

The Devil's Psykid then stepped out of the cave after doing all this.

When it stepped out of the cave, Lin Huang appeared in front of it in a flash. He did not show any mercy as he unleashed Thunder Eclipse in his first hit.

Transforming his black sword into purple lightning, he slashed his sword at the Devil's Psykid.

A flicker of fury flashed through the Devil's Psykid's eyes. It could not dodge the attack in time. A layer of a crystal-clear shield was immediately formed in front of it with its Telekinesis powers.

Purple lightning hit the shield at almost the same time when it was formed.

The transparent shield immediately cracked, and the purple blade of the sword penetrated through the Devil's Psykid's body without any hindrance.

Seeing its body collapsing, the Devil's Psykid was shocked. It thought that with the Abyssal Mist in the cave, as long as it had sufficient time, it would soon become one of the bosses in the Abyss Brink. However, it never expected that it would not have the chance to enjoy the treasure that he had found.

Relying on a sneak attack, the Devil's Psykid was caught unprepared and was killed within seconds. The level of difficulty of the fight was totally out of Lin Huang's imagination.

He initially thought that if his first attack failed, he would summon Bai and the rest, and fight it together. He had to complete the kill as fast as he could.

Seeing that the Devil's Psykid had died, Lin Huang then stored it in his storage space without any delay.

He then turned around and summoned his dimensional relic. Just when he was about to enter, a woman approached him.

Lin Huang caught a glimpse of the woman. He initially did not bother to entertain her and was about to leave. However, he realized that she was the one who had flirted with him at the coffee shop a few days ago. He immediately stopped in his tracks.

"It's you?!" Obviously, Lan Yao could recognize him as well and landed in front of him. "Why are you here?!"

"I don't have time to explain. Let's go!" Lin Huang immediately grabbed Yao Lan's wrist.

"What are you doing?!" As Yao Lan struggled, she sensed the sky suddenly turning dark.

"Follow me if you don't want to die!" Lin Huang immediately tugged Yao Lan into his dimensional relic.

Right then, a demonic face in the form of dark clouds appeared in the sky. The rumbling sound of thunder was heard.

"Little brat, you killed my children! Do you think that you can run away?!"

"It's an imperial-level…" Yao Lan was terrified.

At almost the same time when its voice was heard, the dimensional relic closed. Both of them then disappeared from their original positions.

The next second after they disappeared, a blue ripple was formed not far away. A woman in black robes who was carrying a baby walked out of the ripple.

"Damned human! I must kill you today!" As it shouted, its hand swept across the sky, and a blue ripple was formed again. It then walked into it.

Stepping out of the Dimensional Portal, Lin Huang and Yao Lan appeared at the entrance of the second layer of the Abyss Brink.

"Let's go!"

Lin Huang immediately put away his dimensional relic. Again, he grabbed Yao Lan's wrist and dragged her towards the exit.

"Get your hands off me!" Yao Lan shoved Lin Huang angrily. "Why are you bringing me along with you when you're being attacked by an imperial-level monster? Do you want me to die?"

"If I didn't bring you along, you'd have died," Lin Huang answered simply.

Yao Lan then realized that it had been an imperial-level monster. If Lin Huang had not dragged her along, she would have undoubtedly become the monster's target to vent its anger.

At that moment, Lin Huang saw a blue ripple rapidly forming. Again, he grabbed Yao Lan's wrist and dragged her to the passageway of the exit before she could react.


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