Monster Paradise
634 Ashenplume Falcon
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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634 Ashenplume Falcon

That night, Lin Huang could sleep soundly as not a single monster roar was heard.

The next morning, after washing up, Lin Huang then noticed four carcasses outside the cave when he walked out. The weakest monster was an immortal-level rank-3 whereas the strongest one was an immortal-level rank-5.

All four of the carcasses were killed in a blow, and their heads were chopped off. There were no other wounds on their body. All the corpses appeared to be mummified, and no blood stains could be found at all.

After storing the four carcasses, Lin Huang knew that he had made the right decision by asking Bai to keep watch at night. If the Eclipse Boa had been assigned instead, he would not have gotten to sleep until the early morning.

After having some snacks, Lin Huang recalled Bai to its card form before 7 a.m. Along with Bloody and Eclipse Boa, they departed. The reason why he did not bring Bai along was if he encountered a monster attack, it would be inconvenient to activate his double acceleration. Bai's flying speed was slower than his double acceleration. As opposed to Bai, Bloody and Eclipse Boa would sit on him like passengers.

It took him more than eight hours to arrive at his destination from the monster lair that he had stayed at for the night. He intended to find the Devil's Psykid before sunset and complete the kill. If he was attacked by monsters during the journey, it was less likely that he could reach his destination before the sky turned dark.

Although the exact location had been provided to him by the black market source, the probability of the Devil's Psykid staying at the same place was low. After he arrived, he might probably have to search through the area with the help of Bloody. Taking all sorts of possibilities into consideration, Lin Huang departed early in the morning.

He maintained a low-level flight and the situation was similar to what had happened yesterday. Many of the monsters attempted to launch ranged attacks, and some of them even chased after him.

Just like what he did the day before, Lin Huang accelerated to get rid of them. He had been using this skill for more than five hours, and everything went smoothly. However, at about noon, Lin Huang got into trouble.

An immortal-level rank-5 triple mutated monster was staring at Lin Huang from high in the sky.

"An Ashenplume Falcon…" At that very moment, Lin Huang sensed that he had become the monster's target and he could recognize it in mid-air.

Lin Huang chose to maintain a low-level flight to avoid encountering such monsters.

Apart from that, there was often an outbreak of groups of monsters in the sky. There was also the occasional lonely monster that was extremely strong.

The reason why he did not want to offend such monsters was that most of them possessed terrifying flying abilities. Their speed could surpass Lin Huang's double acceleration easily. He would not be able to get rid of them if he bumped into them in the sky and could only kill them. It was fine if such an encounter happened only once or twice. However, if that happened all throughout their journey, it would be a waste of time.

Despite having chosen a low-level flight, he was still targeted by the Ashenplume Falcon. He felt helpless.

The Ashenplume Falcon was a triple mutated monster. It had the blood of an ancient monster, the Bloodcrow Falcon, in its body and it was one of the top predators in the sky.

The position of Thunder or the Viridescent Thunderhawk in the food chain was much lower than the Ashenplume Falcon. They were of different levels regardless of the number of times of mutations, the strength of their blood, and their combat level.

Lin Huang did not want to waste any more time. As soon as he discovered that he was being targeted by the monster, he immediately activated his double acceleration and attempted to get rid of it.

Unexpectedly, the Ashenplume Falcon did not give up chasing after him. It did not pounce on Lin Huang. Instead, it kept trailing after him as if they were playing hide and seek.

Soon, Lin Huang did not bother as it did not attempt to attack him. He then proceeded on his journey at his initial speed.

Since the Ashenplume Falcon was following him, many of the monsters fled as they were afraid that they would become its prey. They did not even attack him. Lin Huang wondered if he should laugh or cry seeing the "side effects" of the appearance of Ashenplume Falcon. "I didn't expect that I can take advantage of it this round."

However, Lin Huang's happiness did not last long. About ten minutes later, the Ashenplume Falcon seemed to have sensed that the prey below it was actually not afraid of it. It lost its patience and immediately pounced on Lin Huang.

"I'm waiting for you to attack!" Seeing that the Ashenplume Falcon was diving towards him, Lin Huang was not shocked. Instead, he felt a thrill. A black battle sword instantly appeared in his hand.

Seeing Lin Huang whip out his weapon, the Ashenplume Falcon's eyes flashed with a trace of egotistical fury.

How dare the human the size of an ant attack me?!


A screeching bird cry was heard as the Ashenplume Falcon pulsated its wings up and down. Wind gusts were formed out of nowhere, creating ripples in the air and heading towards Lin Huang.

"Its skill is quite impressive." Lin Huang grinned. The Ashenplume Falcon unleashed its ultimate skill in its first hit. If the attack struck an immortal-level rank-5, they might probably die on the spot.

However, Lin Huang showed no terror on his face. He picked up his long sword and simply thrust his sword forward.

A crimson glow could be seen on the blade of his sword as it flashed into the sky in the form of a bloody crescent. At that instant, it collided with the gust of wind.

The next moment after he collided with the gust, which managed to kill an immortal-level rank-5, was cut into half like tofu.

In mid-air after performing the cut, the bloody crescent sliced through the neck of the Ashenplume Falcon without slowing down.

The screeching of the Ashenplume Falcon immediately stopped. After several moments, purple blood streams dripped out of its neck. Soon after, its head was detached from its body, and its purple blood started oozing out of its neck.

At this moment, a bloody glow appeared from Lin Huang's sleeve. The Eclipse Boa then flew into mid-air, opening its small mouth and swallowing the Ashenplume Falcon's head and body that still had blood oozing out of it.

The Ashenplume Falcon actually had strong abilities. Even if it were on the second layer of the Abyss Brink, if it encountered any monster that it was unable to defeat, it would still manage to escape. Unfortunately, it was easily killed by Lin Huang in one hit because it had underestimated its enemy. Another reason was that Lin Huang was extremely strong.

If this had happened before Mr. Fu's special training, Lin Huang might have taken some time to kill the Ashenplume Falcon. However, after undergoing the rigorous training, he was now a changed man. His ability was incomparable to the past.

The Ashenplume Falcon's appearance only caused him a little delay on his journey and did not create that big a trouble for him.

The remaining three hours after that was much more peaceful. Lin Huang did not encounter any more bird monsters. By using the skill that he used the day before, he managed to reach the location at about 3.30 p.m.

He sized up his surroundings. However, he did not discover any traces of the Devil's Psykid. He gradually landed on the ground, observing around but still, he found nothing.

"Bloody, I'm counting on you." Lin Huang knew that he could only rely on Bloody at the moment. "Please get me the location of the Devil's Psykid!"


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