Monster Paradise
633 Bai“s Ability
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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633 Bai“s Ability

After familiarizing himself with the environment, Lin Huang could feel an aura approaching him swiftly.

He raised his head and looked ahead. A blue bird was flying towards him. As it extended its wings, he noticed that they were more than ten meters long.

"It's an immortal-level rank-2 Blue Sparrow… Does it see me as prey?"

Lin Huang frowned, and the next moment, a snake the size of his middle finger with crimson patterns over its body appeared in his hand. It was the imperial-level Eclipse Boa that he had encountered in the ruins previously. However, after being transformed into its card form, its abilities were restricted by Lin Huang's combat strength. Therefore, its capabilities had been lowered to immortal-level rank-1.

Nevertheless, the triple mutated Eclipse Boa had been a boss in the past. One could definitely not afford to offend it.

Seeing the Blue Sparrow in the air pouncing towards him, the Eclipse Boa's red eyes flashed with a trace of fury. The next moment, it opened its small mouth and swept the entire area with its terrifying power.

It was too late when the Blue Sparrow realized that something was wrong. As it frantically flapped its wings and attempted to flee, its efforts were in vain. It was being drawn in by the fierce wind. After letting out a growl, it was drawn into the Eclipse Boa's mouth which was even smaller than the size of a palm.

The Blue Sparrow was rather pitiful. Even though it was an immortal-level rank-2 monster, it was easily defeated by the Eclipse Boa that had gone through its third mutation. It was killed within seconds.

However, the Eclipse Boa did not actually eat its prey. Instead, it extracted the soul of its prey. The soul was then crushed and absorbed as it stored the carcass in an independent space within its body. It could disgorge its prey in its complete form when necessary.

Lin Huang knew this, and that was the reason why he had chosen to summon it. Otherwise, if it digested the entire immortal-level carcass, Lin Huang would suffer a significant loss as he would not be able to sell the carcasses. Each of the immortal-level carcasses would earn him at least 10,000 Life Crystals.

After swallowing the Blue Sparrow, the Eclipse Boa shook its head at Lin Huang as if it wanted to butter up to him since it was the first time Lin Huang released it after it became a monster card. For the sake of its freedom, it chose to fawn over its master.

Lin Huang touched the Eclipse Boa's head and said, "Hide in my right sleeve."

He did not recall the Eclipse Boa. Since it was small in size and convenient to bring along, plus the fact that it was quite powerful and capable of defeating monsters that attempted to attack him quickly without leaving any traces, he decided to leave it out.

The Eclipse Boa nodded its head slightly and slipped into his right sleeve.

After it went up into his sleeve, Lin Huang took out his dimensional relic again and set the next location. He then put his dimensional relic away, projecting the map of the second layer of the abyss which had been provided by the black market.

Seeing the symbol of the Devil's Psykid shown on the map, he frowned. "It's so far away. It's at least 20,000 kilometers away from my current location…"

At Lin Huang's current flying speed, even if he activated his single acceleration, he had to fly for ten continuous hours to arrive at his destination. Although it would be faster to ride on Thunder, they would quickly become the target of the other monsters. As for his double acceleration, it would consume a significant amount of his Life Power. In dangerous places, it would be imperative for him to conserve his Life Power. That was why Lin Huang strategized to clear all the monsters that attempted to attack him with his summoning monsters.

"The sky will possibly turn dark in two hours. If we resume our journey, the probability of encountering monsters will increase. We have to look for a suitable place for our stay tonight before the sky turns dark. We shall depart when the sun rises tomorrow morning." Lin Huang immediately activated his single acceleration and quickly headed towards the direction where the Devil's Psykid was.

He maintained a low-level flight for almost half an hour, and none of the monsters blocked him. Although the monsters on the ground often attempted to attack him, he managed to dodge all those attacks. He did not waste any time and did not bug them either. Although a few of the monsters tried to chase after him, Lin Huang activated his double acceleration for a short while, and soon, he managed to get rid of them.

This proved that Lin Huang was like a delicious dish to all the monsters on the second layer of the abyss which all of them would like to taste.

If he were to kill all the monsters, he wondered if he could reach the place where the Devil's Psykid was at in a week, let alone arrive tomorrow afternoon.

It was almost six o'clock in the evening. Seeing that the sun was about to set as he fixed his gaze upon the sky, he made his way through a forest and summoned Bloody.

Bloody then transformed into a purple snake and twisted around Lin Huang's left arm.

"Bloody, please check if there are any places that I can hide in. It's fine even if it's a monster's lair."

Upon receiving Lin Huang's instruction, clear Leech Pods were released by Bloody, spreading everywhere.

Lin Huang waited patiently at his original position for the result of the investigation.

After more than ten minutes, he received the information from Bloody which had found three places. They were monster caves. Fortunately, the three monsters were not that strong as they were merely immortal-level rank-3 and immortal-level rank-4.

Lin Huang chose the one that was nearer to the location of the Devil's Psykid.

After several minutes, Lin Huang then appeared at the entrance of the monster lair. The master of the monster lair was only an immortal-level rank-4 Cavernous Ursa.

Although it was only a double mutated monster, it had rather strong defensive abilities and strength. Its skills could be compared to some of the immortal-level rank-5 monsters.

However, encountering such a monster like that, Lin Huang still did not fight but summoned Bai instead.

Right after Bai entered the monster lair, furious roars were heard coming from the cave. In less than 20 seconds, the roars faded into groans. The cave then ended in silence within the next ten seconds.

After several moments, Bai walked out of the cave, nodding its head at Lin Huang.

As Lin Huang walked into the monster lair, he saw that the Cavernous Ursa that was more than ten meters tall had been entirely mummified. The monster was supposed to be extremely strong. However, it looked very skinny at the moment as if it was suffering from hunger.

Aside from a few of the wounds that were visible on its body, there was only a gash on its neck. However, there was no blood dripping out of its injuries. Neither were there any blood stains on the ground or the wall.

Lin Huang had never underestimated Bai's ability. Each time when it was summoned during a fight, its performance was often out of his expectations.

Lin Huang thought that it would be a fierce battle for Bai. However, from the marks left in the cave, he could see that it was an easy fight and it seemed like it had managed to pin its enemy down easily.

"Could a triple mutated God's Blood be this strong? Perhaps it's on par with a supreme genius…" Seeing the situation of the battle, Lin Huang had to re-evaluate Bai's ability. Although it was only an immortal-level rank-1, its ability might be comparable to the immortal-level rank-6. It was a leap that spanned five ranks and was definitely something the supreme genius could achieve.

The Eclipse Boa secretly peered at the Cavernous Ursa's dead body through Lin Huang's sleeve. A flicker of fear then flashed through its eyes.

After putting the Cavernous Ursa's carcass away, Lin Huang did not recall Bai into its card form. Bai was then instructed to keep watch at night.

With Bai's assistance, Lin Huang would not have to worry that they would be distracted by the monsters at night. He had to be prepared for the extraction of the tinder the next day as well.


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