Monster Paradise
630 Yao Lan’s Probe
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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630 Yao Lan’s Probe

The next morning, Lin Huang checked out of the hotel after breakfast and headed straight to the dimensional portal terminal to the Abyss Brink. The dimensional portal to the Abyss Brink was located at a different place from the usual foothold dimensional portal as the both of them were hundreds of kilometers apart. Just like the usual dimensional portal, it was operated by a team that handled the daily maintenance.

The dimensional portal would only be opened at 9 a.m. once a day. If a person missed it, he would have to purchase a ticket again and come back the next day. There were already 30 to 40 people at the dimensional portal when Lin Huang arrived. Most of them were having breakfast or drinking coffee at the stores nearby. Some of them sat on the bench reading news and scrolling on social media sites.

He went into the cafe and got himself a seat after ordering a cup of black coffee. He started reading the news. Soon, the waiter served his drink. He waited patiently for the dimensional portal to open as he sipped on his coffee. As he was finishing his coffee, a young lady in her early 20's walked into the cafe. The lady smirked when she saw Lin Huang. As she passed by where he sat at the al fresco area and ordered her coffee, she turned around and headed towards Lin Huang's table.

"Hi, anyone sitting here?" The lady asked as she stood across Lin Huang at the table.

"No." Lin Huang was so engrossed in reading the news that he did not even look up when he responded.

The lady frowned when she realized that Lin Huang did not even bother to look at her.

After a moment of silence, the lady suddenly spoke, "Eh, aren't you the guy who dated Yao Huanhuan?"

Lin Huang then looked up and studied the lady. His eyes lit up. She looked like she was in her early 20's and was almost 1.7 meters tall. She had a pair of long legs and a pretty nice body but… her breasts were a little too small.

"You've got the wrong guy." Lin Huang looked away after checking her out.

"How is that possible? You look exactly like the guy in the picture!" The lady exclaimed and projected the picture in the news.

"The picture only shows the side profile of the man. I admit his side profile looks a little like mine, but if you compare me and him, you'll realize that his front profile isn't as handsome as mine," Lin Huang started rattling nonsense.

"Ever since the news was published that night, people have told me that I look like him yesterday. It's irritating. So, I'll tell you once again that the guy in the news isn't me. Our side profiles just look slightly similar."

The lady was stunned like she did not expect Lin Huang would deny her like that. She almost believed that she had the wrong guy, but soon she snapped out of it.

"It's you. Stop denying!"

"Lady, you've really got the wrong guy. Can't you see that we're wearing different clothes?" Lin Huang proceeded to deny.

"Different clothes?" The lady was stunned. She then studied Lin Huang and looked at the picture before realizing he was playing a fool with her.

"You can change your clothes! Do you think I'm a three-year-old?!"

"I've already told you that I'm not the guy in the news. What do you want from me?" Lin Huang spread his arms wide.

"Whether you admit it or not, I know you're the guy!" The lady insisted.

"Whether you believe me or not, I'm not," Lin Huang insisted.

The staff finally served the lady's coffee, and she calmed down slightly. Lin Huang then proceeded to read the news again.

After taking a sip of coffee, the lady interrogated, "What's your relationship with Yao Huanhuan?"

"We're not in any relationship. I don't even know her," Lin Huang replied callously without even looking up.

"Alright then, maybe I've really got the wrong guy." The lady finally let it go.

"I've told you that since the beginning, there's nothing that I can do if you don't believe me." Lin Huang had his eyes on the news page.

"Since you said you don't know Yao Huanhuan, that means you're not from Sweep City then? She's the Little Princess of Sweep City. Nobody in the foothold doesn't know her. Even if they've never seen her, the name should ring a bell," the lady proceeded to probe.

"Yeah, I'm not," Lin Huang gave a short reply.

"Then, why are you here in Sweep City?" The lady asked.

Lin Huang frowned when he heard that. If the lady recognized him from the news, what she asked should be all about Yao Huanhuan. After all, Yao Huanhuan was the person everybody cared about while he was just a sidekick that rode on the wave of fame. However, now that the lady had started focusing on him instead of Yao Huanhuan, he had his guard up towards her.

"I'm just passing by," Lin Huang gave a short reply again.

"So, where are you from?"

"Why don't you guess?" Lin Huang glared at the lady, trying to figure out if the lady had investigated him.

"I can't guess. Forget it if you're not telling." The lady did not fall into his trap and changed the subject instead.

"Why are you going to the Abyss Brink? I guess you can tell me that?"

"To hunt for Life Fire monsters," Lin Huang told the truth.

"Me too. My name is Lan Yao. Let's form a team." Yao Lan gave a fake name and suggested that they form a team.

"No," Lin Huang rejected her directly.

"Why not? It'll be safer if the both of us are together."

"I'm used to doing things on my own," Lin Huang replied.

"So, you want me to go on my own? What if something happens to me?" Yao Lan showed a pitiful expression.

"Then, you shouldn't go or get a few friends to go with you. There's no difference if you go now or later since you're hunting Life Fire monsters."

Yao Lan had no idea what to say to Lin Huang as what he said made sense.

"What's the matter with you?" She did not expect to be backhanded so many times by him.

"Lady, let me give this to you straight. We're on different roads. I'm going to the second layer of the Abyss Brink." To Lin Huang, she was just another crimson flame-level. To prevent her from following him, he revealed his plans.

"You're going to the second layer?" Yao Lan was shocked to hear that and she could tell that Lin Huang was not lying. However, the second layer of the Abyss Brink was not a place for her as an immortal-level rank-3. Lin Huang was only a crimson flame-level, but he had the guts to go to the second layer. To her, he was digging his own grave.

"You're only crimson flame-level and you're going to the second layer? Do you plan to die there?"

"There's nothing that I can do. The Life Fire monster that I'm looking for is on the second layer. I'll leave right after I kill it." Lin Huang shrugged.

"Do you think the Abyss Brink is a place that you can just enter and leave as you wish?" Yao Lan thought Lin Huang was being ridiculous.

"Never mind then. I'm not stopping you from killing yourself. Have fun!"

Yao Lan stood up and left immediately, not bothering to speak to Lin Huang anymore. To her, as long as he got to the second layer, it was impossible for him to get out alive. It was unnecessary for her to waste her time on a person who was going to die soon.

"I've finally chased her away." Lin Huang looked at the time. It was already 8.40 a.m. and the dimensional portal would be opened soon. He ordered another cup of coffee as he waited patiently.


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