Monster Paradise
629 The Second Most Dangerous Forbidden Land
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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629 The Second Most Dangerous Forbidden Land

The immortal-level rank-6 Devil's Psykid was a great source of tinder as well as an excellent choice as a summoning monster. It had not been captured or killed by anyone mainly because it was locked on the second layer of the forbidden land, Abyss Brink. The Abyss Brink existed 800 years ago before the first Virtual Eye opened, and it was the second most dangerous forbidden land in this world.

The Abyss Brink almost covered the entire world. If one was to shrink the world map many times smaller, the Abyss Brink was like a gigantic, complicated spider web. Its ocean covered 8 of the 12 safe zones while the entire Abyss Brink covered the 13 safe zones, including the land of origin. Mr. Fu and the rest who were involved in the building of safe zones could not help this. Besides the borders of the world, no matter where the safe zones were built, they would always land on the Abyss Brink.

This particular forbidden land was dangerous as the Abyss Brink did not have any monsters that were below transcendent-level. Even the least powerful monster on the first level of the Abyss Brink was a holy fire-level monster. There were even many immortal-level monsters wandering on the first layer of the Abyss Brink. Meanwhile, on the second layer where the Devil's Psykid was located, the least powerful monster was an immortal-level rank-1, and there were even imperial-level monsters. On the third level, even an imperial-level person would not dare to enter as the least powerful monster was on imperial-level, and there were even demigod monsters.

There was also a fourth level in the Abyss Brink, which was called the virtual zone, as well as an isolated forbidden land that was the most dangerous forbidden land in the world! Its entrance was located on the third layer while its opening times and location were different every time. The period for which the entrance stayed open differed from time to time as well. It was like a ruin that opened irregularly, which was why it was called a virtual zone.

The virtual zone's existence was similar to the Abyss Brink's whereby it had opened way before the first Virtual Eye. However, all of the ancient recordings during the ancient epoch had never mentioned anybody surviving the virtual zone after entering it. This forbidden land that existed in isolation was like a massive black hole that engulfed everything.

With Lin Huang's current ability, he was unwilling to risk his life in the Abyss Brink. If he had to, he would usually explore the first level and would not go to the second level as there were just too many life-threatening monsters there. However, after hearing about all the benefits that killing the Devil's Psykid would give, he decided to risk his life this time.

"Although it's the second layer of the Abyss Brink, it should still be safe if I follow the coordinates that were provided to find the Devil's Psykid and get out from the place as soon as I kill it," Lin Huang comforted himself. The six God Crashers that he had were only down to three to four shots but to be safe, he decided to reload all of them just in case something happened.

After spending the entire afternoon and half his evening preparing for his trip, he went to bed right after that. He had no idea that the Yao family had been doing all sorts of investigation throughout the day.

In the middle of the night, Yao Huanhuan's father, mother, and sister Yao Lan gathered in their family reading room.

"So, did you manage to get anything about the guy?" The mother asked.

"This guy is hiding very well. There's nothing wrong in his network history on his Emperor's Heart Ring. He has never downloaded any 'movies' before. I mean, which young kid like him has never watched those sort of 'movies'? I remember when I was younger…" The father started, then he realized that his wife was staring angrily at him, so he changed the topic.

"Ahem, so that shows that he's hiding many things. Although it's been a short period and the people investigating him could only find his basic information, it proves that there's a powerful organization that's concealing his identity for him. If he's from a Union Organization or some member from a prestigious family, he wouldn't conceal his identity like that. It's no surprise that he might even be a member of an underground organization. It's just that we haven't managed to find out which underground organization he belongs to."

"So, you're saying that you didn't manage to find out any sh*t about this guy?" The mother was dissatisfied with the outcome of the investigation.

"Don't say that! At least now I know he's not interested in our Huanhuan." The father smiled.

"Why so?" The mother asked.

"He has bought a ticket to the Abyss Brink today and he'll leave Sweep City tomorrow," he explained with a wide grin.

"He's only a crimson flame-level but he's going to the Abyss Brink. Is he digging his own grave?" Yao Lan rolled her eyes.

"Supreme geniuses usually have high expectations. Didn't you say that you wanted to explore the Abyss Brink when you had just reached white flame-level?" The father had a less biased judgement towards Lin Huang ever since he found out that Lin Huang was not interested in his daughter.

"Moreover, as Huanhuan described, the possibility of this guy risking his life on the first level of Abyss Brink is low."

"Since he's going to the Abyss Brink, why can't he just go from another city? Why must he come to Sweep City?" Yao Lan still could not get over the fact that this strange man had gotten so close to her sister.

That's my sister. Get off, bastard!

She had rejected a mission in the middle of the night when she saw the picture of Yao Huanhuan holding a strange man's hand. What she had said in the morning was just an excuse.

"I found out that he didn't come to Sweep City on purpose. He was sent from another safe zone's dimensional portal." Many people had witnessed the incident involving Lin Huang with Sun Ba, so that was not difficult to find out.

"You mean this guy came from a safe zone outside of the core zone?" Yao Lan raised an eyebrow.

"There're supreme geniuses outside of the core zone…"

The dimensional portal in Sweep City sent people randomly from divisions outside of the core zones. Besides Sweep City, to save energy, besides the dimensional portal in No. A1 to No. A10 footholds, all of the other A-grade footholds in Division 3 would transport people at the same time. The operation was only done once a day.

The dimensional portals in Division 3 were like receiving terminals that received people who were sent across the safe zones at the same time. Therefore, Sweep City could not determine which division was Lin Huang sent from.

Hearing Yao Lan's doubts, the father said in all seriousness, "Lan Er, don't underestimate anyone's birthplace as one's ability. There are also supreme geniuses who are comparable with the people in Division 1 to Division 3, so it's normal that there are supreme geniuses in other divisions."

Yao Lan was quiet as she stared at the table. Nobody knew what she was thinking about.

A while later, she peered up from the table.

"I shall visit the Abyss Brink as well. There's a mission taking place there."

"Lan Er, please don't find fault with the kid. After all, he didn't do anything to our family. Don't create trouble out of nowhere and offend the organization behind him." The mother frowned.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to find fault with him. I'm just going for a mission and I shall see what's the guy that Huanhuan has so many good things to say about is like." Yao Lan smirked.


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