Monster Paradise
628 Third Life Fire Monster
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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628 Third Life Fire Monster

The Four-Faced Beast was an immortal-level rank-5 triple mutated monster. It had a gigantic head with four human faces that faced different directions. Besides the four faces, it had 16 muscular arms and four strong legs. If it was placed on Earth, it would definitely be classified as a deformed human caused by severe nuclear radiation. Obtaining its tinder would give Lin Huang the ability to form extra arms during battles.

The Argus Scorpiodemon was an immortal-level rank-6 triple mutated fiend. It had four large and eight small eyes on its head. Besides that, there were tens of yellowish fangs exposed in the middle of its head. The entire head and body were covered with a brown, hard carapace. Its dark purple pinchers were bigger than its head. There were irregular spikes growing on its head all the way to its tails. It had three long tails on its back with a green iridescent shimmer that could be seen under the sun. Obtaining its tinder would give Lin Huang the ability to master more than 300 types of venom.

Meanwhile, the Cimmerian Corpse was an immortal-level rank-6 triple mutated spirit monster. It was covered in a big black robe that almost covered its feet as it floated around. In its loose sleeves were five black claws measuring almost 50 centimeters in length like the tail of a scorpion. It had a rotten human face with maggots squirming all around. Its tinder would give Lin Huang the ability to control bones whereby he could form a black bone structure that could be a weapon or a shield. The strength of the bone structure was as powerful as a supreme relic.

The black market provided Lin Huang with the information about more than 30 triple mutated monsters. After some careful elimination, those that he was able to kill shrunk the list to less than half while the rest were monsters that were above immortal-level rank-7. He was not surprised by that as there were not many triple mutated monsters since the beginning. Moreover, all of the powerful Imperial Censors would follow the trails of triple mutated monsters and hunt them down as soon as they found one that was suitable for them.

Besides Imperial Censors, geniuses, who would able to fight triple mutated monsters, would kill them to obtain their tinder or their monster souls. Those triple mutated monsters that were not killed or captured were weak and nobody wanted them as a pet or a monster soul. Meanwhile, the powerful ones could not be killed by geniuses or tamed by Imperial Censors. Sometimes, they appeared in areas that were difficult to access such as forbidden lands which death rate was high.

Lin Huang frowned as he finished reading the document. There was only one monster that was related to Sword Dao among the 30-odd monsters, but it was an immortal-level rank-9 monster. Besides, the tinder of the monster was only a legendary-level Sword Dao skill, and not the Sword Heart that he desired. Lin Huang was not interested in the Sword Dao skill as he had Mr. Fu and Qi Mu Xiong's memories. With his One Page Sword Scripture, he was already on his path in Sword Dao, so skills that were below god-level could not interest him anymore.

A holy fire-level only had five chances to get to Life Fire. Lin Huang did not want to waste the opportunity on a Sword Dao skill that was unnecessary. Moreover, he would need to waste a Provisional Transformation Card to level up his combat level to kill the immortal-level rank-5 monster. However, besides that monster's tinder, there was none that he was happy with. He could not make a decision until lunch time.

Feeling helpless, he summoned Bloody for advice as well as contacting the hotel staff for service. Soon, the staff sent two portions of lunch. As Lin Huang ate his lunch, he waited for Bloody to read all about the monsters patiently so that it could give him some suggestion. As he was finishing lunch, Bloody had read everything about the monsters.

"I've ordered lunch for you. You can eat it before advising me." Lin Huang pointed at the plate.

Bloody then extended its two antennas, grabbed the plate and poured the food into its mouth. It put the plate back where it had been after licking the plate clean. Lin Huang had just finished his food and passed his plate to Bloody when he saw what it had done.

"You can clear this as well."

Bloody did not mind Lin Huang's leftovers and licked his plate clean too.

"I sure hope the staff clean the plates when they get them back," Lin Huang mumbled to himself.

Bloody then started speaking after spending a couple of seconds finishing its lunch, "I think this is the Life Fire monster that suits you best." Bloody used its antenna to point at one of the monsters on the projection.

"The Devil's Psykid?" Lin Huang raised his eyebrow when he saw the monster that Bloody was pointing at. It was a human kid monster on the screen. It looked like a little boy that was less than 1.2 meters tall with a black cloak. Its face was hiding under the hood. Half of it was a skeleton while another half was perfectly fine. Its eye on the right looked scary.

The Devil's Psykid was a triple mutated fiend that was skilled at Telekinesis and spirit attack. In the document, it stated that it was an immortal-level rank-6. It was the perfect range for Lin Huang to fight without using a Transformation Card. However, he eliminated this monster as his Life Fire monster from the beginning.

"The Devil's Psykid's Life Fire has Demonic Telekinesis. I already have Divine Telekinesis. Wouldn't it waste my time killing it?" Lin Huang shook his head as he explained.

"Master, you got something wrong. Telekinesis is an ability that can be strengthened continuously. The Divine Telekinesis that you have will be strengthened when you obtained Demonic Telekinesis," Bloody paused.

"Moreover, the most important part is although the Devil's Psykid doesn't have Supreme Intelligence, it's a monster with high intelligence. The telekinesis that it has is already on a terrifying level whereby it's comparable with a supreme genius who's an expert in telekinesis. You won't be just getting its telekinesis skill when you get its Life Fire, you'll also obtain its experience in telekinesis. It's a whole package. If you obtain this skill, Master, you'll save two to three years mastering telekinesis."

"The path to telekinesis doesn't sound bad." Lin Huang was convinced after hearing Bloody's explanation.

"With this new identity in Division 3, it isn't convenient for me to use my sword. My close-distance ability is limited, so the most I can fight is an immortal-level rank-2 or rank-3 monster…"

There were actually many telekinesis skills and techniques in Qi Muxiong's memories, but Lin Huang did not have the time to train earlier. It would take time to master telekinesis, so he had put it aside. Not that there was a shortcut available, but he would not want to let it go.

"Sure, let's go for the Devil's Psykid then!"


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