Monster Paradise
626 Scary Instinc
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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626 Scary Instinc

The next morning, Lin Huang went to the buffet breakfast on the second floor after washing up. Just when he was getting his food, he noticed that many people were watching him. He did not bother at first, but as he sat down after exploring the buffet spread and getting the food that he wanted, he realized that almost everyone in the restaurant was staring at him. Some of them were even pointing and talking about him.

"What's this about?" Lin Huang looked down at himself. He seemed to be dressed alright today. He then turned on the selfie mode on his Emperor's Heart Ring to see if there was anything on his face. He was getting more and more skeptical.

"Why are all these people looking at me?"

On the double, Lin Huang left the restaurant after finishing his breakfast. Noticing that the staff at the entrance was looking curiously at him too, he could not help but ask, "Why are you guys looking at me? Is there anything wrong with me?"

"Dear guest, didn't you read the local news?" The female staff asked him back.

"The local news?"

"About you dating Little Princess last night. Everybody knows about it now. It's the biggest news of the year in Sweep City." The female staff smiled.

"People in Sweep City has nothing better to do…" Lin Huang thought to himself when he heard the staff's answer.

After he returned to his room, he found out that the comments of the news last night had blown up.

"Little Princess is mine! The strange man can go f*ck himself!"

"Judging by his look, we know that he's a bastard who scams little girls!"

"5 credit points to get the strange man's address who dated Little Princess. I want to stab him to death!'

"Upvote to that! Credit point +1. Don't forget to livestream when you stab him to death!"

"I support that! Credit point +2. I'll give you chicken feet if you livestream that."

"Credit point +3! Please get more chicken feet and marinate them… Ahh, I'm drooling!"

"Credit point +4. We've found a man-eater here! I'm reporting this!"

They were almost 100,000 comments on that single piece of news. Lin Huang then registered a new account on Weibo and found out that all the locals were talking about the same topic. Tens of thousands of threads had been created in a night and it was increasing. There were new threads coming up almost every second. It was mind-blowing.

Lin Huang was speechless.

"That girl did this to me!"

His plan was to stay low for a while in Division 3 so that he could focus on leveling up. He could always show off when he reached immortal-level. He did not expect himself to become famous in Sweep City on the second day after arriving in Division 3. If the topic became the number one in the browsing section, not only Sweep City, all of the other footholds in Division 3 would see his face. Luckily, his face was a disguise. Even a demigod could not tell how he really looked like from his picture.

Lin Huang calmed himself down and read the other news as well as the public information about the black market. He received a message from the lady from the black market when it was past 9 a.m. Before he could view the attachments, the lady sent a video call request. Lin Huang frowned and decided to pick up the call.

"Morning, dear customer!"

"Why are you calling?" Lin Huang asked.

"Mainly to tell you about the documents that I've just sent you." The lady sounded sweet as usual.

"Of course, but I'm sure there's something else besides that."

"Go on."

"Do you know that many people contacted us to find out about you after the news got out last night?" The lady smiled.

"And then?"

"We did a check on you, but we didn't manage to get anything, so we didn't really make much money from that."

"Are you saying that you want to pay me a portion of what you made?" Lin Huang remained calm. There was nothing much about Lin Xie, so it was only natural that the lady did not manage to get anything.

"You're so good at joking." The lady smiled.

"Stop beating around the bush. Say what you need to say." Lin Huang knew very well that the lady had not just called to chat with him.

"Alright then, I shall get straight to the point!" She became serious.

"Since you asked for information about monsters, I'm sure you're going to kill a number of them. Could you sell us the monster carcasses after that? We'll buy them at market price since we don't have many monster carcass resources."

"Why me?" Lin Huang asked.

"We need the stock urgently. We've already contacted customers who hunt and you're one of them. You've proven that you have stunning killing abilities. That's the kind of collaborating partner that we're looking for."

"I can sell them to anyone I want. What do I get if I sell them to you?" Lin Huang asked practically.

"As long as you agree to do this, you'll be our partner and we'll guarantee not to leak your identity," she said slyly, "Especially your identity that's being investigated to find out who you really are."

Lin Huang's heart skipped a beat. The lady knew that he was using a fake identity.

"Why don't you tell me who I really am?" Lin Huang remained calm on the surface.

"We don't know as we didn't investigate." The lady was honest.

"But I can't guarantee that nobody will spend a sum of money to find out about you. Trust me, no matter how you hide, there are ways to discover your real identity as long as someone pays. If we become partners, we'll keep this a secret and even come up with fake information when it's needed."

"I'm just an ordinary person. There's nothing to investigate about my identity." Lin Huang smiled as he shook his head. "I'm not sure how you even came up with this false assumption that my identity is fake. Without any practical benefits, I won't come all the way here just to sell the monster carcasses to you. I can sell them anywhere else at the same price. That's more convenient for me. I'm hanging up if that's all you have to say."

"Wait!" The lady was surprised by Lin Huang's response, but soon she came up with a new plan. "We'll give you a 20% discount if you're asking for information or purchasing items from us!"

"Can you give a better discount?" Lin Huang raised his eyebrow.

"20% is the highest that I can get for you." The lady shook her head and smiled.

"This is the best that I can do. Please don't make it tough for me."

"Alright then, it's set!" Lin Huang agreed.

Lin Huang was relieved as he hung up the call. He had almost admitted his fake identity. Luckily, he was smart enough to deny it.

On the other side, the lady frowned as she looked at Lin Huang's identity in her hand.

"So, did he agree?" A man in glasses asked as he stood at the door.

"Yes, he did. He agreed to the 20% discount that I offered." The lady forced a smile.

"Didn't you say that you could get him to talk since you know that his identity is fake?" The man in glasses was surprised.

"He denied it." The lady shook her head.

"I've investigated his identity, but there's nothing wrong with it. My instincts tell me that he's using a fake identity, so I tried to trap him, but I failed. Perhaps my instincts were wrong. It's not the first time anyway…"

"Maybe you're too tired. Rest more, alright?" The man in glasses comforted her.


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