Monster Paradise
625 A Kid from a Rich Family
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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625 A Kid from a Rich Family

It was proven that Yao Huanhuan was from a wealthy family as she brought Lin Huang to a posh restaurant called the Sweep Gourmet. The restaurant looked like a glorious palace and was decorated just like a palace where a real emperor lived. It was not the obnoxious kind of decoration whereby gaudiness ruled over class. The settings were just right. It seemed like every corner of the restaurant was carefully designed.

Lin Huang secretly searched for the restaurant on the Heart Network and found out that it was opened by a demigod. The restaurant was a demigod relic just like the Union Government headquarter in Division 7. It was also the first official restaurant in Sweep City and ranked No. 9 in Division 3. It was famous from excellent word-of-mouth and delicious food. There might only be one flaw that the restaurant had -- its menu was so freaking expensive!

Of course, almost everything was served here including double mutated imperial-level monsters. As long as one had enough Life Crystals, they could even order a triple mutated monster or rare types such as dragonkin. However, the price of such monsters would be even more expensive than purchasing them alive from an Imperial Censor.

Yao Huanhuan seemed to be a regular customer. She brought Lin Huang straight to the third floor and asked for a private room. He was shocked to see the prices on the menu. The price of a plate of meat was equivalent to a third of a monster carcass on the market. The restaurant's profit must be sky-high.

For instance, an adult Swine Beast weighed more than five tons, and its meat made up 70% of its body. Taking away its bones and pure meat that occupied 35%, the meat was only 1.75 tonnes. Assuming a plate of stir-fried meat weighed 0.5 kilograms, one Swine Beast would be equivalent to 3,500 plates. Moreover, the Swine Beast's bones could be used to boil soup, make braised pork, and be barbecued… The gross profit would at least be thousands of times more. Deducting the labor and other costs, the restaurant's clean profit was hundreds of times more than a typical restaurant's.

They ordered four dishes and one soup for dinner. It cost more than 5,000 Life Crystals. A modified grade-3 relic only cost 4,000 Life Crystals while 5,000 Life Crystals could be spent on a customized grade-3 relic. Lin Huang was embarrassed to let Yao Huanhuan pay, so he went to the counter to settle with the excuse that he was going to the loo. The staff at the counter then told him that the dinner was complimentary. Lin Huang was surprised as he did not know that Yao Huanhuan was such a big shot. He returned to the private room on the third floor without asking any further.

He did not plan to find out more about Yao Huanhuan's identity as they would not be seeing each other after dinner. No matter how interesting her identity seemed to be, it was none of his business. Yao Huanhuan had no idea that he had attempted to pay. It would be a total joke to know that a crimson flame-level person could not hold his bladder after one meal, but she pretended not to bother. It was 8 p.m. when they were done with dinner, and the sky was completely dark now.

"Thanks for dinner," Lin Huang said after noticing that Yao Huanhuan finally put her chopsticks down.

"How was it? Sumptuous, isn't it?" Yao Huanhuan was contented.

"Pretty good."

"I'll treat you again some other time."

"I'll be leaving Sweep City in two days." Lin Huang planned to leave after getting the monster's location to get himself a suitable Life Fire monster the next day.

"Where're you going?" Yao Huanhuan asked immediately.

"Not sure yet. I'll only decide tomorrow after obtaining the information," Lin Huang said truthfully.

"Will you come back?" Yao Huanhuan asked in anticipation.

"Not sure, we'll see."

"Oh…" Yao Huanhuan seemed to be gloomy to hear his answer.

As they walked out of the restaurant, Yao Huanhuan stood at the entrance and asked Lin Huang, "Can you tell me your real name now?"

Lin Huang hesitated before nodding. "My name is Lin Xie."

Since it was a new identity, Yao Huanhuan would not be able to find anything. Besides, he would leave the next day if everything went as planned. There was no way for her to look for him.

"I'll remember that!" Yao Huanhuan nodded firmly before she grabbed Lin Huang's hand and introduced herself again, "My name is Yao Huanhuan. From now on, we're officially friends."

Lin Huang wanted to withdraw his hand, but he did not. What Yao Huanhuan did was out of his expectations.

"I need to go home now, or else I'll get scolded. See you if we have the chance in the future." Yao Huanhuan withdrew her hand and summoned her white dimensional relic. She stepped into it and waved goodbye at him.

Lin Huang smiled and shook his head as he watched Yao Huanhuan disappear together with her dimensional relic. The lady was even weirder than he thought. He then summoned his dimensional relic and vanished from where was. After he returned to the hotel, figuring that he would have a long day tomorrow, he got ready for bed when it was past 11 p.m. after reading some news. However, something caught his attention.

The headlines were "Little Princess Dating A Strange Man in the Middle of the Night" and the photo was of him holding Yao Huanhuan's hand at the entrance of Sweep Gourmet.

"Princess?" Lin Huang tapped on the news in doubt.

Three sentences into the news, Lin Huang finally found out Yao Huanhuan's true identity. She was the daughter of Sweep City's first family.

Although Sweep City was under the Purple Crow, the Yao family was the first family who lived in the Sweep City 700 years ago. They were also an Imperial Censor family. In Division 3, besides the top eight families, the Yao family was the first echelon family. They held a high status as they had been in Sweep City for many years. Even the Purple Crow would avoid them as they were the real royal family.

The restaurant's demigod founder was Yao Huanhuan's great-grandfather. Now, Lin Huang finally understood how Yao Huanhuan could eat for free. She was the youngest member in the family at only 17. She had a sister called Yao Lan, and the both of them were the only two daughters in the youngest generation of the family, so they were precious. They were called the Big Princess and Little Princess in Sweep City.

The most popular thing about the little princess was that she would get a new summoning monster every six months. When she obtained her new monster, she would destroy the city. However, she did not do that on purpose because she had yet to master the summoning monster which was triggered by the environment and would start destroying buildings. The dragon that Lin Huang encountered earlier was one such situation.

At first, nobody dared to ask for compensation as the Yao family was a significant royal family after all. However, she would always initiate the compensation and would always pay more than twice the price of the damages. Since then, everyone got used to it and would ask for compensation from the family. They even welcomed the Little Princess to destroy their houses.

"I didn't know I would be famous on my first day in Division 3…" Lin Huang wondered if he should laugh or cry after reading about the Yao family.


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