Monster Paradise
623 Killing
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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623 Killing

Lin Huang had found out the location of the black market from Sun Ba. It was located near a busy street in the southeast of Sweep City. He summoned Thunder and rode on it once they got out of the hotel entrance. Yao Huanhuan was surprised to see the flying mount summoned.

"You're an Imperial Censor too?"

Lin Huang nodded. He already knew that Yao Huanhuan was an Imperial Censor when they had first met in the morning.

"What a coincidence! Me too!" Yao Huanhuan seemed to think that they had something in common which made them even closer to each other now. She then summoned her flying mount, a Tweedle Bird. Perhaps she was worried that her dragon would destroy things again, so she did not summon it. Her flying mount was a gold flame-level double mutated Tweedle Bird. It drew attention when it chirped loudly as it was summoned. No less subtle were its colorful feathers.

The Tweedle Bird seemed to be proud that people were looking at it. Just when it was ready to chirp again, it noticed Thunder glaring at it not far away. It stopped making any noises and stepped aside. Thunder was different from the Tweedle Bird as it was a cruel predator while the Tweedle Bird was a pet with a melodious voice. Although they were both double mutated, even if they were on the same combat level, Thunder was much higher than the Tweedle Bird on the food chain. Let alone when Thunder was an immortal-level rank-1 now while the Tweedle Bird was only on gold flame-level.

"Why are you so scared, Xiao Hong?" Yao Huanhuan noticed the change in her pet's behavior and patted Tweedle Bird's wings as she smiled. The Tweedle Bird was upset and ignored Yao Huanhuan by turning its head away.

"Let's go." Lin Huang patted Thunder and flew into the sky.

Yao Huanhuan rode on Tweedle Bird and chased after them.

As Lin Huang rode on Thunder, he figured that he had been too busy earlier and he needed to groom this old partner again. He planned to activate an Advanced Card to upgrade it to triple mutation, then use the Reborn Card and the Blood Thickening Card. After all that was done, Thunder should go through an ability transformation. He had used up his Advanced Cards, Reborn Cards, and Blood Thickening Cards earlier, so he put this aside. Now that he was left with 340 card draws, he would start a new round of cross-ranking kills after he leveled up to blue flame-level in a few days, and he would get even more card draws by then.

Sweep City was almost the same size as the White Capital which was 15 million square kilometers. It was almost of the size of Russia on Earth. The distance from the hotel to the black market in the southeast was 2,500 kilometers away, and they took more than 40 minutes to arrive. Thunder landed on top of a skyscraper following Lin Huang's command while the Tweedle Bird followed. He then caressed Thunder's wings and recalled it back into card form.

"Your pet is so well behaved!" Yao Huanhuan enviously commented.

She then fed the Tweedle Bird with a jelly bean and recalled it much to its chagrin. It was Lin Huang's first time witnessing a relationship between an Imperial Censor and its pet, and he found it was interesting. All of his Monster Cards did not need to eat. Unlike regular pet monsters, they needed to be fed and had to shit every day. Although his monsters had a character of their own, they would not throw tantrums like this Tweedle Bird or ignore instructions like the dragon this morning. Basically, they obeyed whatever Lin Huang said.

As he thought about that, Lin Huang figured that he might not be a qualified Imperial Censor. Although Yao Huanhuan would occasionally be tortured by her pet monsters, looking at the way she communicated with them, despite not being an extraordinary Imperial Censor, she was much more qualified than Lin Huang was in many ways.

"Let's go." Lin Huang then looked away from Yao Huanhuan and glanced at the streets down below.

"So, it's in the busy streets down there? It's so crowded!" Yao Huanhuan recalled Tweedle Bird and studied where Lin Huang was gazing. However, she was looking at the busy streets next to the black market.

"Follow me." Lin Huang leaped and fell gracefully to the ground.

Yao Huanhuan shrieked and followed him by leaping at the edge of the building.

Soon, the both of them landed at different paces. Lin Huang then walked into the black market that was ten meters away while Yao Huanhuan followed him excitedly.

When they arrived at the entrance, Yao Huanhuan looked at the busy streets that were 20 meters away. She was disappointed.

"Oh, so it's not that way!"

"Follow me, don't run around. It's not my problem if the human traffickers take you away," Lin Huang warned her and walked into the alley ahead.

"What human traffickers? Do you think I'm a three-year-old kid?" Yao Huanhuan giggled.

Lin Huang stared at the naive Yao Huanhuan who was still giggling.

"Are there really human traffickers?" Yao Huanhuan was stunned when she noticed Lin Huang's serious expression.

"Of course, this is a black market. Any of the stores could be doing human trafficking businesses," Lin Huang revealed the truth.

"Hmph, if they dare to touch me, I'll get my stupid dragon to bite them." Yao Huanhuan remained carefree.

"It's better that you don't let your dragon out, or else people might follow you. In this black market, there might be immortal-level and even imperial-level people here. To them, your dragon is priceless. Don't show your wealth off here, or else you'll get yourself into trouble," Lin Huang said.

Just when Yao Huanhuan wanted to object to Lin Huang, the door of the house ahead was opened. Five young men who dressed like gangsters walked out of it, all of them on gold flame-level.

"Kill the man, keep the lady. Let's take turns to have fun with her later." The leader with blonde hair and a nose piercing glared at Lin Huang and focused his attention on Yao Huanhuan.

The men around him had dyed hair like watercolor had been splashed onto their heads. They had nose piercings too.

"F*ck off!" Lin Huang did not hold back. In the black market, the more timid you were, the more you would be bullied. Of course, you would need to have abilities yourself to be fearless, or else you would leave this place as a dead body. Killing was prohibited in all footholds besides the black market.

"Wow, are you trying to be a hero here?" The leader with blonde hair then looked at Lin Huang amusedly.

"You won't have the time to if you don't run now." Lin Huang stared at the leader and ignored the rest.

"Kill him! Kill the lady as well. We can have fun with her even if she's dead!" The leader was taken aback by Lin Huang's response, but he soon snapped out of it.

Yao Huanhuan was terrified when she saw the men coming towards her. She was planning to summon her dragon. Suddenly, five crimson glows flashed in the air as Lin Huang raised his hand. There were holes that were the size of thumbs on the five men's foreheads. They then fell onto the ground. After killing the five of them in one hit, Lin Huang moved his finger and retrieved their Emperor's Heart Rings with his Telekinesis. He then kept the rings in his storage space.

"They're dead…" Yao Huanhuan was shocked as she stared at the dead bodies on the ground which were still bleeding in their heads.

"Let's go." Lin Huang did not bother about Yao Huanhuan who was in shock and gestured at her to leave. He crossed the dead bodies and proceeded to walk ahead. Yao Huanhuan looked at Lin Huang who was getting further and ran after him following a moment's hesitation.


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