Monster Paradise
620 Stepping into Division3
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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620 Stepping into Division3

Lin Huang was feeling dizzy as he stepped out of the dimensional portal. It was the side effect of taking the long-distance dimensional portal. Even an imperial-level would experience the same feeling but milder. The two holy fire-levels who took the same dimensional portal as he did throw up after taking a few steps. A few staff in uniforms came and blocked the way of the duo.

"We're the staff from the health department of Sweep City. You guys have broken the rules of the city. Please show your ID and pay the fine as well as cleaning the trash."

The staff was all on immortal-level. The two holy fire-levels did not dare to talk back and paid a fine although they were still dizzy. They were released after cleaning the area.

"Breaking the rules? We'll be fined 1,000 Life Crystals just for vomiting?" Lin Huang thought that was strange. The rule sounded like it was fabricated. Moreover, 1,000 Life Crystals were enough to get a customized grade-1 relic. He figured that the staff must be fake. Lin Huang left after watching that bizarre scene. A bald hunk, who was over two meters tall, headed his way soon after. There were a few men following behind him.

Lin Huang frowned and dodged the baldy. Just as the baldy missed Lin Huang, he fell onto the ground.

"Damn it, kid! Are you blind? You knocked me over! Ahh, it hurts! You hurt me! What should we do now?" The baldy sat on the ground and refused to get up as the men following him surrounded Lin Huang.

"You're so bad at scamming. I didn't even touch you." Lin Huang instantly understood what was happening.

"Nonsense, you knocked me over! My bros saw it too. They're my witnesses! You said you didn't touch me. Do you have any witnesses?" The baldy looked around with a threatening expression.

Many people had gathered to watch what was going on. Some of them wanted to stand up for Lin Huang, but upon realizing that the baldy was a gold flame-level and his men were all on purple flame-level, none of them dared to say anything.

"This young man is in trouble. Sun Ba has been in this scamming business for more than 30 years. They target people who have low combat levels. Nobody can escape from them. This young man might have to give everything he has up, or else he won't be able to leave." Some of the people among the crowd knew the baldy's background. Most of them knew the truth about what happened, but nobody dared to stand up for Lin Huang.

Lin Huang put his hands in his pockets and looked at the baldy calmly.

"You sure you won't regret scamming me?"

The baldy was stunned to hear that. His hunky followers did not know what to do and looked questioningly at the baldy.

"Wow, look at this brave man!" The crowd was ready to watch the show.

The baldy hesitated before shouting at Lin Huang, "It makes sense for you to pay for knocking someone over! I don't care who you are, even if you're one of our Purple Crow members!"

Many of them were scared when they heard about the Purple Crow.

Lin Huang smirked when he heard that.

"Alright, then… If you want money, come and get it."

He flashed a storage ring in his palm. Many of the bystanders were disappointed to see the young man decide to compromise as the Purple Crow was just too powerful…

The baldy got up from the ground, dusted his clothes, and signaled the hunk next to him. The hunk walked to Lin Huang and grabbed the storage ring from his palm. Suddenly, Lin Huang clenched his fist and lashed out a punch at the hunk's cheek. The guy flew away as an impact of the blow.

Everyone was shocked.

Many of them had a shocking impression of the kid who dared to make the first move. Later on, many of them realized that the young man was only on crimson flame-level and the hunk who was punched was on purple flame-level! Baldy and the rest snapped out of it after a while.

"How dare you?!"

"Didn't you guys want this storage ring? Come and take it if you can. Don't blame me if you can't," Lin Huang taunted the baldy.

"Bros, kill him!" As the baldy shouted, the hunks dashed towards Lin Huang. He stood where he was, and a few shadows shot out like cannons. He grabbed the baldy, who was the last to come at him, holding him up as he grabbed his neck. The baldy did not dare to move as he could sense that Lin Huang was very close to snapping his neck. The five purple flame-levels and the single gold flame-level lost to a crimson flame-level in less than three seconds.

The crowd was shocked to see the fight.

"A crimson flame-level fighting a gold flame-level! That's three whole ranks higher! This young man is a genius!"

"What comes around, goes around. Sun Ba and the rest finally got it today for offending a genius. I wonder which organization does this young man belong to. If he's from an underground organization, they'll be dead today."

"They wouldn't have gone through whatever they're going through now if they didn't do what they do. I think they deserve it!"

Nobody among the crowd wanted to help Sun Ba as they chatted among each other.

"Do you still want me to pay the compensation?" Lin Huang smiled at the baldy.

"No, no need…" The baldy stammered immediately, frightened out of his wits. A genius who could cross three ranks to fight him must be a member of the top organization. He had offended someone that he should not have that day.

"But why is it that I recall somebody saying that I'll have to pay no matter what background I come from if I knocked you over?" Lin Huang asked while grinning.

"You didn't knock me over. It was I who scammed the wrong person and offended a god like you. It's my fault. I'll never do that again. Please let me go. I'm not worthy of your time," Sun Ba begged Lin Huang as he knew that he could not fight Lin Huang.

"Do you know if there's anywhere less crowded around here?" Lin Huang asked out of nowhere.

"Sir, please, it's tough to make a living here. There're so many people watching. Don't you think the guards would know that you'll kill me even if you bring me to somewhere less crowded?" Sun Ba was scared.

"I just need to get to a quiet place to ask you some questions." Lin Huang let go of Sun Ba's neck and studied the rest. "Stop pretending. I know how much strength I used just now. I might really kill you guys if you continue to lie on the ground."

The hunks got up from the ground immediately after hearing Lin Huang.

"Alright, show the way!" Lin Huang looked at Sun Ba. Though unwilling, Sun Ba had no other option, but to bring Lin Huang with him.


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