Monster Paradise
619 Goodbye, Division 7
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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619 Goodbye, Division 7

Lin Huang went to bed peacefully after settling the matter at the Martial Hunter College. On the next morning, Lin Huang used Ye Xiu's identity to send Lin Xin a message after breakfast.

"I'm leaving. Take care of yourself, be good in school."

"I understand. Please take care of yourself," Lin Xin replied shortly after.

After switching off the contact page, Lin Huang paid for his hotel room that he checked in with his fake identity online. He then summoned his dimensional relic and stepped through it after changing his features.

Early in the morning, Luo Yao dressed herself up and walked out quickly when she realized that it was already 7:15 a.m. She was relieved to see that nobody was waiting for her under the trees nearby. She slowly walked to the tree and looked at the teacher's dorm building next to her room, all the while waiting for the man to walk out of his room. She met this man on the same day during the Martial Hunter College's teacher recruitment drive, and they began teaching on the very same day as well. They stayed just next to each other, so she thought it was fate.

She was teaching Saber Dao Class 8 while the man was a transcendent-level who was teaching in Sword Dao Class 2. He was young and handsome, and she would be lying if she said she did not like him. Ever since school began and they met for the very first time when they headed out of the dorm, having breakfast with this man became a habit for Luo Yao. Most of the time, the man would wait for her under the tree. Sometimes he would be one or two minutes late.

However, time passed by and even after it was 7:30 a.m., the man was still not there. Luo Yao thought it was odd.

'Perhaps he has something to do today.' She thought about it and walked away.

She was upset after having breakfast alone. After some hesitation, she could not help but call the man but it showed that he was not in the service zone.

"Where did he go? It's Friday, doesn't he have a class this afternoon?" Luo Yao returned to her dorm with that question.

It was past 2 p.m. In the afternoon, Luo Yao had lunch and went shopping before heading back to her dorm. She then noticed that there was a bunch of people gathering outside the dorm.

"What happened?" She asked a girl.

"They say a teacher died and didn't go to his class this afternoon. He was found in his dorm by a student, he doesn't have his head anymore. That's so scary…" The girl explained.

"Sir Zhang?" Luo Yao's heart skipped a beat. She pushed the people away and dashed into the dorm. On the second floor of the dorm, she saw a few staff members from the Union Government who were observing a headless body. She started crying…

A black dimensional relic appeared in an alley of foothold No.7C357 in Daxi City and a young man walked out of the dimensional relic. The handsome man wore a deep blue trench coat. He looked like he was in his early twenties with maroon hair and was 1.82 meters tall. It was Lin Huang in disguise. Aside from his handsome looks that remained, he looked totally different than before. He found the bar where Yang Ling was located by following his memory, and the staff brought him to the underground room where Yang Ling was in.

The skinny Yang Ling was cuddling a voluptuous lady while being half asleep. The lady winked at Lin Huang as he pushed the door open but he ignored her and looked at Yang Ling instead. Then, he knocked on the door that was shut behind him. In response, Yang Ling slapped the lady's butt and pinched it.

"Come again tonight," he whispered into the lady's ear.

The lady giggled and removed the blanket she had draped over her body. Then, as she got down from the bed naked to put on clothes in front of the both of them, she proceeded to shoot look at Lin Huang with a teasing expression.

It took her more than ten minutes to put on two pieces of clothing — a bra and a dress. Lin Huang sat on Yang Ling's work desk as he watched the show that the lady put on calmly. She had a nice body and a tempting expression, that was the only comment that he had for her.

The lady walked slowly to him after putting on her clothes.

"Hey handsome, look for me if you're interested. It's complimentary for the first time," she whispered into his ear.

Watching the lady leave, Yang Ling removed the blanket on him and put on a gold sleeping robe without even bothering to put on his underwear. He then sat on his work desk.

"Have we met before?" He asked after checking Lin Huang out.

"Take a wild guess." Lin Huang smirked without giving him an answer.

"Nevermind, black card?" Yang Ling asked.

"That's right."

"Which one?" Yang Ling asked again.

"For royalty. The higher the authorization, the better. The best would be one that's opened to those on the demigod-level."

"That's too risky, I'm not doing that. The most that I can do for people outside the core zone is one that authorizes immortal-level people. If you're using it in the core zone, I could give you the one that's open to imperial-level. However, if you use it outside the core zone, you'd have to bear the consequences." Yang Ling looked at Lin Huang in all seriousness.

"Imperial-level it is then." Lin Huang nodded without thinking twice.

"Normal ones for royalty would cost 10,000 Life Crystals, where it'll have authorization up to the holy fire-level. I'll give you a fixed price for the imperial-level card, 500,000 Life Crystals. However, I must clarify that this information comes from the underworld, not the Union. It comes from the Saints. If you use it outside of the core zone, the Saints will come for you and I won't be able to help you if that happens."

"Sure, do it." Lin Huang transferred the fee to Yang Ling's trading chip.

After confirming that the transferred amount was correct, Yang Ling started working on it.

"Name and age?" Yang Ling asked after taking a photo of Lin Huang.

"Lin Xie, 22." It was the new name that Lin Huang came up with.

"Parents died since young, had a brother who is two years older but I've no idea where he is. The rest of the information would be the default setting."

Yang Ling looked at Lin Huang and proceeded to work on the registration without saying a word. He came up with an identity with a brother so that people would not relate him with the old Lin Huang. He picked the name Lin Xie last night from a couple of names that he came u with. It was safe to keep his surname as there were billions of people in this world with the same surname. With a false identity, it was likely that people would not relate him to his old identity.

10 minutes later, the new Emperor's Heart Ring was complete. The gold ring was beautiful like an art piece.

"Don't activate it whenever you're outside of the core zone." Yang Ling reminded him when he was trying on the ring.

"I know." Lin Huang tried it on, took it off and put it away in his storage space.

Lin Huang stood at the entrance of the bar and looked at the sunny sky.

"Goodbye, Division 7."


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