Monster Paradise
618 White Capital at Nigh
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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618 White Capital at Nigh

The White Capital had amazing nightlife. Although it was a chilly spring in mid-April, there were people on the streets through to midnight. The streets finally became quiet when it was around 1:30 a.m. Lin Huang was still awake. Opening the sliding door on his balcony, he walked out and looked around. He then looked at the direction of the Martial Hunter College.

Soon, a purple Monster Card appeared in his hand. He looked at the purple monster on the card and crushed it. A purple haze appeared before him. It was how Bloody looked like after completing its triple mutation. However, it would disguise itself as a vine whenever there was someone else around.

"Bloody, I need you to find out everyone who knows anything about me and Lin Xin's relationship in the Martial Hunter College and remove that from their memories." Lin Huang knew very well that he could not leave any traces behind. Although there were not many people who knew of their relationship, as long as somebody was targeting him or Mr. Fu, the person would definitely discover this fact as long as they spent some time in the college. As soon as he left Division 7, he would not be back for quite some time and it would be dangerous for Lin Xin, which was why he had to get Bloody to do this.

Lin Huang had thought about bringing Lin Xin along with him but he figured that the three years in the core zone would probably not be peaceful. As soon as his identity was revealed, he might not be able to survive. If he encountered somebody powerful, it would be impossible to run away with Lin Xin. After careful consideration, he had decided to leave Lin Xin in Division 7.

"That's easy... However, I'll have to put my parasites on everyone in the college. I can only determine which of them know about you and Lin Xin through reading their memories," Bloody replied.

"Do that then. Be quick. Try to hide as much as you can, there are many powerful people in the White Capital. It'll spell trouble if we're exposed." Lin Huang reminded Bloody. He knew that Bloody's Leech Pods would disappear without any side-effects after that and the hosts would not notice anything at all.

"Understood." Bloody replied and started getting busy.

A massive amount of colorless Leech Pods began spreading from Bloody. Without Lin Huang's Territory, he would not be able to see any of the Leech Pods. It was only with Territory that Lin Huang would be able to sense the Leech Pods that were many times smaller than a dandelion, floating toward the Martial Hunter College's direction. Soon, Bloody opened its eyes.

"Aside from Lin Xin, I've found twelve people who know about your relationship with her. However, all of them know that you're her cousin."

"That's right, erase that part of their memories." Lin Huang nodded.

Bloody closed its eyes again and opened them shortly after.

"It's been deleted and replaced by some other memories. Are there any other things that you want to erase or amend? If not, I'll recall my Leech Pods."

Recalling would mean the disappearance of its Leech Pods, where only the information would return to Bloody. The pods would not come back to it.

"You've done well! Recall the pods, there's nothing else that I need to do." Lin Huang was relieved.

"I found out there's someone who came to the Martial Hunter College for you," Bloody spoke again.

"I've recalled all of the pods besides these. One is monitoring him while the other is in his brain."

Bloody then projected a young man. He looked like he was in his early twenties, Lin Huang was sure that he had never seen the person before.

"Is he a teacher at the college?" Lin Huang asked.

"Yes, he's white flame-level teaching the Sword Dao in Year 1 Class 2. He didn't only take over your students, he's also staying in the dorm that you were living at," Bloody said.

"From his memory, he's coming for you. He even found out about Lin Xin being your cousin in the past two days and is trying to get closer to her to ask about you."

"Who is this person?" Lin Huang frowned.

"He's from a place called Leib Lab, a spy that was sent by a man in glasses. He has two missions. One is to find out where you're at while the other is to find out who the lady in the white dress is."

"Leib lab…" Lin Huang was familiar with the organization. It was the one who attacked the White Capital together with the Purple Crow. They were the Scarborough Workshop 200 years ago.

Lin Huang's ancient sword relic Air Slicer, Black Feathered Armor, and Dead Body Puppet were stolen from an imperial-level member of the organization. He even activated a Misfortune Card on the person. They did not give up looking for Lin Huang. The incident had just calmed down earlier but now, they had sent a spy to the college to find him.

"What else did you get?" Lin Huang asked again. He was not sure if Leib Lab was related to the matter plaguing Mr. Fu's or if the organization was purely coming for him.

"That's basically it. This person is nobody significant, he doesn't know much. From his memory, the man in glasses who gave him the mission should be the boss of the Leib Lab. It was his first time meeting the man in glasses when he got the mission. He respects the man in glasses deeply."

"That's all I have." Bloody looked at Lin Huang.

"What should we do to this guy?"

"Kill him." Lin Huang was determined.

"There's nothing good for keeping him in the college, they might fight out that his memory was amended by you if he returns to Leib Lab. It might expose Lin Xin. Leib Lab would not send a second spy so soon after he's killed. Even if they do, they won't find out much about me and Lin Xin's relationship any longer."

Bloody agreed with Lin Huang's analysis. Although it was confident with its memory amendment, it was only an immortal-level rank-1 after all. It might be exposed if the person's brain was dissected by an imperial-level person who was expert in the field. As instructed, Bloody detonated the Leech Pods that were hiding in the spy's head. In the projection, the head of the young man who was sleeping exploded like a watermelon dropped from mid-air. His brain splattered all over the wall, even to the extent that it was plastered on the ceiling. Blood endlessly flowed from the neck of the headless body that was lying on a bed with blue bedsheet…


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