Monster Paradise
615 Eye-Opening
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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615 Eye-Opening

As Lin Huang thought of the three challenges of killing the Dragon Whale while diving into the water, he came up with a plan immediately. Charcoal was an immortal-level rank-1 now. With its thick dragon blood as a high-level dragonkin, it could definitely suppress other sky dragon monsters. Even an immortal-level rank-9 would be affected by its Dragon Power, let alone an immortal-level rank-5 monster.

Mr. Fu had emphasized that he could use any techniques he wanted. Lin Huang thought that Mr. Fu intentionally made the training difficult as he figured Lin Huang would summon his monsters. He was an Imperial Censor after all, so it was only natural for him to summon his monsters. However, Lin Huang did not plan to get Charcoal to kill the two monsters for him. His plan was to get Charcoal to bring the two Dragon Whales to the surface of the ocean. As soon as the two monsters surfaced, the three difficulties that he thought about earlier, including the breathing and water pressure, would not be an issue anymore. When the Dragon Whales lost their advantage in the water, it would be much easier for Lin Huang to kill them.

As expected, as soon as Charcoal appeared and released its Dragon Power, besides the male Dragon Whale below Lin Huang, even the female that planned to attack Lin Huang secretly was now trembling due to the suppression of their bloodline whereby high-level dragonkins could overwhelm sky dragon monsters on the same level. A dragonkin of pure blood, even a holy fire-level, would be able to suppress an imperial-level sky dragon. Unless there was nothing else that it could do, an imperial-level sky dragon would not attack a pure blood dragonkin, usually choosing to run away. No matter how young the emperor was, the general had to respect him. It was the same theory.

Charcoal was summoned in its original form that was thousands of meters long. It was very thrilled when it was summoned. It soon noticed the two monsters that were below it. Although it sensed that the two monsters were much more powerful in terms of combat level, it was not afraid at all. Instead, it was excited to attack.

"Get them to the surface of the ocean!" Lin Huang instructed Charcoal.

Charcoal dashed towards the two Dragon Whales immediately like a black thread. Although the two monsters were much more powerful than Charcoal and their sizes were more than ten times bigger than it, they did not plan to attack it. All they did was run away. Charcoal was having the time of its life as it had been a long time since it was summoned. After chasing the monsters around, Charcoal finally got the two monsters to surface just as Lin Huang had urged it to.

The two gigantic monsters' backs were showing on the surface like two little islands. Charcoal surrounded both of the monsters to prevent them from escaping. Lin Huang floated midair and smirked.

"My time to shine."

There was a golden spark that surrounded his Ink sword. It was as bright as the sun during noon. Even Mr. Fu that was watching Lin Huang's battle from the demigod-level ship on top had to squint his eyes.

Within seconds, the golden glow around his sword peaked and Lin Huang dashed into the ocean after activating his Thunder Steps as well as his Seraphic Speed. Next, his sword pierced deep into one of the Dragon Whales' head. The massive monster's head cracked as it groaned. It would usually use up one Life Wheel of Life Power to kill an immortal-level rank-5 monster. However, as his target was so huge this time, Lin Huang used two Life Wheels of Life Power just to be sure. It created a terrifying scene.

Seeing the first Dragon Whale killed in a second, the second one attempted to escape, but it was blocked by Charcoal. The Dragon Whale did not sure to attack Charcoal, so it controlled the water attacking Lin Huang. The calm sea had churned into an intense tsunami. Lin Huang stood where he was like an invincible warrior and sliced the wave into half with his sword. There was a purple glow springing from his sword.

Before the Dragon Whale could attack again, Lin Huang swung his sword again. Purple streaks that looked like purple crescent moons were fired as he performed hundreds of sword swings within seconds. The purple light collided with the Dragon Whale's head at the same spot repetitively. Eventually, the Dragon Whale's head was chopped off.

The once turquoise ocean water was now bloody red. In less than three minutes, Lin Huang had managed to kill both of the Dragon Whales. Including the time Charcoal took to chase the monsters, it was less than 20 minutes in total. After storing the monster carcasses, Lin Huang shrunk Charcoal and brought it back to the demigod-level ship.

He was concerned to face Mr. Fu as he had played a trick by summoning Charcoal to help him during this round of assessment. Without Charcoal's help, besides his ability being restricted in the Dragon Whales' territory, the monsters could escape if they could not fight him, and they could even eat other monsters to heal themselves. He might not have been able to complete the mission within 24 hours. Mr. Fu smiled as he observed Charcoal, then looked at Lin Huang.

"I'm satisfied with your performance. You even surpassed my expectations!" Lin Huang thought he would receive a lesson from Mr. Fu for getting help from Charcoal, but Mr. Fu was nodding satisfactorily.

"The two Dragon Whales were supposed to own the stage in the battle, but you turned it around by summoning a monster. That's well done! A real kill is never about a one-on-one fight, but a combination of abilities. Fighting your opponent with brute strength is a dumb move as it wastes time and energy. If you have some other enemy that's hiding and waiting for the opportunity to attack you, you'd be taken advantage of. Never drag the battle if you can kill your enemy as soon as possible.

"Just that with this demigod-level ship, I wouldn't attack my enemy right away if a demigod were to attack me. Instead, I would fire at it using my ship from far away. I have enough energy crystals anyway to fire, so why would I waste my energy? Even if I don't manage to kill it, injuring it would be good enough. Even if I don't manage to injure it, I can drain its Life Power which makes the battle easier."

Lin Huang was confused as he was listening. He did not expect Mr. Fu's battle style to be this nasty. However, his theory made sense.

"Of course, I'm not asking you to use your tricks all the way. Do it when you should, but your own ability should be the root of everything. Without ability, those tricks might make kill you even faster…" Mr. Fu explained and gave him some examples of real cases to turn the tables around with tricks. It was an eye-opening lesson. Now, he knew that Mr. Fu was not the only one who had nasty tricks up his sleeve. Many of the demigods that he had heard before were even nastier than Mr. Fu was.


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