Monster Paradise
613 Training Programme All Messed Up
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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613 Training Programme All Messed Up

Liu Ming practiced with Lin Huang for the entire afternoon while Mr. Fu watched. They had dinner past 6 p.m. before Mr. Fu asked Lin Huang to stay after sending Liu Ming off.

"I've basically let you do whatever you wanted for the past two years and didn't teach you much as you have better talent than I do. It wouldn't be right for me to teach from my experience as it might even restrict your development."

"In reality, you have proven that what I've done was the right thing since you're now far ahead than I expected. Of course, I'm not talking about your combat level, but your Sword Dao, your escape ability and some of your other tricks." Mr. Fu figured that Lin Huang must have some secret escape ability that nobody knew about based on the crack on the supreme sword relic, but he did not dwell on it.

"You're on your own path in Sword Dao, which is what people can usually manage to do after tens of years or even a hundred years. Although you've just only built your foundation, it's very impressive seeing that you've only been practicing for two years. Even without the Sword Heart, I can foresee that you'll be extraordinary in Sword Dao in the future.

"However, there's still much to learn to become a really powerful person besides learning battle techniques. Stay here with me before heading to the core zone. I can get someone to run your errands. If there're things that you must do yourself, you can do them after you leave."

"I really do have some errands, but it'll be fantastic if you can get someone to do that for me," Lin Huang said and he took out four storage space rings.

"There are 250,000 Emperor Heart Rings in this white storage space ring. I need to get someone to unseal all of them. There are more than 10,000 expert-grade relic sets, 20,000 expert-grade relic items, 50,000 intermediate-grade, and low-grade relics as well as 10,000 miscellaneous items in this red storage space ring. I'd like to sell all of them. There are a variety of monster carcasses including hundreds of holy fire-level monsters and 70 immortal-level monsters in this black storage space ring. Sell all of them. Lastly, there are low-grade and intermediate-grade minerals in this green storage space ring. I've never counted how many there are but they're piled into hills. I want to sell all of them as well," Lin Huang said and passed Mr. Fu the four storage space rings.

Among the rewards that he had gotten from the ruins, besides some of the supreme relics and expert-grade minerals, Lin Huang planned to sell all of them in return for Life Crystal as Yi Zheng and the rest did not want any of the items that were below supreme-grade. They had decided to settle the rewards this way when they had been in the ruins.

Mr. Fu took the rings and looked at them before shaking his head and smiling.

"You're making a fortune here."

"Apart from the monster carcasses, I'm sharing the rest with my friends." When they were in the ruins, they had picked the monsters that they killed themselves up while they shared the treasures.

"I'll categorize the items after the Emperor's Heart rings are unsealed, but I'll need someone to do that for me. I'll pay for the unsealing."

"I'll get a reliable friend for you, the unsealing should be 10%."

"10%? That's cheap. My friend asked for 30% from me in the past." Lin Huang forced out a wan smile.

"30% is the market price. I know this friend for many years, so it's different. I actually don't have to pay him, but it's not fair for him to do the job for free, so I usually give him 10%. He wouldn't take it if it's any more than that."

"10% is good enough. Thank you so much!" Lin Huang was thrilled that he would be able to pocket 20% more of the total value.

After storing the four storage space rings into his Emperor's Heart Ring, Mr. Fu patted Lin Huang's shoulder.

"Take a good rest tonight. We shall start the training tomorrow. Let's not activate the communication and map functions on your Emperor's Heart Ring while you're here."

"Alright, I understand." Lin Huang knew Mr. Fu did not want his location to be exposed.

It was the first time Lin Huang had a good night's sleep since he left the ruins. It was past 7 a.m. when he woke up the next morning. He heard Mr. Fu's voice just when he opened his eyes.

"Come down for breakfast after washing up.' Lin Huang had picked the room on top of the ship for the view. After washing up, Lin Huang headed straight to the restaurant on the first floor. There was food served on the table. Mr. Fu had eaten and was sunbathing on the deck. Lin Huang cleaned the kitchen after breakfast and went to the deck.

"Have you eaten?"

"Yes I have." Lin Huang nodded.

"Let's get to work then," Mr. Fu said and took out an item that looked like a remote control the size of his palm. He then pressed a button on it. Suddenly, the space in the ship became distorted, but soon, the distortion went back to normal. Lin Huang realized that the ship had appeared on different waters, and there was a mini island.

"Space Warp?" Lin Huang was stunned.

"All demigod-level ships can do this. There's nothing to be surprised about," Mr. Fu nonchalantly said, but he was proud of himself for being able to look cool in front of Lin Huang.

"Considering your extraordinary ability, the first opponent that I've picked for you is no longer a holy fire-level monster, but an immortal-level rank-1 monster. It's just below our ship. Go fight, young man!" Mr. Fu anticipated surprise from Lin Huang, but there was none.

"Immortal-level rank-1… Seems like I've been underestimated." Lin Huang had an odd expression on his face.

"Are you scared? An immortal-level monster isn't as scary as you imagined. Looking at you practicing with Xiao Liu yesterday, it shouldn't be difficult for you to kill an immortal-level rank-1 monster." Although Mr. Fu noticed that Lin Huang had held back his ability when he was practicing with Liu Ming, he had no idea how much he had held back by. However, looking at his performance the previous day, he would be able to kill an immortal-level rank-2 monster. He asked Lin Huang to fight an immortal-level rank-1 monster so that he could get used to the idea of fighting immortal-level monsters.

Lin Huang looked at Mr. Fu helplessly and leaped from the ship. In the next second, he swung Ink at the immortal-level rank-1 Rhino Beast and sliced it into half. He returned to the ship after storing the monster carcass into his Emperor's Heart Ring.

"So, you hid your ability yesterday?" Mr. Fu was stunned at Lin Huang's performance.

"I didn't do it intentionally, I just didn't want to scare Brother Liu." Lin Huang nodded and smiled awkwardly.

"So, you killed all of the immortal-level monsters in that black storage space ring that you gave me yesterday?" Mr. Fu asked.

"Yes." Lin Huang nodded.

"I thought you brought an immortal-level friend into the ruins…" Mr. Fu did not know that Lin Huang had killed the monsters when he got the rings from him.

"So, is immortal-level rank-5 monster the highest rank that you can kill now?"

"I can kill most of the immortal-level rank-5 monsters now, and I can fight a weaker immortal-level rank-6 monster." Lin Huang's ability had increased since he had broken through Sword Dao.

"I've underestimated you." Lin Huang's ability was totally out of Mr. Fu's expectations. He looked worried as Lin Huang had unintentionally messed up the initial plan that he had.

"Erm… You should rest today then. I need time to make changes to the training programme."


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