Monster Paradise
612 Ink
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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612 Ink

Mr. Fu's fishing rod was not an ordinary one. It became a bow as soon as the fish monster was pulling in the water. He grinned as he attempted to tug at the fish monster with one hand. Half an hour later, the fish monster was finally exhausted. Mr. Fu had had his fun and dragged the fish monster of the water. It landed on the deck. Only then did Lin Huang notice that the ship was not the same Red Devil as before but another one which was much bigger.

The fish passed out as it landed on the deck.

"A Crimson Arowana?!" Lin Huang exclaimed when he saw the fish that measured hundreds of meters long which occupied half of the deck. The Crimson Dragon Fish was a sky dragon monster which ranked on top of its species. Such a monster would level up to imperial-level automatically once it became an adult. It was powerful whenever it was in the water. If the thickness of dragon blood in its body increased to a certain level, it would evolve into a dragonkin that was comparable with a demigod called the Crimson Dragon.

As Lin Huang was thinking about the Crimson Dragon, it was only natural for him to compare Charcoal which was also a dragonkin. Charcoal had high-level dragonkin blood now. It would probably be classified as a Virtual God now if its combat level had not been suppressed by Lin Huang's combat level. It would be able to toss the Crimson Dragon around and might even be more powerful than the God's Servant that was sealed. Lin Huang was even more eager to increase his combat level.

"What's that noise!?" Liu Ming dashed from the cabin as he heard the loud thud and the ship trembled. He was stunned to see the gigantic Crimson Arowana.

"There are only a few Crimson Arowanas around this area. This is the third one I've gotten this month. How lucky for the both of you!" Mr. Fu chuckled as he put his fishing rod away. He stood up, patted his chest and walked to the motionless fish. He then started gutting the fish with his knife.

In less than a minute, the fish was cleaned and chopped into many pieces. Half an hour later, a bowl of fresh fish soup was served. It was a filling lunch, and Lin Huang had too much to eat. Liu Ming sat aside with his big tummy that made him look like he was three months pregnant.

"It's been a while since I tasted your cooking. I've had too much to eat today." Liu Ming was embarrassed.

"It's been almost two years since I last tried Sir's fish soup," Lin Huang said.

"As long as you guys like it." Mr. Fu nodded happily. It was an achievement for a chef to render his customers into a food coma.

"Take a rest and digest the food well. Xiao Liu, you'll practice sword with Lin Huang later."

"Sure, it's been almost two months since we last practiced together," Liu Ming said, then he looked at Lin Huang with his eyes wide open.

"You've leveled up to level-4 already?!"

"I just broke through a few days ago." Lin Huang smiled and nodded.

"Did you get the Sword Heart already?" Liu Ming thought it was unbelievable.

"No, I would love to, but I haven't found any monster that's suitable enough to obtain such a skill." Lin Huang shook his head.

"How could you be so talented in Sword Dao without the Sword Heart?" Liu Ming was stunned.

The Sword Heart was a unique monster skill that was like the Saber Heart. It could speed up the realization of all sword skills. Of course, it would depend on the person's talent as well. Lin Huang had always wanted to find a triple mutated monster with Sword Heart to extract its Life Fire, but there was no such monster in Division 7. There were only double mutated monsters.

"I've spent more than 30 years to get to level-4 Sword Dao with the Sword Heart. You've only been training for three years, right?" Liu Ming was who always proud of himself felt useless in front of Lin Huang.

"Actually, I've only taken less than two years," Lin Huang thought to himself as he peeped at Liu Ming and decided not to tell the truth.

Mr. Fu knew the truth, and he smiled without saying a word. After chatting for a while, they stood up and got ready to practice as they did not feel as full as before. Just as Lin Huang took out his sword, Liu Ming and Mr. Fu noticed the crack on the sword. It was the sword that Liu Ming had given him in front of Mr. Fu. Mr. Fu was shocked to see the crack on the supreme relic sword.

"Bro, what's with the crack on your sword?" Liu Ming was even more shocked than Mr. Fu was. It was quite impossible to crack a supreme relic even if he used an ancient relic sword and gave his all.

"I encountered a powerful monster in the ruins, and it did this to my sword. I might've died in the ruins if I didn't manage to kill it," Lin Huang smiled awkwardly as he explained.

"Even I might not be able to crack a supreme relic. Lin Huang must be something else to be able to escape from such a powerful monster," Liu Ming thought to himself without asking further.

Mr. Fu looked at Lin Huang and was impressed by how Lin Huang managed to survive.

"Is there any way to fix this sword?" Lin Huang could not activate an ancient relic before he reached immortal-level, and it was the best sword that he had.

"I shall give you another one then," Liu Ming said and took out a black sword for Lin Huang from his Emperor's Heart Ring.

The sword was completely ebony in color with light silver patterns on the handle.

"This…" Lin Huang longed for the sword, but he was embarrassed. After all, Liu Ming had given him a sword before, and this black sword was obviously another supreme relic which was expensive.

"Take it. We're family. There's no need to feel bad," Mr. Fu offered.

"This is Ink. I've never used it before as I've treated it as a collectible ever since I bought it as there aren't many swords that are completely black like this. It'll be the sword's honor to be used by you," Liu Ming said to Lin Huang.

"Thank, Bro!" Lin Huang took the sword without beating around the bush.

"It's not difficult to fix your sword. Give it to me. I'll fix it and bring it back a few days later." Liu Ming smiled.

"Sure." Lin Huang passed the sword to Liu Ming. He observed the sword for a while and stored the sword in his Emperor's Heart Ring. He then took out another supreme sword relic.

"Alright, let's practice now!" Liu Ming looked at a Lin Huang.

"Yes, please!" Ink transformed into the mode that Lin Huang was familiar with.


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