Monster Paradise
611 What Happened 800 Years Ago
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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611 What Happened 800 Years Ago

"To prevent chaos, we came up with a lie and told everyone that we killed the protoss who invaded. In reality, the invader wasn't a real protoss. It was just a God's servant. The irritating thing was that we didn't even manage to kill the god's servant and subordinates. We only sealed them." Mr. Fu had regret written all over his face when he talked about the past.

"Is the protoss really that powerful?" Lin Huang had only heard of the protoss from Xue Luo, but she had not revealed much about it.

"Our understanding about the real protoss is limited as well. All we know is that they have the bloodline of the True God or above, and they'll level up to a Virtual God automatically when they became an adult. Due to their powerful bloodline, even when they're only a Virtual God, their ability is comparable with a True God's."

"The God's Servants are the protoss's bodyguards that usually possess powerful talents at least the level of a Human Genius's. They're like high-level house servants among the protoss. Meanwhile, the God's Subordinates have ordinary talents, but their combat level is high. They're considered low-level house servants among the protoss whereby they'd have to do menial tasks. I heard that protoss will usually have at least two God's Servants and 20 God's Subordinates with them. Therefore, a lone protoss would mean a powerful army."

"The ones that attacked us were just a God's Servant and 12 God's Subordinates. Their master was a True God with 12 God Servants and 200 God's Subordinates. The God's Servant that attacked us ranked the last three among the 12 God Servants."

"The reason why we couldn't kill the God's Servant and 12 God's Subordinates was that each of them had the blood of the True God in them, which came from their master. They won't die unless the blood of the True God is destroyed."

"Is there nowhere to destroy the blood of the True God?" Lin Huang asked.

"It isn't difficult to destroy the blood of the True God as a Virtual God, but the problem is its master will sense it immediately as soon as the blood of the True God in their bodies were destroyed. By then, our world would be doomed if the True God brought its entire army to attack us."

Lin Huang finally understood that it was not because Mr. Fu and the rest lacked the capability to kill the God's Servant and 12 God's Subordinates, but merely because they could not.

"Throughout hundreds of years, some lunatics founded an organization called the Saint and the True God that they're worshipping is the God's Servant's master that we sealed. They call themselves the followers of the True God with the aim of cleansing the world's sins and letting the True God rule the world. They've been studying how to destroy the blood of the True God throughout the years to summon the protoss. They've tried to unseal it many times, but they were stopped."

"What a bunch of idiots." Lin Huang commented about the Saint without thinking twice.

"We've basically retrieved all these information about the protoss from the God's Servant and 12 God's Subordinates' memories, but we're unable to extract their full memory, so the information is limited," Mr. Fu explained before he waved his hand. "We've gone off topic. Let's talk about what we're supposed to talk about."

"I still have three years to live, so you must grow within these three years to at least an imperial-level as well as have the ability to fight a demigod. I know it's hard, but you have to try your best to fulfill this," Mr. Fu said in all seriousness.

"Nobody will dare to hurt you during these three years as nobody would want to get it from me. As soon as I'm dead, they'll come to do so ruthlessly. By then, you'll be their second target after they get my dead body. Just because you're my apprentice, whether or not you know about my becoming a Virtual God, those who desire to become a Virtual God won't let you go."

Lin Huang knew very well that once Mr. Fu died, he would be the secondary target.

"I won't slack these few years, and I'll try to get to imperial-level as soon as possible."

"Becoming a Virtual God isn't a secret actually. The cultivation before the new epoch was different. During that time, we didn't have to kill monsters to upgrade our combat level, but we cultivate instead. As long as we do that, our combat level would increase. However, since the Virtual Eye opened 800 years ago, the rules of the world changed, and people relied on killing monsters to increase their combat level. There're no Virtual God monsters in this world, so nobody can become a Virtual God now."

"The cultivation that we practiced last time was difficult. One of the factors was the person's talent while another would be the time that was put in. You've been trained in Army Attack Tactics before, so you should know how difficult it is to get to level-9. Our cultivation started with training the Army Attack Tactics to level-10, and we would practice the Twisted Fate Scripture after that. That was the real cultivation. There weren't many powerful people during the old epoch as it was difficult, and on the other hand, there weren't many techniques to the Twisted Fate Scripture back in those days."

"Don't the demigods know that your cultivation technique was different?" Lin Huang asked.

"They basically did." Mr. Fu smiled awkwardly and shook his head.

"But what can they do? Even if they know that I used a different cultivation technique, they might still be able to retrieve something from my dead body. Moreover, they were a few of the demigods were cultivators like me. They'd want my dead body even more."

"Is there really no way to break through Virtual God with our part of cultivation?" Lin Huang was concerned that he might get stuck at demigod-level in the future.

"There are two ways. One is to tweak the old epoch's cultivation path whereby you'll learn Army Attack Tactics until level-10 and then train in the Twisted Fate Scripture after that to create a second cultivation system in your body. The other way is to go into the virtual zone to kill Virtual God monsters."

"All of the demigods know about the two different ways. However, they're not good enough to go for the first option as it's hard to progress as soon as one gets to level-8 in Army Attacks Tactics. Only a few of them managed to train until level-9. Meanwhile, not many people will want to go for the second option as nobody has ever returned as soon as they enter the virtual zone, not a single one. Even the saying about Virtual God monsters in the virtual zone is a myth since nobody has ever proven that."

"Because of that, all they can do is to look for shortcuts." Mr. Fu knew very well the reason why the demigods targeted him.

"I announced the Army Attacks Tactics ever since I discovered the disadvantages of the cultivation system. Some of them trained up to level-10 and studied the Twisted Fate Scripture later on to become a Virtual God or even a True God, preventing the world from being destroyed if it were to be attacked in the future."

"I asked you to be my apprentice because besides your personality, you have been trained in Army Attack Tactics pretty well, which proves that your talent is outstanding," Mr. Fu finally told Lin Huang why he had chosen Lin Huang to be his apprentice.

"You haven't been practicing the Army Attack Tactics for the past two years. You should practice whenever you have the time. As soon as you reach level-10, the Twisted Fate Scripture will be activated automatically. It's possible to level up to a Virtual God or even a True God as long as you have enough time and resources."

"I'll remember that." Lin Huang nodded.

"Speaking of the Army Attack Tactics, I must mention my first apprentice. You're my second apprentice, but I had an apprentice during the old epoch called Mo Kui. He only spent three years to reach level-10 Army Attack Tactics. His talent was way above genius level. I've always regarded myself as a genius, but I was nothing like him since I spent five years to complete level-10 Army Attack Tactics." Mr. Fu looked at the calm sea, seemingly reminiscing about something.

"Bro Mo Kui…"

"He became a Virtual God in less than 200 years, and he's no less powerful than I am," Mr. Fu paused.

"He blocked an attack from the God's Servant during the battle 800 years ago and died… That silly kid, if he were still alive, he would definitely be a True God by now…"

Both of them fell silent after the conversation. Around three to four minutes later, the fishing rod in Mr. Fu's hands was tugged at. He snapped out of his silence.

"Hehe, a fish is hooked. We have something for lunch and dinner today!"


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