Monster Paradise
608 A Message from Liu Ming
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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608 A Message from Liu Ming

"Congratulations, you've used 29 Seal Cards and succeeded in sealing the target. Excluding the two Seal Cards that you already have, you've used up 260 card draws and 340 card draws remain."

Just as Lin Huang fell onto the ground, Xiao Hei's voice was heard again.

"I almost died…"

Lin Huang became limp, suffering from pain and feeling weak. The weakness he felt was as if he had gone to the toilet eighty times from food poisoning or that he had sex with his girlfriend eighteen times a day… Of course, the pain he suffered was due to the bloody whip used by the monster and it had nothing to do with his girlfriend at all.

"Hey, did you intentionally lower the success rate of the Seal Card? Why did I need 28 Seal Cards to successfully seal it?" Lin Huang grumbled weakly.

"In fact, you're considered lucky. Without the Misfortune Card, the success rate to seal it would be less than one ten-thousandth due to the difference in your combat levels. Even if you've used 10,000 Seal Cards, you might not be able to seal it."

"Well, we can't give all the credit to the Misfortune Card. The monster has been sealed previously but it managed to get rid of the seal. A huge portion of its strength was spent fighting against the seal. In addition to its abilities being suppressed by the sunlight, the crippling effect of the Crippling Card and the continuous attacks from the God Crashers suppressed his abilities. The combination of all that resulted in a substantial increase in the effect of the Seal Card. If you weren't lucky, even if you've used up all 600 card draws, you might not even be able to seal it with 62 Seal Cards."

"I actually doubted what you said. It's just a demigod…" Lin Huang said and took out the card that had been sealed. He was startled when he saw the card.

On the front of the card, there was a picture of an arm with a big red "sealed" word on it. The name of the card was – The Virtual God's Amputee.

Lin Huang immediately flipped to the back of the card.

"The Virtual God's Amputee."

"Rarity: Pseudo mythical-level."

"Combat Level: Virtual God (Broken)"

"Seal Target Description: The arm of the Virtual God. The rest of its body parts and its head has gone missing. Other information remains unknown."

"Warning: With your current combat level and the authorization level of the system, please do not unseal the card unless it's necessary. Once unsealed, you won't be able to reseal it for the second time. The amputee would completely break free of the seal."

"Now do you know why I told you that you were lucky?" Noticing that Lin Huang had finished reading the card's description, Xiao Hei's voice was heard again. "If it wasn't an amputee that has lost its Godhead, causing its rarity to be on the pseudo mythical-level, the Seal Card will have no effect on it at all."

Lin Huang put away his card and asked, "If the card isn't sealed, do you have any other way?"

"No, if the sealing of the card was unsuccessful, you'll be possessed by the amputee. Once you've lost your consciousness, I'll leave your body and be recalled back to the world of the Goldfingers. My memory and all my data will be cleared, waiting to be assigned to another host. As for your body, you'll become a puppet of the amputee."

Lin Huang remained silent, listening to what Xiao Hei just said.

"I forgot to remind you that if you didn't leave the ruins within ten seconds, you'll have to wait until next year."

"What?" Lin Huang was stunned. He just recalled that the ruin key had a time limit on the exit. If nobody closed it, it would close on its own after three minutes. Moreover, the entrance could only be externally activated once a year while the exit could only be internally opened once a year. If he had yet to leave after three minutes, the ruin key could only be used next year.

"10, 9, 8, 7…"

When he heard that Xiao Hei was counting down, Lin Huang immediately stood up and put away all twelve of the God Crashers into his storage. He then took a leap with his Thunder Step, transforming himself into a crimson-colored lightning and left through the exit of the ruins.

The moment he disappeared through the exit of the ruins took less than three seconds, but it caused the air around it to implode rapidly.

At the War Canyon outside the ruins, a shadow suddenly appeared from the black ripples.

"Lin Huang!"

Yi Zheng and the rest shouted in excitement from seeing Lin Huang escape from the ruins at the very last minute. Before Lin Huang could stabilize himself, Bloody twisted around his left arm again while the rest surrounded him as well.

"Are you okay? All of us thought that you have died." Yi Zheng and the rest came up to him, sizing him up to see if something was missing.

"I'm okay. Yes, I almost died." Lin Huang removed the dust on his clothes calmly. The amputee of the Virtual God had been sealed and the exit of the ruins had closed. He was not worried if anything could get out of the ruins.

"From your clothes, I can see that you're really clumsy just now." Yi Zheng teased Lin Huang since his clothes had been torn apart by the bloody whip that tangled him.

"How did you get out of the ruins? My brother told me that you were caught by the monster." Yi Yeyu immediately asked.

"I'm lucky enough. After catching me, something else seemed to have caught its attention. It dumped me and left." Lin Huang hid the truth and told them a story.

Yi Zheng and Leng Yuexin's eyes flashed with a trace of uncertainty. However, they did not ask any further.

Li Lang and Yi Yeyu thought that what he said was true.

"You're really lucky that you can survive that." Li Lang gave him a stare.

"The monster didn't eat you before leaving…" Yi Yeyu smiled evilly.

"It's great that you managed to survive that." Yi Zheng patted Lin Huang's shoulder. He knew that Lin Huang did not want to talk about that topic anymore and immediately changed the topic, "Thank you for taking care of us over the past month. Without you, we'd have died in the ruins."

"Brother Zheng, there's no need to thank me. I was the one who invited you guys to go into the ruins. It's my responsibility to make sure that all of you can leave the ruins safely." Lin Huang smiled, waving his hand. "Although the trip might not be a happy one, it's somehow a memorable one."

"We've been filled with fear every day over the past month but that's quite happy." Leng Yuexin said.

"I don't think that it's happy but it's indeed an exciting one." Yi Yeyu said.

"If there's something like that, don't forget to find us! As for the stuff that we've collected, don't forget to give me once you've done distributing them!" Li Lang did not forget about that.

"I'll have to consider whether to go on a trip like that with you guys since I'm getting old…" Before Yi Zheng could finish his words, Yi Yeyu interrupted.

"Damn, you're just two years older than me. Do you think that you're 20 years older than me?" Yi Yeyu rolled her eyes at him.

"When are you going to leave Division 7?" Yi Zheng ignored Yi Yeyu and asked as he wanted to change the topic.

"I'll leave most probably by the end of March or during the beginning of April. I'll have to deal with the stuff in Division7 first." Lin Huang thought for a while and realized that he had to deal with a few of the things before leaving Division 7. "Before I leave, I'll distribute the items that we have. I'll make a list and send it to you guys in the first place after I'm done with it. However, as for the items in the Emperor's Heart Ring that have to be unlocked, the person who unlocks it will request 30% of the total. Please bear that in mind."

"I understand that." Yi Zheng nodded.

"By the way, I took twelve of the God Crashers with me. I'll give them to you first." Lin Huang said, taking all twelve of the God Crashers out.

"One is enough for me. I don't need it actually." Leng Yuexin only took one of them.

"I only need one as well since it's just for my collection. There's no need to take two." Li Lang took one as well.

"I'll take two then. I'll give one of them to my father. People from the military like this." Yi Zheng took two God Crashers.

"I'll take two of them as well!" Yi Yeyu stared at Yi Zheng, "You give it to daddy, I'll give it to grandfather!"

Lin Huang had no choice but to put the remaining six God Crashers in his storage.

"Why are you guys giving half of them to me?" Lin Huang was speechless but he could roughly guess why Yi Zheng and the rest did that.

"It'll be useful when you go to the core zone. It means nothing to us and it should be given to people who need it more than us. Otherwise, it'll be a waste." Yi Zheng patted Lin Huang's shoulder again.

"None of the auction houses will accept the God Crasher and it's illegal to sell them at the black market. The Union Government will investigate it. My brother doesn't have the guts to sell it." Yi Yeyu said.

"I understand it." Lin Huang knew that Yi Yeyu was just trying to make him feel better.

"You must accomplish something at the core zone for the reputation of Division 7!" Li Lang patted Lin Huang's shoulder. "Next time, if I happen to visit the core zone, I'll brag about you to the others and say, Lin Huang is my brother!"

"Lin Huang, all the best to you!" Yi Yeyu clenched her small fists.

"I hope we get the chance to meet again in the core zone." Yi Zheng did not say any other thing.

"It's dangerous at the core zone, be careful." Leng Yuexin said seriously.

"I'll remember that." Lin Huang nodded, saying goodbye to the rest while waving his hand, "Take care guys. I hope to see you guys again!"

Seeing the dimensional relic send them away, Lin Huang rubbed Boody's head and said, "It's time to for us to leave as well."

After summoning his Black Ink and when he was about to enter, a notification suddenly arrived.

Lin Huang then tapped open the communication page. Apart from a few of the missed calls he received, there were more than ten incoming messages.

The message that he just received was from Liu Ming. Lin Huang read it.

"Please get back to me as soon as possible when you read this message!"

Lin Huang did not pay much attention to it as it was just a simple message. However, his facial expression changed as soon as he closed the communication page. The reason behind this was because Liu Ming had sent 25 to 26 messages like this over the past month. He sent him a message like that almost every day.


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