Monster Paradise
607 Eh... Success?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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607 Eh... Success?

Seeing the appearance of the bloody mist, they were stunned.

"Yi Zheng, launch an attack!" Lin Huang immediately shouted. He no longer cared if he was yelling Yi Zheng's name.

Yi Zheng then snapped out of his trance, taking aim at the bloody mist.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Three consecutive shockwaves propagated in the air, along with a roar as the attacks struck the fist-sized bloody mist. The bloody mist was shrouded in the golden flares and let out a furious growl.

Right this moment, nine of the God Crashers were directed toward the bloody mist by his psychic abilities, defending themselves against the bloody mist.

The other three appeared in front of the three God Crashers that had been used to launch an attack instantly. They then rapidly refilled the God Crasher with the Terraflame Crystals.

The ruin key could transform into a door on its own and did not need much attention from Lin Huang and the rest. Then, they shot a deadly stare at the bloody mist.

After the smoke cleared, the bloody mist was now in a lighter shade.

Lin Huang noticed that the formation of the bloody mist was somehow affected by sunlight. When sunlight shone on the bloody mist, it faded a little along with a hissing sound. It sounded like oil, dripping off grilled meat before hitting the coals.

He was unsure if this was due to the effect of God Crasher but still, he told Yi Zheng, "Keep attacking. It can buy us some time!"

The exit behind them grew larger. However, they would need another minute before it was completely formed. Otherwise, the incomplete dimensional channel would crush them into pieces if they attempted to break in. They had no choice but to wait patiently.

Seeing that the God Crasher was seemingly effective, Yi Zheng was slightly relieved. Once again, he pushed the launch button on both God Crashers.

The next second, two golden flares shot up into the sky like a spotlight and enveloped the bloody mist again.

A loud explosion was heard again in the air, spreading around them in a radius that was tens of thousands of kilometers. The ground within that area trembled from the force.

The monsters that were hiding underground attempted to figure out where the explosion of the God Crasher came from in fear. The explosion that sounded very much like the rumbling of thunder, resembling a battle between the demigods. The monsters were considering if they should even hunt for food tonight.

After the second attack, Lin Huang and the rest stared at the bloody mist that was still lingering in mid-air. Before the smoke cleared, a bloody glow suddenly flashed in the sky.

After a few moments, the red glow exploded abruptly and released a large number of red clouds. Within a few moments, Lin Huang and the rest had been enveloped by the red clouds. Sunlight was completely blocked from entering and a radius that spanned hundreds of kilometers from where they were was now plunged into darkness, as if night had come early.

"What is it doing?" Yi Zheng and the rest found out that something was off.

"Sunlight will affect the formation of its body. Therefore, it's attempting to create night." Lin Huang frowned as he stared at the sky. It was impossible for the bloody clouds to clear in a short period of time.

In mid-air, the smoke seemed to be clearing.

Without sunlight, a human arm was gradually formed in the bloody mist, looking like an arm that was slowly extending from the mist.

Lin Huang and the rest felt goosebumps run through their skin as they saw what had happened.

"Continue the attack!" Lin Huang shouted.

Yi Zheng immediately launched an attack from three God Crashers.

Golden flares burst into the sky, enveloping the bloody mist like spotlights on a stage.

Right this moment, the arm was now fully extended from within the bloody mist. It managed to deflect the attacks from three of the God Crashers with its palm.

Lin Huang and the rest were stunned at what they had just witnessed.

Its arm was injured from the attack by the God Crasher, exposing its white bones. However, its wounds were soon enveloped by the bloody mist and were healed in just a few seconds.

"Before its body is completely formed, it can't move. It's now a live target!" Yi Zheng heard Lin Huang's voice again, "Continue attacking and stop it from fully forming its body. As long as we have enough time, we can definitely leave this place!"

Yi Zheng nodded his head and launched another two attacks.

Two golden flares blasted off into the sky again…

In mid-air, the arm of the misty monster that had just been healed took on another attack by the God Crasher.

The monster deflected the attacks with its arms again, its body forming rapidly from its successful defense.

Due to the limit on the refill speed for the God Crashers, Yi Zheng could only use two of them at a go. However, the attacks by two God Crashers were unable to break through the defense of its arms. It could only slow down its progress a little.

"What card can I use now?" Lin Huang was thinking about what he could do.

After a few moments, two cards appeared in his hand. They were the Misfortune Card and the Crippling Card.

"I can just try my best!" Right now, Lin Huang could no longer care how many cards he was going to use. Without a moment of hesitation, he crushed his Misfortune Card followed by the Crippling Card.

The effects of both of the cards afflicted the monster one after the other.

The body of the misty monster faded as soon as the Crippling Card was used. At this moment, a hurricane was formed, dispersing the bloody clouds in the air into several smaller wisps of clouds. The sunlight was now shining on them as usual and it had become rather intense. Since the monster had been weakened, the half-formed body of the monster reduced a little in size once the sunlight shone on it.

Yi Zheng thought that this was a blessing and immediately launched another attack. Lin Huang managed to buy them some time by using two cards.

The exit behind Lin Huang and the rest was almost fully formed. It could be stabilized in half a minute at most.

In mid-air, the misty shadow was slowly forming. Initially, they had no idea what the bloody mist was but now, they could finally see that it was a human figure. It was the mysterious monster that managed to fight the three demigod remnants from the Eclipse Boa's memory. Similarly, it was one of them who began the blood sacrifice in the ruins.

Lin Huang and the rest were racing against the clock and each played their own role. Even Bloody created a few of his clones to recharge the God Crashers with Life Power. At this moment, every second counted. All of them might die if they were even a second slower.

Yi Zheng who was responsible for the attacks had his back drenched with sweat. It was not because the weather was too hot, but was because he was nervous.

The God Crasher could no longer stop the formation of the human figure. It could only slow it down. Although everybody was racing against the clock, nobody had given up.

All of a sudden, they could feel a shockwave from behind them. The exit had finally been formed.

"Let's go!" Lin Huang shouted. Yi Zheng attacked with five God Crashers that had been recharged simultaneously.

The human figure was enveloped by the flares once again.

They did not even have the time to take back their God Crashers as the five of them immediately rushed toward the exit with Bloody by their side.

At that moment, a bloody whip suddenly appeared in the air, targetting Yi Zheng. Lin Huang saw it and immediately grabbed Yi Zheng's arm, pushing him toward the exit.

The bloody whip immediately shifted its target towards Lin Huang as soon as it missed its first target. As it twisted around Lin Huang's ankle, it dragged him out of the exit by force…

Seeing that Yi Zheng and the rest had already disappeared through the dimensional channel, Lin Huang turned his body around.

The human figure in mid-air was now fully formed as it stared at Lin Huang.

The bloody whip that entangled Lin Huang's ankle extended toward his body and soon, his body was completely bound. He could no longer move.

The misty shadow then beckoned Lin Huang toward it and stopped when he was a meter away.

"The ruins… Exit…" Again, the misty shadow uttered those words. It looked excited.

Through its shoulder, Lin Huang saw that there was a golden chain that extended behind the misty shadow.

"It kept me alive is because it can't escape!" He could suddenly understand what the misty shadow meant.

Right this moment, the misty shadow transformed into a bloody mist, spreading through Lin Huang's body through his mouth.

"Xiao Hei, help me! I'm going to die soon!" Seeing the bloody mist gushing into his body, Lin Huang immediately contacted Xiao Hei.

"With the current condition of your body, only the Seal Card can help you to escape this danger. However, the level of the monster is too high, and the success rate of the Seal Card is relatively low. You only have two Seal Cards with you now. If you need more, you can only draw it with 10 times of the normal draw rate to draw a specific card that you want…"

"Stop explaining and just use it! If 10 cards are not enough, use 20 of them, If 20 cards are not enough, use 30 of them. If 30 cards are not enough, use 100 of them! You have to seal it!"

"With the number of card draws you currently have, you can't draw 100 of them. With 600 card draws and with 10 times of the normal draw rate, you can only draw 60 Seal Cards."

"Stop it, I'm really dying…"

"Alright, I'll start using the Seal Cards to seal it."

"Using Seal Card x1, sealing the target… Failed!"

"Using Seal Card x1, sealing the target… Failed!"

"Seal Card has been used up. Using 10 card draws to obtain a Seal Card x1"

"Using Seal Card x1, sealing the target… Failed!"

"Seal Card has been used up. Using 10 card draws to obtain a Seal Card x1"

"Using Seal Card x1, sealing the target… Eh... Success!"

"Why did you say eh!" Lin Huang's weak voice was heard.


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