Monster Paradise
606 Escape
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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606 Escape

"It's not important anymore, regardless of whether the mysterious monster is capable of fighting the demigods. For the sake of our safety, it'll be best if we leave the ruins as soon as possible." Leng Yuexin caught a glimpse of Li Lang and she agreed with Lin Huang.

"Under such circumstances, we shouldn't put our faith in luck. We've to be prepared for the worst. According to what Lin Huang said, the bloody mist must be at least on the demigod-level. It's unlikely that we can win the fight. Leaving the ruins is indeed the only choice we have." Yi Zheng agreed with Lin Huang's decision as well.

"Let's leave today. I don't want to die in the ruins." Yi Yeyu said.

Seeing that the rest of them had agreed with Lin Huang's decision after shifting their gaze toward him, Li Lang said, "I don't mean to disagree with leaving the ruins today but I wonder, why did the mysterious monster appear during this particular time? However, it seems like the reason behind its appearance is no longer important. Also, regardless of whether it was the one who managed to defeat the demigod, that's no longer a concern. It's better for us to leave earlier so that I can take a hot shower."

"I can assure you that it's the one." Lin Huang was confident. "Before the Dimensional Portal closed, I saw the bloody mist transforming into the shape of a human, looking exactly the same as the mysterious monster that I saw in the Eclipse Boa's memory."

"I saw that as well…" Yi Zheng reassured.

Since both of them could confirm this, Li Lang was no longer putting his faith in luck.

"Lin Huang, will it discover us if we stay here?" Yi Yeyu was worried about it.

"It won't be able to find us within such a short period of time. Any form of external detection on the sites within these ruins is blocked. To find us, it'll have to follow the aura left on the ground and search through each site in the ruins. The site that we're at is more than 10,000 kilometers away from it." Lin Huang explained. He felt lucky that any form of external detection would be blocked at these sites.

"Have you set the location of the entrance in the Dimensional Portal?" This was Yi Zheng's greatest concern. "If you didn't, the monster will discover us as soon as we reach the ground. We'll definitely die."

"Of course I did. I set the location in my Dimensional Portal as soon as I entered the ruins." Lin Huang raised an eyebrow.

In fact, there were several weak points within the ruins that could be used as an entrance. There were quite a number of weak points where the ruin key could be used to unlock the entrances. This was also the reason why they would be sent to different locations each time they entered with the ruin key. However, Lin Huang and the rest had no time to look for other entrances. Therefore, they had to create a new entrance by relying on the location that they earlier entered from.

"I've already set the location. However, there's another problem that's even more troublesome. We need sufficient time to activate the entrance of the ruins. The rate of Life Power absorption of the ruin key is constant. It'll take me at least five minutes to insert a sufficient amount of Life Power into the key. Then, it's another process for the ruin key to open the entrance. It'll require about one to two minutes." Lin Huang sorted out another problem. "That being said, we'll be on the ground for at least six minutes. The misty monster might sense our presence."

"We have to take the risk. We can't wait here. The longer we stall, the higher the possibility that we'll be discovered." Leng Yuexin analyzed the situation calmly. "Even if we're not discovered today, tomorrow night is the blood sacrifice. This makes the situation even more dangerous."

"Miss Leng is right. We have no way out." Yi Zheng agreed with Leng Yuexin.

Lin Huang remained quiet for a moment but soon, it seemed like something had dawned upon him, "I understand now."

"What should we do now?" Li Lang immediately asked.

"Let's prepare for the worst…" Lin Huang was not relaxed, "Please charge all twelve of the God Crashers with the crystals that we obtained from the large site. Those are Terraflame Crystals. If the God Crasher is charged with those crystals, the effect will be much better than if we were to charge them with Life Crystals."

After he spoke, he took out enough yellow crystals to make them look like a hill, "Take it, I still have more if that's not enough."

They immediately took out their God Crashers, refilling it with the crystals.

"Brother Zheng, could you please help to fix the carriage?" Lin Huang then took out spare parts for the carriage. The items that they had obtained earlier had already been sorted by Bloody. Lin Huang could easily find what he wanted.

Yi Zheng then passed two of his God Crashers to Li Lang and started dealing with his things.

Soon after, all twelve of the God Crashers had been recharged, and Yi Zheng had fixed the carriage as well.

"I'll keep all the God Crashers with me. You guys aren't familiar with it. It'll be faster if I were to use it." Yi Zheng suggested. It was well established that he was an expert in operating the God Crashers. The rest of them were still new to it.

Yi Yeyu wanted to voice her disagreement. However, once she thought it over carefully, it was no longer important regardless of who owned the God Crashers since they were going to use them soon.

Lin Huang and the rest had no objections.

"What else do we need to prepare?" Yi Zheng put away all twelve of the God Crashers and the carriage. He then raised his head and looked at Lin Huang.

"Get ready. We might have to escape at any moment." Lin Huang shook his head with a smile, "When we encounter those on the demigod-level, there's nothing else we can use aside from the God Crashers. As soon as the exit opens, run as fast as you can."

"Haha, I'm good at escaping." Li Lang laughed. He and Yi Yeyu did not think any further.

However, Yi Zheng and Leng Yuexin looked at Lin Huang and instantly understood that Lin Huang intended to be the last to leave.

"Are you guys ready?" After recalling Lancelot into its card form, Lin Huang gazed upon the rest of them.

They nodded their head and as they saw Lancelot disappearing, they knew that even if it stayed, it would not be able to offer any assistance.

"Let's go!" After uttering his words, he summoned the Dimensional Portal once more. After setting up its destination, they pushed the door open.

Both of them strode into it. A few moments after the door was closed, the underground room within the ruins turned silent.

As they left the Dimensional Portal, they found themselves already at the entrance of the ruins that they were at a month ago.

It was a familiar scene… Aside from the dried up ground, there was nothing there.

After Lin Huang put away his Dimensional Portal, he took out the ruin key and immediately began inserting Life Power into it.

Yi Zheng then brought out the God Crashers.

The sun was hanging high up in the cloudless sky and time continued to pass in the ruins.

Yi Zheng and the rest were stressed out. They felt that the time was passing too slowly as each passing minute and second felt like endless torture.

Soon, five minutes had passed. The ruin key was now completely filled with Life Power as it left Lin Huang's palm. Ripples gradually formed in mid-air.

They were relieved. "Two more minutes and we'll be able to leave…" After Li Lang said this, the bloody mist appeared abruptly appeared less than a hundred meters away from them.


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