Monster Paradise
605 The Appearance of the Misty Shadow
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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605 The Appearance of the Misty Shadow

At the underground plaza at the large site, the bloody mist escaping from the gaps in the red wooden box got thicker.

The intricate golden pattern on the box began moving quickly and the bloody mist did not stop spreading.

After hibernating for almost half a month, the mysterious creature was struggling in the box and caught the red wooden box off guard on the night two days before the blood sacrifice.

As the red wooden box began vibrating vigorously, the bloody mist finally managed to free itself from the box, forming a human arm in mid-air. It was a man's arm, muscular with its veins bulging.

As soon as the arm was formed, a thicker mist was released. Again, a human-like silhouette was formed in the mist.

Countless golden chains suddenly shot out and tangled around the limbs of the misty shadow. Before its neck was locked in the fifth chain, the misty shadow attempted to break free of the chains and succeeded. It then appeared in the sky in a flash.

It was hanging in mid-air. The misty shadow lifted its head, staring at the red and purple moons in the sky.

With its mouth wide-open, countless monsters that were hunting for food on the ground rapidly turned into a bloody mist, drawn toward the misty shadow.

On this night, every single one of the monsters that were hunting for food suffered. Many of the monsters died without knowing why the blood sacrifice happened two days earlier.

After spending almost half an hour wiping out all the monsters in the ruins, the misty shadow suddenly stood still in its original position. After a few moments, it lifted its head and stared at the mid-sized site that was about 3,000 kilometers away from it. It was the site that Lin Huang and the rest were hiding at half a month ago.

"The ruins… The key…"

The voice was heard coming from its throat and soon, the misty shadow disappeared.

Early in the morning, after washing up, Lin Huang and the rest had a chat while having their breakfast.

"Lin Huang, have you chosen the site that we're going to yet?" Yi Yeyu asked while drinking her fruit juice.

"Yes, I've done it last night." Lin Huang nodded his head. "We're going to leave tomorrow so our schedule is full today. Let's see if we can manage to explore three mid-sized sites today. If we can't make it, I can help out when we're at the third site."

"If we're going to explore three sites, we may have to skip our afternoon break." It was obvious that Li Lang wanted to goof around.

"We're leaving tomorrow. We should go to as many sites as we can." Yi Zheng agreed with him. "Since all of us have leveled up, we can make it to three sites if we skip our afternoon break."

"Let's give it a try." Leng Yuexin nodded calmly.

After having their breakfast, they left the site.

Seeing the newly risen sun, Lin Huang felt safe.

"I've been staying in the ruins for a month and the only thing that can make me feel secure is the sun." Leng Yuexin said as she raised her head and looked at the sun.

"I haven't developed any special feelings for this place despite staying over here for an entire month. The only thing I feel is that I smell terrible. The first thing I'm going to do is to take a shower!" Yi Yeyu said with a smile.

"Don't just take a shower, we need a bath in a tub!" Li Lang was a clean freak but such behavior had gone for the past month.

Yi Yeyu laughed and remained quiet afterward.

"If we continue dreaming over here, we can't even finish going into two sites." Lin Huang laughed and stopped them from daydreaming. "Let's start working!"

"Lin Huang, if you were a businessman you'd be a terrible boss!" Li Lang teased.

Yi Yeyu and Leng Yuexin did the same thing to Lin Huang as well.

They were then guided by Lin Huang and headed towards the north.

Bai had been recalled by Lin Huang previously so Lancelot and the five of them began their journey. Just as they were less than 300 kilometers away from their destination, Lin Huang suddenly frowned. He saw the appearance of the red mist from afar that had blocked their way.

"What's that?!" Soon, Yi Zheng and the rest noticed that something was off.

Right this moment, a vivid scene suddenly appeared in Lin Huang's mind.

He could see that there was a human-shaped red mist lingering in mid-air, and it seemed like it was staring at the sky with its mouth wide open. Meanwhile, all the monsters on the ground both alive and dead had turned into a bloody mist. They were then engulfed by the misty shadow.

It was one of the scenes inherited from the Eclipse Boa's memory. It happened hundreds of years ago. According to its memory, the incident had almost turned Eclipse Boa into one of the sacrifices. Fortunately, they were close to the site so they managed to dive underground right at the moment when they noticed that something unusual was happening to escape the danger.

"Run!" At the very next moment that the memory flashed through Lin Huang's mind, his eyes dilated. He could roughly guess what the misty shadow was and immediately instructed the rest of them to flee.

At the same time, he summoned the Black Ink without a moment of hesitation and pulled them into the Dimensional Portal.

The instant when the door of the Dimensional Portal closed, Lin Huang could see the red mist already transforming into the human shape.

At the next moment, Lin Huang and the rest returned to the site where they were at early in the morning.

"What happened?" Yi Zheng frowned as he asked.

"I don't have the time to explain!" Lin Huang summoned his Black Ink again and set a location to a site that was more than 10,000 kilometers away. He then urged the rest to enter. "I can feel that it's not safe enough to stay here. We've to leave immediately!"

Yi Zheng and the rest followed as Lin Huang did not look like he was joking.

Just as they just entered the Dimensional portal to leave, the misty shadow appeared right above the site where they were hiding just now. It entered the site in a flash but noticed that the aura that was blocked by the site reappearing somewhere else. Following that, it went underground but still, it left empty-handed.

Looking in the direction where Lin Huang and the rest disappeared to, the misty shadow mumbled in a deep voice, "The ruin key…"

At the underground of one of the sites that were more than 10,000 kilometers away, Lin Huang and the rest stepped out of Black Ink.

"Can you please tell us what's happening now?" Yi Yeyu felt that what Lin Huang did was ridiculous.

"Did you ask us to escape because of the bloody mist? What's that?" Leng Yuexin could roughly guess why Lin Huang asked them to escape.

"If my guess is right, the bloody mist must be the mysterious monster that fought during the sacrifice with the three demigod remnants in the ruins." After uttering these words, Lin Huang told them about what he saw flashing through his mind.

The facial expression on their faces changed as soon as they heard that.

"How could that be?! Isn't the blood sacrifice happening tomorrow night? Why is it happening today, during daytime?!" Li Lang doubted.

"I've no idea why it suddenly appeared. We don't have time for that though." Lin Huang frowned. "Since the monster has appeared, it's not safe for us to stay here anymore. We have to return to the entrance of the ruins as soon as possible. We must unlock the entrance using the ruin key and leave!"


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