Monster Paradise
604 The Reappearance of the Red Mis
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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604 The Reappearance of the Red Mis

At one of the underground floors of a medium-sized site that was thousands of kilometers away from the big-sized site, Lin Huang took out of his Black Ink.

Lin Huang put the Black Ink away in relief.

"What monster was it that just growled loudly? It has a terrifying roar and it gives me goosebumps!" Yi Yeyu exclaimed.

"Me too, I had goosebumps." Li Lang nodded his head in agreement.

"My heart skipped a beat at that instant…" Yi Zheng took a deep breath as he replied.

"If we were only one or two seconds slower, we might've died there." Leng Yuexin could finally calm herself down.

"I've no idea what that was. I only know that it has quietly killed off Bloody's leech pods. In addition to that, the investigation pods did not discover it earlier. I suppose it's stronger than me and that was exactly why I urged you guys to leave." Lin Huang explained. "However, from its growl, the abilities of the monster has to be beyond the imperial-level Eclipse Boa that I killed earlier. Fortunately, we managed to escape in time or we'll all be in great trouble."

Of course, they did not know that the monster that let out a loud roar in the underground had been sealed by the red wooden box. However, after experiencing what they had just been through, they had no intentions whatsoever of ever going to the big-sized site again.

They took out the items from three out of four treasure rooms, seemingly quite satisfied with they got.

"The sky is turning dark soon. Let's stop here. I've aged and I can't take the torture any longer." Yi Zheng took a look at the time and it was just slightly after 4 p.m. There were at least three hours before the sky turned dark but he did not want to go out anymore. He looked for a wall, leaning against it with his legs crossed.

The rest of them were relieved as they sat down.

As Lin Huang sat down, he searched through his storage ring and looked for the items that he just obtained with his mind. After a short while, he grinned. He raised his head, glancing at Yi Zheng and the rest. "Are you guys looking for the God Crasher? Among the items that we've managed to collect, including the one which Yi Yeyu took, we have a total of 12 God Crashers."

Yi Zheng and the rest opened their eyes wide, shifting their gaze to Lin Huang.

"Is that true? Don't joke about this or I'll be pissed." Yi Yeyu shook her fist at Lin Huang.

"I'm not joking. Each of us will get two God Crashers and there are two extras." Lin Huang smiled, as he nodded his head. "Let's divide the God Crasher among us first. We'll discuss the rest of the items as we get out of this place."

Lin Huang took out 11 of the God Crashers he had with him as he said, "Each of you please choose two!"

Each of them then took two God Crashers.

Yi Yeyu took two as well. Yi Zheng frowned and asked, "Don't you already have one with you?"

"Don't bother me!" Yi Yeyu pouted. She then told Lin Huang, "Please deduct the third God Crasher that I took from the other items."

Lin Huang nodded his head, storing three of the remaining God Crasher in his storage space as he replied, "I'll deduct it from the remaining items accordingly as well."

Aside from Yi Zheng, the rest of them had stored the God Crasher.

Yi Zheng looked at both of the God Crasher carefully. He then took out a lot of Life Crystals from his storage space and started inserting them into the power cabin to refill its Life Power.

Right this moment, Li Lang came, "Brother Zheng, since you have nothing to do, can you please teach me how to use the God Crasher?"

Yi Zheng smiled, nodding his head. "It's actually pretty simple. In order to use the God Crasher, the first step is to fill up its power. The latest God Crasher is highly compatible with the energy crystals. Aside from the Life Crystals, many of the energy crystals can be used as a source of energy. However, we now have the third generation God Crasher which can only support Life Crystals and some of the fire element crystals."

"It's easy to fill its power up. You just have to insert the energy crystals into the power cabin behind the barrel. Small crystals can be inserted in bunches but for the bigger crystals, you'll have to cut them into appropriately sized fragments before inserting them. The power cabin will automatically convert the energy within the energy crystals. The scale next to the power cabin shows the ratio of the power. As soon as it reaches 100%, stop inserting energy crystals into the power cabin or it'll explode. Also, the third generation God Crasher can only use a single type of crystal. Don't attempt to mix the powers of various crystals or the power cabin will explode as well."

"As soon as it has been charged, it can then launch attacks. You can stabilize it with a cannon carriage or with your shoulder. However, be aware of its recoil…"

Aside from Li Lang, Lin Huang and Leng Yuexin were paying attention to what he said as well.

Despite Yi Yeyu having never used it before, she was familiar with the God Crasher as she was born into a military family. She took out one of her God Crashers and handled it on her own.

It was about five o'clock in the afternoon after listening to Yi Zheng. Five of them played some card games after their dinner and soon, they were going at it with their own things.

At night, some of them had already fallen asleep while the others were still practicing their skills.

In the ruins, the night belonged to the monsters.

On the ground, many of the monsters started hunting for food. Killing and being killed was something normal.

However, all this had nothing to do with Lin Huang and the rest.

Some of them had slept soundly whereas some of them were still immersed in their thoughts, recalling the etchings that they saw as they continued practicing their skills.

A peaceful night passed.

The next morning, they departed to the next site after having their breakfast.

As usual, no monsters appeared during the daytime in the ruins. Only humans like Lin Huang and the rest were there during daytime.

They went to various sites during the daytime, taking the opportunity to rest inside the sites at night.

Before long, 10 days had passed.

Yi Zheng and Leng Yuexin could finally find their Life Fire monster and had obtained their Life Fire. They had leveled-up, with Yi Zheng now at the gold flame-level while Leng Yuexin managed to achieve the purple flame-level.

They were getting closer to the second blood sacrifice.

"There's another two days before the second blood sacrifice…" At night, on the second underground floor in a small-sized site, Lin Huang gazed upon the rest of them and said, "I'd suggest leaving in the afternoon on the day after tomorrow."

"I've nothing to add since I don't want to experience the blood sacrifice for the second time." Yi Yeyu laughed.

"Since the blood sacrifice will start at night on the day after tomorrow, we can still hunt for some treasures tomorrow in the afternoon." Li Lang nodded.

"I'd prefer to leave tomorrow before sunset. However, it's fine to leave in the afternoon the day after tomorrow as well." Yi Zheng nodded as well.

"What's your plan after leaving?" Leng Yuexin smiled, looking at Lin Huang.

"I'll be going to Division 3. I can hardly find a suitable Life Fire monster in Division 7 to upgrade my combat strength…" Lin Huang finally told them that he was going to leave. "One of the reasons that I invited you guys to enter these ruins is because I wanted to have a gathering before I leave. I thought that it'll be like a vacation, something where we can make some good memories. However, it ended up being a grade-5 ruin where we didn't manage to make any beautiful memories. Instead, we're all frightened…"

"You don't have to feel sorry for that. Being frightened can be very memorable too." Yi Zheng said seriously.

"Brother Zheng was right. It'll remind us of you when we encounter any dangers in the future." Li Lang continued.

Yi Yeyu and Leng Yuexin laughed with their mouth covered.

Few of them chatted until late at night.

However, Lin Huang and the rest did not know that at the city center situated tens of thousands of kilometers away, the bloody mist was spreading out of the red wooden box at the underground plaza again…


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