Monster Paradise
601 Level-4 Sword Dao
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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601 Level-4 Sword Dao

"Congratulations, octuple cross-ranking kill has been completed. You've obtained Reward Card Draw x50!"

As he pierced through the immortal-level rank-5 monster's heart, Lin Huang could finally obtain the cross-ranking reward for the tenth time.

He managed to kill an immortal-level rank-5 monster despite the fact that his combat strength was merely on the crimson flame-level. He could now achieve an octuple cross-ranking kill. However, he was not satisfied with his performance.

"When I'm at immortal-level rank-1, I'll possibly be able to kill an immortal-level rank-9. However, the abilities of those at the imperial-level will be doubled each time they level up. With the current cross-ranking standard that I can achieve, even if I'm on the black gold-rank in future, I'll only be able to level-up four ranks at once and kill those on the violet gold-rank. However, I won't be able to defeat the demigods." From the Eclipse Boa's memory, Lin Huang knew that there would be a big difference in abilities between each level. If he wanted the ability to kill the demigods, it was insufficient for him to just level-up to the imperial-level.

As for the Transformation Card and Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card, they were external factors. Moreover, it definitely depended on one's look to determine whether one could draw it or not. It was not a permanent solution by depending on such cards to improve abilities. Cards were only for emergencies.

During the sunset on the first day after the blood sacrifice, Lin Huang was alone for an hour. Since A Double Reward Card was activated, Lin Huang completed 10 consecutive cross-ranking kills and was given 500 card draws.

Since Lin Huang had enough cards to use, he did not draw any cards yet. He accumulated the 500 draws with remaining 100 card draws.

A few days after obtaining the cross-ranking rewards, Lin Huang, Yi Zheng and the rest were approaching the center of the ruins. Lin Huang and the rest managed to wipe out the monsters in the small and medium-sized sites. Not only did they obtain many items, Li Lang and Yi Yeyu had also found a suitable Life Fire monster and had already leveled-up to blue flame-level.

Naturally, both of them had chosen a double mutated Life Fire monster instead of a triple mutated Life Fire monster. Among other reasons, it was because those monsters were rare and they would not even be able to defeat the triple mutated monsters.

After upgrading to the blue flame-level, both of them relied on a large number of Life Crystals for the cultivation of Life Fire.

Lin Huang's Life Fire was growing due to Lancelot's attacks on the monsters. When there were no powerful monsters at the sites at night, Lin Huang would release Lancelot so that it could attack. There were two Life Fires in Lin Huang's body. One of them stopped growing when it reached 50 meters whereas the other had reached 300 meters and was still growing. Both of them were initially parallel to each other but for now, the fifty-meter Life Fire would be set off against another of his Life Fire.

Lin Huang could do nothing since monsters that had gone through a quadruple mutation were mere legends. It was completely out of his expectation when he previously encountered the Regal Sword Killer. The Life Fire monster that he could find would be a triple mutated monster at the very most.

Leng Yuexin and Yi Zheng were rather picky as they could not find a suitable Life Fire monster yet.

At the spacious ruins.

After about a week, Lin Huang and the rest had finally arrived at the center of the ruins.

In the afternoon when the sun was shining high, they could see the big-sized site from afar.

Soon, Lin Huang and the rest landed on the periphery of the site.

"Lin Huang, is this the site that the Saint members always come?" After Li Lang has descended, he looked at the site from afar. However, he found nothing unique.

"Yes, according to the memory inherited from the Eclipse Boa." Lin Huang nodded his head.

"The Saint members will not come here without a reason. Let's look around patiently and see if we can discover anything." Leng Yuexin suggested.

The rest nodded in agreement.

"Please walk together to avoid unknown dangers that could happen. Although the ruins look safe, we don't actually know the exact situation yet." Lin Huang reminded.

The site was big and looked like a huge palace. However, only half of the floors in the ruins remained. By looking at the door of the remaining floors, it seemed to be about 10 meters tall. They could then estimate that the actual height of the palace door which would be more than 30 meters.

"The building is so big. Are giants living in this building?" Yi Yeyu said as she looked at the huge door and windows.

Yi Zheng stopped in front of the wall. There was something etched on the wall and it was made with a saber.

When Lin Huang and the rest were about to leave, they saw that Yi Zheng was stunned, staring at the etches on the wall.

As Yi Yeyu wanted to give her brother a slap, Lin Huang immediately grabbed her wrist and signed her to keep quiet.

"Don't distract him, it seems like these etches have given him some insights." Lin Huang suppressed his voice and told the rest.

Yi Yeyu then retracted her hand.

"The etches on the wall might be remnants of a war. Let's look around and we might possibly gain something." Lin Huang noticed the etches on the wall as Yi Zheng mentioned it.

Leng Yuexin and the rest began observing the etches on the wall.

Lin Huang did not go too far. Instead, he flew up over the door and looked at the etches on the door. Obviously, they were etches made from a sword. Not only did the etches on the door look like this, it seemed like all the etches in the palace were made by a sword.

Lin Huang stared at the sword etches on the door for a moment and felt nothing special. He then told Lancelot to look after the rest as he flew along, following the path of the etches.

He flew around the site for a few minutes and when he returned, he looked at the etches on the door again.

Right this moment, a scene suddenly appeared in Lin Huang's mind.

There was a palace which existed hundreds of years ago, a few hundred meters in height. The palace was ablaze with light, and there were people singing, dancing, drinking, and talking…

One day, a young man suddenly appeared at the door of the palace. He was wearing a white robe and he had a waist-length hair. Although his face could not be clearly seen, Lin Huang could vaguely feel that he was a handsome man.

The man was holding a black sword in his hand but Lin Huang could not figure out its level. Soon after, he suddenly slashed his sword.

The next moment, the entire palace was cut in two. Apart from that, thousands of people were immediately cut in half regardless of the floors they were on…

Lin Huang was stunned at the terrifying scene he just saw. He was pretty sure that the man used only one sword and he wondered how could that happen. He could not figure out why as the man did not use any territorial power.

It was just an ordinary sword and it was deeply imprinted on his mind. After a long while, only then Lin Huang could recover from his thoughts.

"What just happened?!" Lin Huang did not expect that as he snapped out of his trance, there was a breakthrough in his Sword Dao. He had leveled-up to level-4 Sword Dao – Oblivion.


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