Monster Paradise
599 Killing the Eclipse Boa!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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599 Killing the Eclipse Boa!

As Yi Zheng and the rest escaped from the underground, the fight between Lin Huang ad the Eclipse Boa continued on the first underground floor. Banging noises were heard underground. The Air Slicer that Lin Huang was holding transforming into a purple glow and collided with the red glow that transformed from the Eclipse Boa. Each collision would create an intense tremor. The thud that was as loud as thunder could be heard hundreds of meters away while the tremors that felt like an earthquake could be felt dozens of kilometers away.

The first underground floor began to collapse as the duo fought. Gravel fell down from the top of the corridor as the walls collapsed. There were even cracks on the ground. The corridor was in a mess, and no part of it remained in a good condition. The duo backed off after another collision and Lin Huang glared deadly at the boa that was not far away. The Eclipse Boa was more powerful than he imagined. Although it was injured by the God Crasher, its abilities were no less than Lin Huang, even after his combat level had been upgraded.

"An imperial-level monster is really something." Lin Huang realized how powerful the monster was as it was his first time fighting against an imperial-level monster. His Thunder Eclipse was continuously upgrading during battle. Some of the parts that he had yet to master were now complete, all while its speed and strength grew more powerful.

The Eclipse Boa was getting more and more fearful of Lin Huang now. It did not expect that an immortal-level rank-3 could go toe-to-toe with it. It was obvious that Lin Huang was not merely a supreme genius. Aside from that, Lin Huang was gaining confidence as the fight continued. His sword skill was improving, and the wounds on the Eclipse Boa could not be healed as Lin Huang continued doing battle with it. As time passed, it was evidently on the losing side.

However, the Eclipse Boa had not lost hope fighting an immortal-level rank-3 opponent. It knew fairly well that it would win the battle as long as it managed to endure the duration of Lin Huang's secret skill. As it thought of this, the Eclipse Boa shot a deadly glare with its ruby-red eyes once more and dashed towards Lin Huang while glowing red. Lin Huang was in a trance — his Thunder Eclipse almost flawless in this battle. At least to him, it was flawless. It was now one with the Sword Dao and was one step away from perfection.

Lin Huang dashed towards the Eclipse Boa as a purple lightning again.


The collision this time had created a terrifying shockwave that exceeded the limit that the walls could take, causing them to completely collapse, leaving nothing behind on the first underground floor. Soon, the red and purple shadows shot out of the sky and clashed again. They were so fast that their movements could not be seen with the naked eye. Yi Zheng and the rest could only see the afterimages that were moving in the sky.

Without the underground corridor acting as a barrier, the sound from their fight was now much louder than before. Every collision sounded like the Thunder God's roar, causing even the clouds to fade from the shockwave.

"It's not safe here anymore! Let's hide on the second underground floor." Yi Zheng noticed Lancelot's defenses beginning to tremble. Bai nodded and activated his Vampire Particles that transformed into arms, grabbing the rest before they headed underground while Lancelot tailed them from the back.

There were monsters that came after them but they were immediately killed by Lancelot's Sword Dao territory. The six of them arrived at the collapsed site and founded the entrance of the second underground floor, finally safe once more as they entered.

Meanwhile, the fight between Lin Huang and the Eclipse Boa peaked in the sky. Their movements were limited by the corridor earlier, but they were no longer restricted in the sky.

Their clashes became more frequent, a red and purple glow shooting sparks into the dark sky. Each clash would appear at a different place and a loud bang could be heard each time. Many holy fire-level monsters below their battle were killed from the shockwave, others were blown away, while some of them began escaping.

"Thunder Eclipse!"

Lin Huang shouted as he merged himself with the sword into a purple lightning and dashed, several times faster than before. Thunder Eclipse had finally reached its perfection during the battle, causing its speed and strength to become several times more powerful than before. This time, the red glow was shot into the ground from the collision. It was the first time Lin Huang seemed to be the victor in the battle.

Lin Huang looked at the Eclipse Boa from afar. He knew that it had yet to unleash its powerful abilities but he was no longer afraid. In the hole that was hundreds of meters deep, the Eclipse Snake slowly got up and shot a deadly glare at Lin Huang with its ruby eyes.

"I never would've thought that you could push me to my edge!"

"Show me all you got or you'll never have another chance." Lin Huang looked at the Eclipse Boa with the gaze that an emperor would spare a peasant.

"As you wish!" A gigantic red boa head appeared above the Eclipse Boa's head.

Lin Huang know that it was summoning its Life Castle. He dashed towards it, body not unlike purple lightning as a golden glow enveloped sword. As the head of the red boa that towered a thousand meters completed its formation, Lin Huang's sword was completely covered in a golden sheen, not unlike a scorching summer sun. It was so bright that it made the surrounding look like it was daytime.

"Moon Engulf!"

"Flowing Fire Sword!"

Both of them shouted at almost the same time. The head opened its mouth and absorbed everything around it like a black hole…

Meanwhile, Lin Huang's sword that shone like a sun collided with the head…

A strong wind blew within hundreds of meters of them clashing, gravel was sent flying while other monsters that were escaping were sucked into the boa's mouth.

Suddenly, the golden sheen on the sword exploded, its glow shining hundreds of meters away. Soon, the wind stopped blowing and the golden sheen faded. The ruins were dark once more, the chaotic thunder no longer present.

"Is it over?"

Yi Zheng and the rest figured the fight ended as they did not hear anything on the second underground floor. Their hearts were beating as fast as a drum as they wondered — Who won the battle?

They were relieved as Bai and Lancelot were still around, so Lin Huang was definitely still alive. However, nobody knew who exactly won.

"You guys stay here, I'll go take a look." Yi Zheng suggested.

"Let's go together, we won't be able to live if Lin Huang loses the battle. If he's already won, it wouldn't be dangerous if we go up." Leng Yuexin's plan was thorough and gained nodding approvals from Yi Yeyu and Li Lang.

They then crawled from the collapsed site and looked around from a broken wall. A person was standing nearby. Lin Huang knew that they had left the underground floor but he remained unyielding, not turning around as he continued his gaze at the boa's carcass. It was Lin Huang who won the battle. He had drained nine out of his ten Life Wheels to kill this monster.

"Congratulations, you've obtained a new legendary-level card - Eclipse Boa!"

"Would you like to extract the tinder?"

Xiao Hei's notification came.

"Xiao Hei, does its tinder suit me?" Lin Huang did not expect to obtain a complete Monster Card and his concern was more regarding its tinder.

"It depends on you. All I can say is that the Eclipse Boa is a powerful legendary-level monster with a good tinder that can be evolved. To a certain extent, it would be able to inherit the complete bloodline of the ancient beast — Solar Boa."

"Alright then, extract the tinder then." Lin Huang had been stuck in the white flame-level for too long as he was not able to find a suitable tinder. The one that he was looking at was a good one indeed.

He pressed his palm on the monster, and Xiao Hei immediately extracted the tinder.

"The sun is rising! The blood sacrifice is ending! Let's get back underground!" Lin Huang put away the monster carcass and ran toward them. Soon, they returned to the second underground floor but before they could ask him anything, Lin Huang found a place to sit and began merging his body with the Eclipse Boa's tinder. His temporary upgrade in combat level that lasted for half an hour was forcefully ended by Xiao Hei. As his powerful aura faded back to white flame-level, his ascension to the next level began…


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