Monster Paradise
597 Losing With Just One Hit?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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597 Losing With Just One Hit?

A bright red glow collided with the golden sword glow like thunder. The first underground floor was shaking from the collision, and the corridor was filled with cracks, looking like it could collapse at any time. As soon as a loud bang was heard, the bright golden glow was engulfed by a bloody glow. The golden shadow was shot back a more than a hundred meters into the first underground floor's corridor before eventually landing on the wall. The wall that was additionally reinforced even collapsed from the collision, as cracks that looked like a spider's web expanded several meters away.

"Lin Huang!" Yi Zheng and the rest shouted. The shadow that was shot out was him. From that one collision with the snake, Lin Huang realized the huge difference between an immortal-level and an imperial-level monster. The feeling when his sword collided with the snake felt like a person was being hit by a train, struck by unsurmountable force. His hand that was holding the sword exploded into a bloody mist, and his organs were affected as well. With his heart almost stopping, he spat out blood. His body was thrown away by that unstoppable force before it landed on the wall. Lin Huang had no idea how many broken bones he had in his body now.

That one hit alone finished Lin Huang. The major difference in ability could not be made up with certain skills or any other way. After the snake defeated Lin Huang in a single hit, its ruby eyes glared at Yi Zheng again. They did not dare to move as they knew any movement would trigger the snake's attack. Lin Huang was already dying from that one attack so Yi Zheng and the rest were in despair. His glory of killing five immortal-level monsters in a swing of the sword was now gone because of the snake. That was testament to the snake's strength, they definitely could not fight it.

Bai and Lancelot stood where they were, knowing full well that Lin Huang did not die. If he was dead, both of them would disappear. However, they could not initiate the attack at this moment as the enemy was overpowering; whoever moved would be asking for death. Yi Zheng knew the only thing that could turn the table around was the God Crasher before him but he was not sure if the God Crasher could even fire one more time.

Meanwhile, the snake glared at Yi Zheng was who the one who attacked it in the first place, ignoring the rest. Naturally, that was because Bai and Lancelot held back their aura, or else they would turn into the snake's snack. Although Yi Zheng tried his best not to look at the God Crasher, his eyes betrayed him. Him peeking at the God Crasher had shifted the snake's attention.

"So… This is probably the thing that you used to attack me?" The snake's voice echoed in the corridor of the first underground floor. It sounded like a mature man with a deep voice, which was completely mismatched to its size.

Yi Zheng and the rest were surprised to hear that. As long as they lost the God Crasher, that would mean they had completely lost the battle as Lin Huang was 'killed' by the snake.

"Guess I'm right." The snake seemed to be intelligent as it figured out the answer from their expressions.

Suddenly, the snake opened its mouth. A red glow shot out and engulfed the God Crasher. As soon as the red glow disappeared, the God Crasher was broken into pieces.

Since the snake was not sure if they could control the God Crasher from afar, it destroyed it instead of claiming it as its own.

"Now, we'll talk about the price you'll have to pay for hurting me earlier." The snake looked at Yi Zheng with its ruby eyes, face wearing an insulting expression after destroying the God Crasher. They were in despair when they saw the God Crasher getting destroyed.

"In the end, we can't escape death. We're dying in this grade-5 ruin that nobody knows about…" Li Lang forced out a smile. This was what the rest was thinking about as well.

"Since you've all realized that, let me send you off." The snake said but as it opened its mouth, another voice was heard.

"Hey little worm, our fight hasn't ended yet." Lin Huang came out of the sunken wall a hundred meters away, his injured body now almost healed. Even his arm that had gone through an explosion was healed like it was brand new, while his sleeve revealed the muscles on his right arm. He extended his hand, and his sword that was pierced into the wall nearby returned to his hand. The collision earlier only left a tiny crack on his supreme sword.

"Enhanced Regeneration? No... This seems to be something more powerful than that…" The snake was surprised and began checking Lin Huang out with its ruby eyes.

"Only a gold flame-level but you've managed to defend yourself against my attack. It seems like you're a supreme genius in the human world. I'll have some amazing memories if I engulf you, I've never eaten a human supreme genius before…" The snake seemed to be interested in Lin Huang as it observed.

"Eat me? That depends if you have the ability to even do such a thing!" Lin Huang replied as his aura tremendously increased once more. Within mere seconds, his combat level increased from gold flame-level to immortal-level rank-3.

He secretly communicated with Xiao Hei and used three Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Cards, it was the maximum number of cards that could be used at once. The six Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Cards that he had were now halved. Seeing Lin Huang's aura, Yi Zheng and the rest were shocked as they knew he used a secret skill to increase his combat level by four ranks but now, he upgraded his combat level for the second time?!

The snake did not know Lin Huang's real combat level was only at the white flame-level. It felt like something was odd when it sensed his aura increasing.

"Upgrading your combat level with a secret skill? Even if you upgraded to immortal-level rank-3, you're still a ways to go from the imperial-level." The snake soon snapped out of its doubt.

"You have no say in that." Lin Huang put away his sword and took out his ancient relic Air Slicer.

He obtained this from the black-robed leader who attacked the White Capital earlier. He had never used it as the Life Power of someone at the holy fire-level could not activate this ancient relic. He could finally use it as he was temporarily at the immortal-level.

The snake wiped off the insulting expression it wore when it saw the ancient relic in Lin Huang's hands, fear evidently showing in its ruby eyes…


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