Monster Paradise
595 The Anus — An Opening at the End of the Abdomen
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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595 The Anus — An Opening at the End of the Abdomen

It was 4:24 a.m., the quiet night was crowded again. After more than an hour of nerve-wracking wait, the imperial monster had arrived. The leader snaked brought its army of followed to the well that Lin Huang and the rest were hiding. More than 30,000 of them surrounded the well. Without having Bloody to project the situation, they could hear the roaring coming from the top of the well. Their faces turned pale when they saw the countless monsters in the projection.

In the projection, the snake was flying on top of the well as it looked down. Since it did not find anything special, it dashed back onto the dragon skeleton's head and roared. The roar sounded like a gigantic monster that was screaming its lung out, it did not match its tiny body at all. After it roared, a couple of flying monsters came out of the monster crowd and headed into the well.

"Devil Flies!" Leng Yuexin's pupils shrunk.

The Devil Fly was an insect with transparent wings, it was a parasitic monster and was one of the fastest flying monsters among holy-fire level monsters who can only fly short distances. Aside from that, it also had intelligent flying skills. It was obvious that the snake did not send the Devil Flies to attack but to investigate what was happening. After all, it was possible that the humans that were hiding escaped after the Puppet Vine left more than two and a half hours ago.

It only took the Devil Flies less than a second to arrive at the well that was a hundred meters before it saw Lin Huang and the rest who were hiding at the bottom of the well. Suddenly, a few red glows shot out of a silver-haired man's back. The glows pierced through the Devil Flies' heads before they could do anything. It was Bai who killed the pathfinders at the speed of light, the Devil Flies did not even manage to make a sound.

The snake that was above the well seemed to realize what happened since the Devil Flies did not return. The snake looked down at the well again but there was nothing as the Devil Flies' carcasses were already put away. The Devil Flies were blue and purple flame-level monsters. They now had a brand new perception toward humans as the Devil Flies were killed within seconds.

The snake roared again after some hesitation. A couple of gold flame-level Devil Beetles flew out of the army. They were one of the holy fire-level monsters that had the most powerful defensive abilities and were experts in flying. Although their attacking abilities was nothing out of the extraordinary, they played the role of being the shields in battles. They were only gold flame-level but even an immortal-level rank-2 would not be able to break through their defenses within a short period of time.

The snake obviously wanted the Devil Beetles to block the attacks and get the other monsters to enter the well. If it did not do that, it would be the same as the Puppet Vine described where monsters were basically digging their own graves when they headed down the well.

"Can you kill these Devil Beetles in one second?" Yi Zheng was concerned as with his own ability, he could only break the monsters' defense with all he had but he would not be able to kill them.

"No problem." Lin Huang then looked at Lancelot.

"The weakest part of the Devil Beetles is the opening at the end of their abdomen. Yes, it's the anus."

The Devil Beetles shrunk from five meters long to one meter after they received the instruction before heading into the well. Soon, the Devil Beetles landed at the bottom of the well. As they were ready to attack when they saw Lin Huang and the rest, a couple of red glows from the sword came from their back. Then… (graphic content), the Devil Beetles were dead. The snake had been watching on top of the well, all it could see was that the Devil Beetles died immediately as soon as they got to the bottom of the well. It was stunned as the carcasses were gone. It saw the red glows as well but it had no idea what kind of attack that was.

Lancelot used Sword Dao Territory so the attack happened out of nowhere as the monsters were within the area of effect. The attack was bizarre to the snake. Although it could not understand how the attack happened, the snake was sure that the attack was not that powerful. Aside from not being able to harm the snake, it would not work on most of its immortal-level followers.

After some hesitation, the snake looked at its immortal-level follower. Since the Devil Beetles were killed in one second, it knew that it would be useless to send its holy fire-level monsters. It was not sure of the ability of the humans and was worried that it might lose its immortal-level monsters. However, it seemed like the humans under the well had restricted abilities which would not get its immortal-level followers killed.

Lin Huang and the rest were watching the projection, they knew what the snake was going to do by looking at its action.

"It's going to send in immortal-level monsters!" Yi Zheng frowned while the rest looked concerned at Lin Huang. Nobody knew what ultimate move that Lin Huang was planning on performing. No matter how much trust they had on him, they were not sure if he could win the battle before he killed any immortal-level rank-7 or immortal-level rank-8 monsters.

Above the well, the snake instructed all the six immortal-level monsters aside from the dragon skeleton. Among the six immortal-level monsters, the Puppet Vine was unwilling to fight but it could not disobey the snake's instruction. Meanwhile, the other five immortal-level monsters were excited as it had been a long time since they killed humans. They then shrunk their bodies and entered the well. The Puppet Vine decided to be the last one to enter.

Yi Zheng and the rest clenched their fists as they watched the six immortal-level monsters come into the well on the projection.

"Use the Transformation Card to upgrade my combat level and hide my transformation ability." Lin Huang communicated with Xiao Hei secretly. As the instruction was given, his combat level rose tremendously. He leveled-up from white flame-level to gold flame-level within seconds.

Sensing his aura that was rising, Yi Zheng and the rest were stunned before they looked at him in shock.

"Gold flame-level?!" As Yi Zheng was a purple flame-level, his senses were the most sensitive and he was sure that Lin Huang's current combat level had exceeded his.

"He leveled-up four ranks at once!" Leng Yuexin was shocked, she had never heard of such secret skill.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang only sensed that Lin Huang's combat level had increased tremendously but they had no idea which level he was on now. The both of them looked shocked as they had their mouths wide opened.

Just as Lin Huang transformed, the six immortal-level monsters landed at the bottom of the well…


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