Monster Paradise
594 Stay
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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594 Stay

Yi Zheng and the rest were upset when they knew about the monster army that was coming to them.

"What should we do now, run to other sites?" Yi Yeyu asked.

"Bloody, what's the situation in other sites?" Lin Huang looked at Bloody.

Bloody then projected the scenes of the other six sites. In the projection, all of the sites were occupied by monster armies.

As soon as the blood sacrifice commenced, the underground room seemed to be the only safe place. No matter living or dead, everything on the ground would become a sacrifice for the three demigod remnants and the mysterious monster. Therefore, all of the monsters that won the battle would hide underground that was nearby the foothold.

Yi Zheng and the rest frowned when they looked at the projection.

"No.1, No.3, No.4, and No.7 are all occupied by imperial-level monsters, only No.2 and No.6 are occupied by immortal-level monsters. However, regardless of whether we go to sites No.2 or No.6, we'd still be surrounded by thousands of holy fire-level monsters. The site with the least monsters would be No.2 but there are still more than 8,000 of them…" Bloody gave the statistics but Lin Huang immediately interrupted.

"The number doesn't matter anymore, we shouldn't go to any of the six sites. No matter which site we go to, we'll be drowned in thousands and even tens of thousands of monsters. I could save myself by using Transformation Card but I can't protect all of you."

"There's nowhere that we can run to…" Yi Zheng said the truth after a moment of silence.

"The least powerful leader occupying these sites is an immortal-level rank-7 monster with more than three immortal-level monsters with them. Their followers are blue flame-level monsters at most. No matter which site we go, I can't live for more than 10 seconds." Li Lang knew that himself.

"Lin Huang, I know you're unwilling to leave but it seems like leaving is the only option now. It's not worth it if we die here, we can come back next year when we're ready." Yi Yeyu wanted to leave.

"Since going to other sites are impossible, we can stay in this site that we're at right now." Lin Huang insisted.

The rest turned silent again.

"Let's hear your plan then." Leng Yuexin spoke when Yi Zheng was going to persuade Lin Huang to leave.

"Let's look at the case with the size of the well again. As long as we're not surrounded, the number of monsters doesn't really matter. The size of the well has limited the number of monsters that can come in each time, so no matter there are ten thousand or a million monsters out there, there'll only be a fixed amount of monsters coming at us at once. All we have to do is to survive until the sun rises around 5 a.m. It's past 3 a.m. now and it'll take the monsters an hour and twenty minutes to arrive here. They'll get here around 4:30 a.m. which means we'll only have to hold on for an hour." Lin Huang voiced out his plan.

"But the biggest issue we have now isn't the number of monsters and the time we have to stand guard, it's their combat level. What do you plan to do to the imperial-level monster? It'll definitely fight if its followers can't get through the well by the sun rises." Leng Yuexin looked at Lin Huang when she asked that.

"Use the God Crasher, it should be able to kill an imperial-level monster." It was Bloody who gave Lin Huang the suggestion.

All of them were stunned to hear that, they almost forgot about the God Crasher.

"Even if the God Crasher manages to kill the imperial-level snake, what do we do to the immortal-level monsters? The leader has seven immortal-level followers, and the most powerful one is an immortal-level rank-8 monster." Leng Yuexin asked.

"Let me handle the immortal-level monsters, you guys can help Bai and Lancelot to kill the rest." Lin Huang decided to carry the biggest responsibility.

Leng Yuexin did not say a word as she looked at Lin Huang.

"You can handle an immortal-level rank-8 monster?" It was Yi Yeyu who asked the question.

"I should be able to if I use my ultimate move!" Lin Huang nodded.

All of them were speechless, they did not imagine his ultimate move to be that powerful.

"So… Can you kill an imperial-level monster with your ultimate move?" Li Lang asked a stupid question.

"Do you think I'm the reincarnation of a god?" Lin Huang glared at Li Lang.

They were relieved to hear Lin Huang's reply. They were doubtful of the existence of supreme genius before seeing Lin Huang killing an immortal-level rank-4 monster. However, after witnessing him doing that, they would believe him even if he said he could kill an imperial-level monster. Fortunately, he denied his ability which made them realized that there was a limit even to Lin Huang's ability.

"It's impossible for me to fight an imperial-level even using my ultimate move. That's why I thought of using the God Crasher to kill it. It's such a waste that the God Crasher can't be used more often or I'd use it to kill the immortal-level monsters as well." Lin Huang admitted the truth.

"It's not that terrible that we have a God Crasher with us. It's monitored by the Union Government, making it impossible to find on the market. It wouldn't have been gotten rid of during the war if it hadn't been used for so many times and we wouldn't find it." Yi Zheng explained in all seriousness, he was excited to talk about military matters.

"I think it won't be a total loss for us. Although the monster army is terrifying, have powerful imperial and immortal-level monsters as well as a massive monster horde with them, we'll have a safe month as long as we manage to get through an hour of their onslaught. I think it's workable. But of course, I'll respect your decisions if any of you are unwilling to stay and take the risk. I'll bring all of us out of this site." Lin Huang looked at Yi Zheng before looking at the rest.

"Let's vote. Those who want out, raise your hand." Yi Zheng said out of nowhere. Leng Yuexin and Yi Yeyu held their heads down without raising their hands, neither did Yi Zheng. Meanwhile, Li Lang was hesitating. As he realized nobody raised their hands, he stretched his body with his hand that was half raised.

"I'm just stretching, don't think too much okay." Li Lang smiled awkwardly to them as he thought nobody noticed that he wanted out.

"Alright then, since nobody is giving up... Let's get crazy together, with me!" Lin Huang was relieved, he thought that they would want to give up and did not expect them to want to stay.


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