Monster Paradise
589 The Blood Sacrifice Begins
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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589 The Blood Sacrifice Begins

The sky was completely dark in the ruins, the quiet ruins now filled with at least hundreds of billions of them monsters. There were hundreds of imperial-level monsters alone, tens of thousands of immortal-level monsters as well as millions of holy fire-level monsters. Almost all of the living monsters got out of the underground for the monthly blood sacrifice. If such a terrifying monster horde appeared in Division7, it would bring major disasters if it was not destroyed.

Lin Huang and the rest were watching the projection from Bloody's Life Power in the third underground floor. They turned pale when they looked at the number of monsters in the projection, including Lin Huang, he was pale too.

"I didn't know there were so many monsters hiding in these ruins!" Li Lang was shocked to see the monsters in the projection, he opened his mouth wide as he watched.

"The amount has exceeded the apocalypse-grade monster horde!" Even Yi Yeyu who was usually courageous had fear in her eyes.

"Not only are their numbers scary, I can sense the immense power these monsters that are beyond my imagination through the projection. I feel defeated just by standing here." Yi Zheng looked at the monsters in the projection in fear.

"Grade-5 ruins are much scarier than I imagined." Leng Yuexin frowned.

If they were not watching this with their own eyes, Lin Huang would not believe that these ruins had so many monsters.

"This world is so much richer than we imagined…" Lin Huang exclaimed.

He had been to many places in Division 7, even more than most holy fire-level human had ever been. However, those were just a small part of Division 7. There were more than 8,000 footholds in Division 7, and Lin Huang had only been to less than 100 of them. Including the wild zones and danger zones outside of the foothold, he had only been to 1% of Division 7. To some extent, he was still a frog in a well. There were many places that he had never been and many sceneries that he had never seen.

It was his first time seeing so many monsters as he looked at the number of monsters in the projection. It was overwhelming just by looking at it. However, he knew that there must be places in this world that were even more stunning than the projection that he was looking at. It reminded him of video that he saw when he was on earth. It was a video comparing earth and other planets. When compared, the earth was just an insignificant speck of dust in the galaxy. At the end of the video, the galaxy was mere dust in the universe while humans were just sentient beings on a speck of dust. It was such an insignificant existence.

That made Lin Huang think about the world that he was currently in. How big the places were outside the twelve safe zones. Aside from this world, are there any other worlds that were even bigger than this?

"I've no idea how big these ruins are, but I know this is definitely bigger than an A-grade foothold." Li Lang thought Lin Huang was talking about how big these ruins were so he initiated the topic.

Lin Huang snapped out of his thoughts and smiled as he shook his head, he did not bother to correct Li Lang.

When it was 8 p.m. sharp, a human voice was heard.


The voice pierced through the ground and it was loud and clear to them. They were shocked to hear that. In reality, the voice was loud and clear to all the lifeforms in the ruins. As the voice was heard, all of the monsters became frantic. The ruins were similar to a boiling kettle, as its atmosphere boiled.

Bloody projected the seven footholds that they had conquered, the war started as the voice was heard. Countless monsters began frantically attacking their rivals. Many skeletons were attacking the flesh monsters while human skeletons attacked the monster skeletons. Besides, there were flesh monsters of all types killing other flesh monsters. It looked like all the monsters in the entire ruins had gone crazy. Within a few minutes, many monsters were killed and the once dry land was now soaked with blood.

Lin Huang and the rest were shocked as they watched the monsters from the projection.

"These monsters seem like they've lost their mind." Yi Zheng gulped.

"It's not that they've lost their mind but more like they're required to fight. If there aren't enough monsters for the blood sacrifice, the demigods and the mysterious monster would kill the monsters themselves. There are still chances to live for the monsters who were more powerful but as long as the demigods and mysterious monster comes out to fight, there won't be a chance for them to live." Lin Huang shook his head as he frowned.

"It seems like they're not planning to fight into these sites." Leng Yuexin was slightly relieved as she did not see any monster crowd invading the sites.

"They'll go to the sites after they've killed all monsters around them." Lin Huang explained helplessly. All of them were stunned to hear that.

"We can't escape from the fight, let's just hope that we encounter weaker monsters." Lin Huang shook his head and forced out a smile.

Time passed by in the ruins, as more and more monster carcasses appeared on the ground while the blood flowed into a river, but the massacre still continued. The fight had come to an end in many places once it was past 12 midnight. The ones that won near the site that Lin Huang and the rest were hiding at was an imperial-level gigantic bear leading its team.

"We can't stay here anymore, the gigantic bear is an imperial-level. I think they'll come here in less than two hours." Lin Huang was ready to leave.

The rest did not say anything all they had seen how powerful the gigantic bear was from the projection. In the fighting, the bear summoned its Life Castle which was a terrifying hammer. It only took the bear three swings to kill the other imperial-level monster. It was clear that the bear was one of the more powerful imperial-level monsters.

"We can't go to site No.3 any longer." Leng Yuexin said. The numbering of the sites followed the sequence they conquered it at. The site that they were in was the last one, which was No.7. Site No.3 was conquered a few days back.

They looked at the projection immediately when they heard Leng Yuexin. The battle near site No.3 was ending, and the one that won was naturally another imperial-level monster. It was a powerful ant monster with an ant army. The ant monster's Life Castle was a gigantic nest with tens of thousands of ant monster formed from Life Power. They were all transcendent-level and more than ten of them were immortal-level. Once the Life Castle was summoned, countless Life Power ant monsters dashed out of it. Once the ant monsters were dead, they would return to the nest as Life Power and reemerge as ant monsters again, seemingly in an endless stream. The ant monster alone could not fight the gigantic bear, but the bear could do nothing to it as an ant army. If the bear's army was not as powerful as they were, their abilities would be definitely inferior to the ant army.

"We can't go to sites No.1 and No.4 as well…" Yi Zheng said. The two sites were now occupied by imperial-level monsters. Although fight had yet to end, the results did not really matter.

"There are imperial-level monsters in the four medium sites that we've conquered… How about the remaining three?" Lin Huang looked at the remaining three small sites.

"Site No.2 has an immortal-level rank-8 monster while site No.6 has an immortal-level rank-7 monster," Bloody said as Lin Huang looked on with concern.

"There's an immortal-level rank-4 monster near site No.5," said Bloody as Lin Huang quickly looked at the projection. Although the fight was ongoing, it seemed like it was going to end soon. If everything was in their expectation, the immortal-level rank-4 vine monster would win. It seemed to be a parasite as all of its followers had a transparent thread on their heads.

"Let's go to site No.5!" Lin Huang made his decision.


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