Monster Paradise
586 Grade-5 Ruins!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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586 Grade-5 Ruins!

Bloody did not bring good news this time. The moment the Kaiserpede was killed, Bloody put its parasites on it. Immortal-level rank-3 was the maximum level of a monster that Bloody can put its parasites in. The information that this chief-level monster knew about was much more than the other monsters that Bloody put its parasites on earlier.

According to the memories that Lin Huang retrieved, the Kaiserpede that he killed had been in this ruins for many years. The most powerful monster in this ruins was not at the imperial-level, as three demigod remnants along with a mysterious monster. He thought it was a grade-4 ruin where an imperial-level was the most powerful, only realizing how wrong he was after reading the Kaiserpede's memories, it was a grade-5 ruin with demigods in it!

The three demigod remnants and the mysterious monster required a massive amount of flesh energy so the ruins would have a blood sacrifice every month. After the killing ended, all the monster carcasses would be sacrificed to the demigods and the mysterious monster. Every month, the three demigod remnants would fight with the mysterious monster to decide who would get the sacrifice. If the sacrifices were insufficient, the three demigod remnants and the mysterious monster would kill the monsters themselves.

Lin Huang knew very well that the blood sacrifice would not cause the monsters in the ruins to go extinct. As soon as the monsters in the ruins dwindled in population, the ruins would be reset. A Virtual Eye would open and a massive amount of monsters would enter. What Lin Huang was concerned about was the blood sacrifice that would happen three days later. The three demigod remnants and the mysterious monster would awake from their slumber.

"Three more days, do we really leave our journey behind just like that?" Lin Huang was upset. Although he had the ruin key with him so he could enter once again, the next time had to be a year later. The blood sacrifice would affect all living things, even hiding in the foothold would be unsafe as the monsters around them would search for things to kill. There would be no safe havens in the ruins. With Lin Huang's current ability, he could definitely fight an immortal-level monster. However, if he encountered an imperial-level monster, he was not so confident that he could defeat it even with his ultimate ability. That was the reason he was considering to leave the ruins before the blood sacrifice began.

Another thing that Lin Huang had in his mind was how he was going to explain this to the rest. Just as he was deep in thought, Bloody spoke, "There're many monsters coming out from the basement?"

"It's already dark outside?" Lin Huang was stunned.

"Yes, it's time for them to hunt." Bloody answered.

The hunting time was during the night between the sunset of that particular day and the sunrise the following morning. This was not the monthly blood sacrifice, but was the food hunt that every monster would participate in every night in the ruins. They would not invade any of the monster lairs so it was safe for Lin Huang and the rest to hide in the underground warehouse. The warehouse used to be the Kaiserpede's lair, so the monsters would usually avoid the place when they were in its vicinity.

"What's wrong, Lin Huang? You don't look very good." Leng Yuexin noticed Lin Huang's concerned expression.

"It's dark outside, Bloody just told me that there're monsters hunting for food on the ground." Lin Huang kept quiet as he organized his thoughts to give them the news.

"How many monsters are there?" Yi Zheng asked.

"Quite a lot of them and it's getting more." Bloody spoke out loud, sounding like a young boy.

"How about their combat level? Can you sense that?" Yi Zheng asked again.

"The most powerful one is at the imperial-level." Bloody had not detected any imperial-level monsters yet, it said that as it was Lin Huang's instruction.

"So this is actually a grade-4 ruin!" Yi Zheng frowned while the rest looked concerned. If it was a grade-3 ruin, the most powerful monster would only be at the immortal-level. It was worth the journey for them as the rewards were lucrative. However, a grade-4 ruin would be too risky as they might die if they encountered an imperial-level monster.

"Are you sure there's an imperial-level monster?" Leng Yuexin asked Bloody, attempting to confirm the fact.

"I'm sure! And there are more than one of them wandering out there right now." Bloody replied without thinking twice.

"A grade-4 ruin… We aren't qualified for such a high-level ruin yet." Yi Zheng went silent for a moment before he spoke to Lin Huang.

"Judging by our current combat level, this ruin is just too risky." He added.

"I agree with Brother Zheng. Lin Huang, maybe we should leave." Li Lang was convinced. With his abilities now, he could not even fight an immortal-level, let alone an imperial-level monster.

"We've just been here for a few days and you guys want to leave? Such scaredy-cats!" Yi Yeyu voiced her disagreement.

"It would take the ruins a year to reopen, and we've only been here for such a short period of time. If we leave now, we can only come back next year." Leng Yuexin was unwilling to leave as well.

"That's right, aside from some dead person's Emperor's Heart Rings, we haven't even gotten anything valuable yet!" Yi Yeyu was on the same side as Leng Yuexin.

"I agree with Brother Zheng, we should come back next year since we can't fight the monsters." Li Lang was ready to leave.

"Lin Huang, what do you think?" Leng Yuexin remained calm when she asked Lin Huang.

"I think we should stay for a few days, it's better to figure out what's happening instead of just leaving like that. If we're sure that the risk is more than what we can stomach, it's never too late to leave at that point." Lin Huang suggested.

"I agree with Lin Huang. We aren't sure of anything yet, is it necessary to scare ourselves like that?" Yi Yeyu was pissed at Yi Zheng insisting on retreating.

"I think we should try staying for a few more days, it's not easy to come here after all." Leng Yuexin agreed with Lin Huang.

"Alright then…" Yi Zheng finally compromised. He did not want to leave as well but suggested that as he was thinking about everyone's safety.

"Since all of you insist on staying, I'll go along with you then." Li Lang was scared but he made a compromise.

Soon they arrived at the entrance of the first underground floor.

"Let's hide our aura before going up. We should see those monsters ourselves." Lin Huang stood at the bottom of the well and pointed upward. The rest nodded and flew slowly out of the well.


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