Monster Paradise
585 Endless Threads
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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585 Endless Threads

The Kaiserpede's defensive ability was immensely powerful, with its only weakness being its joints. However, the 300 joints that it had looked similar to one another. With its terrifying high speed, it was hard to target a single joint repetitively. Bloody's suggestion had enlightened Lin Huang. If it was fast, the only thing that you had to do was to be faster than the monster! Since he could not differentiate the joints, he attempted to attack the first joint at the back of its head!

Lin Huang gave up his plan of attacking it by force the moment he was enlightened. Although he could kill the monster with his current ability, that method would be quite draining.

"Our warm-up is over now. I'll show you what I've got right now." Lin Huang smirked. The white Life Power surrounding his sword now turned to lightning, turning the black sword into a white thunder sword in less than a second. Even the sword itself was a couple of centimeters longer now.

"That was just a warm-up?!" Yi Zheng and the rest were shocked.

"Is this the lightning attribute?" Yi Zheng was skeptical as he watched as he did not understand what Lin Huang was trying to do.

"There's no Elemental Enlightenment in this…" Leng Yuexin frowned. Without the Elemental Enlightenment, the attack would be useless on the Kaiserpede unless the attack was of a high enough level. The lighting that covered Lin Huang's sword seemed to be regular lightning that was transformed from his Life Power.

The Kaiserpede was initially stunned to see Lin Huang's sword transformation but when it realized that it was just Life Power transforming to regular lightning, it burst out laughing.

"I actually thought you were going to do something bizarre. This lightning will do me no harm even if it strikes me for the entire day!"

"Really?" All Lin Huang did was smiled. The white lightning spread to his entire body as he dashed towards the monster at lightning speed.

"That's fast!" Even the Kaiserpede was shocked to see Lin Huang's speed.

Yi Zheng and the rest could not capture his movement any longer. All they saw was that Lin Huang had disappeared. In reality, Lin Huang had already teleported above the Kaiserpede's head and before it could react, he swung his transformed, white-lightning sword at the first joint behind its head repetitively. His speed was so fast that he managed to swing his sword hundreds of times.

"ROARRRR!" The Kaiserpede roared in agony, countless venomous thorns shooting towards Lin Huang. This time, he did not dodge but instead used a black mirror that appeared before him to block the attack. The thorns landed on the mirror, causing a shockwave to emanate from the collision but it was soon absorbed by the mirror and was reflected. The reflected thorns were targeted at the Kaiserpede's joint behind its head where Lin Huang was swinging his sword at.

The Kaiserpede's thorns were no weaker than Lin Huang's swinging sword. Many of the venomous thorns collided with the joint where Lin Huang was swinging his sword at and the Kaiserpede groaned from the pain. However, as the thorns targetted one of the bony joints, it was unaffected by the venom. The venom could harm itself if it managed to enter its bloodstream but it had a higher immunity to the venom so if it was poisoned, it would only some minor reactions but would not die.

Since the attack failed, the Kaiserpede decided to run away. Although it had a stunning healing ability, it could not take Lin Huang's repetitive attack on its joint. As soon as the joint broke, it would affect its movement immensely. The Kaiserpede moved its hundreds of legs in an attempt to rid itself of Lin Huang.

"You're running?!" Lin Huang shouted and chased it like a bolt of lightning. If he was fighting some other monster, he would have definitely remained standing on the monster's back. However, the Kaiserpede had countless thorns on its back so there was nowhere that he could stay put at. The only thing he could do was to attack its joint as he pursued it by means of flight. The Kaiserpede's constant change of speed and direction made it difficult for Lin Huang to attack the right joint, with only half of his attacks landing on the joint.

The Kaiserpede knew that although its healing ability was tremendous, its joint would definitely break if Lin Huang did not stop attacking the same point. As soon as the joint broke, it would not be as agile as it was and at that point, it would definitely be killed.

"Human, you've left me no choice!" The Kaiserpede knew that it could not hold back anymore or it could die in the hands of this white flame-level human genius.

There was purple silk being secreted from the Kaiserpede's thorns on its body. The silk was as thin as spider silk and they formed a web on the Kaiserpede's back. Its body that was initially purplish-black was now completely black, as it the silk had absorbed all the purple. Lin Huang's pupils shrunk as he this and he backed off immediately. He acted this way because the Kaiserpede was going to perform its ultimate move.

It was called Endless Threads where it would use all the venom from its body to form a web in the air. The venomous web was like a contagious disease that would spread in the air, forming purple spiderwebs everywhere. The venomous silk could even penetrate into the pores of other creatures and invisible beads would enter one's lungs as one breathed. Since it was the entirety of the venom accumulated in the Kaiserpede's body, it could even cause the death of a human that was two ranks higher than the Kaiserpede within three minutes.

The Kaiserpede was unwilling to perform this as the entirety of its venom would be cleared from its body and it would take it hundreds of years to accumulate such an amount. Another reason for its unwillingness was that it would degrade its own combat rank after performing this.

"Seems like I've brought some trouble to myself…" Lin Huang did not expect the Kaiserpede to perform this so soon.

"If this is the first time the Kaiserpede is doing this, perhaps everything within 60 kilometers might die when the venom spread with the current strength of its venom. The venom would stay for more than a month it fades." Bloody estimated.

"Lin Huang, let's go before the venom spreads." Yi Zheng knew that it was impossible to fight the Kaiserpede as soon as it used its ultimate move.

"I really don't want to do this to an immortal-level rank-3… I'd be bullying it." Lin Huang shook his head helplessly. His white-lightning sword was now transformed into flames.

"Flowing Fire Sword!"

A white glow filled the entire room as Lin Huang said that. The only thing that Yi Zheng and the rest saw was a sword that was as bright as the sun releasing a white glow in Lin Huang's hand, turning the entire room white. A shadow landed from the air as the white glow faded ten seconds later. There was no longer any purple silk in the room, and the gigantic Kaiserpede was nowhere to be seen.

"Lin Huang, you've won?" Although he knew that, Li Lang asked that anyway.


"Where's the Kaiserpede? It ran away?" Yi Yeyu asked immediately.

"Naturally, it's dead." Lin Huang shook his head and smiled.

"The venom has been cleared?" Yi Yeyu was skeptical.

"Yes, it's been cleared. Don't worry." Lin Huang nodded.

"The skill that you used…" Yi Yeyu proceeded to ask but Yi Zheng tapped her shoulder and shook his head.

It was clearly Lin Huang's ultimate move. Although Yi Zheng was curious regarding the exact move he used, he did not ask as he knew he would be crossing the line. Yi Yeyu then realized that it was inappropriate for her to ask that after Yi Zheng stopped her, so she nodded and held her tongue.

"It's a warehouse here, let's see if there's anything worth taking. Since there's no treasure along the way, there should be some hidden in this room." Lin Huang looked across the room but he saw nothing.

As they spread out, Leng Yuexin found a hidden entrance to the basement. The entrance was disguised with a rock, and neither Bloody nor Lin Huang's Territory managed to detect or sense anything odd. They walked down the stairs to the basement once they discovered the giant rock, and found a warehouse that was less than 200 square meters. All of the cabinets had collapsed, with a pile of Emperor Heart Rings, weapons, armor, and assorted relics in good condition spread on the ground. There were also various military equipment replicas but they were now obsolete.

Bloody gave the final calculation after checking out the items.

"There's a total of 3,587 Emperor's Heart Rings, 327 expert-grade relic replicas in good condition, 511 relics and other miscellaneous items, some Life Crystal pieces, and some minerals.

"Not bad!" Lin Huang was satisfied with what they found.

"Same old rule, we divide them equally."

As they put away all the measure into their storage rings according, Lin Huang brought them out from the basement, all the while attempting to figure out how he was going to explain the ruins to them.

"Many monsters are coming out of the basement!" Bloody said as they arrived at the first underground floor.


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