Monster Paradise
584 Lin Huang Versus Kaiserpede
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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584 Lin Huang Versus Kaiserpede

Yi Zheng and the rest were shocked to see Lin Huang stop the Kaiserpede with one sword swing. Yi Zheng knew Lin Huang was powerful but he did not know Lin Huang was this powerful. Initially, he thought Lin Huang should be slightly weaker than him. No matter how powerful Lin Huang was, Lin Huang should not be more powerful than him. However, it seemed like he had underestimated Lin Huang.

Meanwhile, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang were even more shocked than Yi Zheng was. They had witnessed his ability when he was at the gold-level and even then, he was already a genius. Now he was even more powerful than he was in the past. Lin Huang's ability now was at an entirely new level to the both of them, he was even more terrifying than the legendary supreme genius. A supreme genius meant a human would be one level more powerful than their current combat level. Lin Huang was only white flame-level now but he could fight an immortal-level rank-3, that alone already exceeded the one-level-higher rule.

Of course, Leng Yuexin was the most surprised one among the four of them. The last time she met Lin Huang was at the Mystery Auction but she did not see him fight so she had no idea what Lin Huang's ability was. She only knew that he had powerful summoning monsters like Tyrant, and had always thought that he would depend on his summoning monsters. If she did not witness the events unfolding before them with her own eyes, she would never believe anyone even if they told her that he was able to fight an immortal-level rank-3 monster when he was only at the white flame-level.

"A white flame-level fighting against an immortal-level rank-3, I think I must be dreaming." Li Lang's jaw almost dropped, he even pinched his own cheeks.

"Is this really the Lin Huang that I know? I'm suspecting if this guy reincarnated from a god." Yi Yeyu snapped out of her shock.

"I've always thought I'm quite talented and never believed that there's any supreme genius that could fight a monster that's a level higher in this world. I've never thought I would witness this with my own eyes today." Yi Zheng forced out a smile. He was affected by how powerful Lin Huang was.

"This guy… I've underestimated him." Leng Yuexin looked envious.

Lancelot was the only one who was not surprised. He proceeded to eat his dried vegetable calmly as he already knew how powerful Lin Huang was. The fight between Lin Huang and the Kaiserpede continued in the room. That one collision had made the Kaiserpede realize that Lin Huang was more powerful than he looked. Although it was still skeptical of Lin Huang's ability, it was no longer relaxed.

"So you're a supreme genius, no wonder you have the audacity to challenge me. A supreme genius must taste even more delicious than other humans! Hehehe…" The Kaiserpede had its guard up as Lin Huang managed to block its attack with a single swing of the sword.

"That'll depend if you have the capability to eat me." Lin Huang smiled and gestured the Kaiserpede to come to him.

"Is he crazy, he's challenging an immortal-level monster. How nice would it be if I could do this one day." Li Lang watched in excitement.

"I think you should forget about it. Judging by your ability, even if you get to gold-level, you'll definitely run away if you encounter an immortal-level rank-3 monster." Yi Yeyu rolled her eyes as she insulted Li Lang, he was speechless.

"I guess I can only fight an immortal-level rank-3 when I get to the complete gold flame-level. But I don't think I could block the Kaiserpede's earlier attack even when I'm at the complete gold flame-level." Yi Zheng frowned and voiced his opinion.

"This giant insect's ability isn't comparable with other insect-type monsters." Leng Yuexin nodded and agreed. That single swing of his sword had revealed many details about him.

"Brother, do you mean you won't be able to fight Lin Huang now even if you're at the complete gold flame-level?" Yi Yeyu was unhappy as she asked that.

"I'll definitely lose if he uses his summoning monsters. But if we're fighting one-on-one, it'll be a 50-50 chance for me but naturally, it won't be accurate as he has only shown very little of his current abilities." Yi Zheng did not admit that he was weaker than Lin Huang.

As they were chatting, Lin Huang and Kaiserpede had collided dozens of times in the room. Although the Kaiserpede was massive, its speed was terrifying. Each attack was like flowing water, so smooth that it must have peak control and had mastered control of its body. It used its advantages fully in each attack by incorporating its venomous thorns, powerful strength, and defensive abilities. Lin Huang was challenged. He had to admit that the Kaiserpede's venomous thorns brought much trouble to him as the thorns grew randomly on its body without a fixed sequence. Most importantly, the Kaiserpede could shoot the thorns out of its body like a weapon, making it tough for Lin Huang to estimate as the thorns grew in random places. Without his Territory, he would be hit by the thorns many times.

Another trouble he had was the Kaiserpede's defensive ability. No matter how many times Lin Huang attempted to break its purplish-black shell, his swing of the sword only left scratches that looked like it was from a cat even though he had activated his Sword Dao. Besides, the monster had regenerative healing abilities. Even though it was not as powerful as Enhanced Regeneration, its healing ability was strong. The scratches that Lin Huang left on its body disappeared in less than a minute.

"This fella is much more powerful than I imagined." Lin Huang was considering to use his cards. After all, he did not use any sword skills throughout the collisions.

"The Kaiserpede's weakness is its joints, especially the one connected to its head," Bloody said.

"I know that but this guy is too agile, it's moving all the time and its thorns keep coming at me, causing my attacks to miss its target." Lin Huang had been trying to attack its joints but the Kaiserpede was careful.

"Tackle its speed by being faster than it is." Bloody suggested.

Lin Huang was stunned to hear that. Soon he recalled something and smirked.

"Faster than it? I know how I can do that!"


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