Monster Paradise
582 Powerful Elemental Enlightenmen
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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582 Powerful Elemental Enlightenmen

Yi Zheng was fighting the Violethaze Spider and Scavenger Horseshoe Crab and they were tough. One excelled at mid-distance attacks while the other excelled at long-distance attacks. The dark silver Scavenger Horseshoe Crab had terrifying defensive abilities. Yi Zheng could not break its defenses with his normal attack, all he could do was to leave white trails on the monster's back. Although using a powerful sword skill on the Scavenger Horseshoe Crab would work, it had a powerful healing ability that had an effect not unlike Enhanced Regeneration. Flesh would grow out from the wounds and it would be completely healed in mere seconds.

On the other hand, the Violethaze Spider would concurrently attack in a random manner. It spat venom and spider webs occasionally but it remained at a distance as it attacked, seemingly realizing how powerful Yi Zheng was. Although it had a venomous haze surrounding it, it remained careful and did not dare to go near Yi Zheng as it attacked. As he was fighting the Scavenger Horseshoe Crab, Yi Zheng did not have the time to fight the Violethaze Spider. Fortunately, both monsters did not overpower him, making the battle seem like a stalemate.

Meanwhile, Leng Yuexin was fighting the Crimson-Eyed Scorpion and the Spiky Helminth. The two monsters were on-point with their attacking tactics. Although the Spiky Helminth was not strong in its defenses, it was not afraid to be attacked at all. It played the role of a shield as it was close to Leng Yuexin. The Crimson-Eyed Scorpion on the other hand, maintained its distance as it carefully attacked using its venomous tail.

Fortunately, the Spiky Helminth was slow and Leng Yuexin could manage them with her frost ability, preventing the two from doing anything to her. However, whenever she wanted to attack the Crimson-Eyed Scorpion, she would be blocked by the Spiky Helminth's thorns. The battle on this side was at a stalemate as well. More than ten minutes had passed, and Yi Zheng was irritated as the battle remained in a stalemate.

"Lin Huang, without me and Ms. Leng, how confident are you that you can kill that immortal-level monster?" Yi Zheng shouted at Lin Huang.

"100%." Lin Huang gave the same answer as before.

Yi Zheng did not use his ultimate move as it would drain his Life Power. Initially, he wanted to save that to help Lin Huang with the immortal-level monster. However, it seemed like he had underestimated Lin Huang as he did not need his help.

In reality, Yi Zheng was still skeptical when Lin Huang said he could kill immortal-level monsters before entering the ruins. However, his doubts disappeared when he saw Lancelot fight. He was not judging the fact that Lancelot could go against an immortal-level rank-3 on his own but he guessed that Lin Huang had other powerful cards apart from Lancelot. After confirming that Lin Huang that he could kill an immortal-level monster on his own, Yi Zheng thought he did not have to save his Life Power for the immortal-level monster anymore.

"Elemental Enlightenment, Blast!"

"Level-2 Saber Dao!"

Lin Huang's eyes lit up when he saw Yi Zheng's sword swing. Aside from the Saber Dao combination, it had a special charm to it. A purple spiraling light shot out at the speed of light from his saber, to the point that even the Scavenger Horseshoe Crab that had been defending against his attacks sensed how lethal the attack could be. However, it was too late when it realized this.

The light on his saber pierced through the Scavenger Horseshoe Crab's chest and shot out of its back. A hole of a fist size tore opened on the Scavenger Horseshoe Crab, allowing one to see through its body. With the intense pain came from its chest, the Scavenger Horseshoe Crab attempted to heal its wound but it found out that there was a special force left on its wound that it could not get rid of as it lost blood at an alarming rate.

Ten seconds later, the Scavenger Horseshoe Crab that was acting as a shield was destroyed. It would still be fine if other parts of its body were injured, even if it could not heal them within a short period of time. However, Yi Zheng's attack pierced through its heart. The fact that this happened was not due to Yi Zheng's powerful abilities, it was the Scavenger Horseshoe Crab that underestimated his abilities to a certain extent. It would not have died if it had moved a couple of centimeters away. However, it was reckless and underestimated Yi Zheng, thinking that he could not do any harm to its carapace so it had lesser time to respond to the attack.

Lin Huang was surprised when he saw Yi Zheng killing the Scavenger Horseshoe Crab.

"There seems to be something else aside from his Saber Dao..." Lin Huang mumbled softly.

"It's the Elemental Enlightenment, Blast that boosted his speed and attack power," Lancelot explained.

"Elemental Enlightenment? I didn't know it could be combined with Saber Dao… He was only on level-2 in Sword Dao but his attack was as powerful as someone at level-3." Lin Huang had yet to master Elemental Enlightenment. He thought it was refreshing as it was his first time witnessing such an ability.

After killing the Scavenger Horseshoe Crab in one attack, Yi Zheng dashed and appeared in front of the Violethaze Spider. The Violethaze Spider spat venom at them as it attempted to get Yi Zheng to back off but that did not work. Yi Zheng swung his saber and the the purple spiralling light pierced through its half-open mouth. The spiralling glow on its saber then shot through the Violethaze Spider's abdomen. After that, he backed off immediately without touching the venomous haze and the Violethaze Spider died before it disappeared.

After killing two gold flame-level monsters in less than a minute, Yi Zheng turned around in an attempt to help Leng Yuexin. He saw that half of the room that she was in had frozen over. The Spiky Helminth was also frozen and could not move as Leng Yuexin fought the Crimson-Eyed Scorpion that had a white frost all over it, causing it to move slowly.

"Let her handle them." Lin Huang said to Yi Zheng.

Yi Zheng nodded, put away the two monster carcasses and teleported himself to Lin Huang and the rest while watching Leng Yuexin fight. Leng Yuexin seemed to hear the conversation between Lin Huang and Yi Zheng earlier so she did not hold back as she fully showcased her frost attribute abilities. The frost in the half-frozen room began spreading until there was a layer of white frost under their feet. The room was now so cold that Li Lang and Yi Yeyu could no longer bear it anymore, let alone the extreme temperature that the two monsters Leng Yuexin were fighting had to suffer.

"She should have already mastered Frost Enlightenment…" Yi Zheng looked serious. From what they were looking at, he was sure that Leng Yuexin's ability no weaker than his. The forces Leng Yuexin had on her side from her ability was perfect to oppress these two monsters. The Spiky Helminth and Crimson-Eyed Scorpion were cold-blooded monsters, so the low temperature affected their movements tremendously.

The Spiky Helminth was frozen while the Crimson-Eyed Scorpion was moving slowly from the low temperature. It was no longer as powerful as it was earlier. As Leng Yuexin confidently swung her saber, the area trailing the saber's path frozen over. Soon, half of the room turned into a freezing hell. Even the Crimson-Eyed Scorpion could not escape its frozen fate and turned into an ice sculpture while the Spiky Helminth became completely frozen.

Just when they were thinking if the two monsters were already killed, Leng Yuexin pulled her second saber out. There were blue flames on her saber as a terrifying force accumulated on it.

"Blaze Enlightenment?!" Yi Zheng's pupils shrunk as he watched, not expecting Leng Yuexin to have mastered two enlightenments.

Soon, the flame on the saber peaked. Instead of attacking the two frozen monsters, Leng Yuexin stabbed her saber into the ice on the ground and as soon as the saber touched the ground, the ice around it went up in flames. The ice seemed like it was fueling the flames. Lin Huang pulled Li Lang and Yi Yeyu's hands as he immediately backed off, Yi Zheng did the same. An intense spark appeared in front of them as an explosion was heard, causing the ground to shake violently. The collision of two enlightenments was terrifying.

The entire room was swallowed by flames but Lancelot managed to defend against it with Dark Mirror. Soon, the explosive impact dissipated while the frost covering the two monsters disappeared. The two monsters disappeared as well but Leng Yuexin stood standing with her white trench coat.

"What a terrifying skill." Lin Huang smirked.

Lancelot removed the Dark Mirror and all of them appeared near the wall on the other side of the room.

"I'm sorry, it's my first time using this in battle. I haven't fully mastered its power." Leng Yuexin shook her head while forcing a smile.

"That should be able to kill an immortal-level rank-1 and injure an immortal-level rank-2." Yi Zheng was impressed with Leng Yuexin's skill.

"Looks like I have to spend some time studying Elemental Enlightenment when I get back." Lin Huang was half joking.

"You haven't mastered Elemental Enlightenment yet?" Yi Zheng was surprised.

"Yea, I hardly use elemental force." Lin Huang admitted.

"Why not we enter the last room after our Life Power has recovered?" Leng Yuexin suggested.

"Don't worry, you guys can step aside and watch. Let me handle the last monster." Lin Huang smirked and brought them to the last room.


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